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Mercury Enters Pisces From March 3 And Brings A Lot Of Confusion Into Our Lives

The month of March begins with an important astrological phenomenon, which will cause us problems, but will also bring us good news! Its impact on all signs.

In general, the transits of Mercury are special, because it is a planet with a very imposing influence. The felt effects will be even stronger from March 3, when it arrives in Pisces because this is an extremely sensitive sign. When we combine the power of fiery Mercury with the creative and dreamy spirit of Pisces, confusion is born, but revelations also appear!

Mercury remains in the sign of Pisces until March 19, 2023, when it moves into Aries.


You will be more empathetic than usual and look out for people who are less fortunate than you. It is possible that, following this transit, you will start a volunteer program or simply donate to help someone.


Mercury enters Pisces on March 3, and for you, the effect is quite strong. You will feel requested at work and as if nothing is going as you would like. Unfortunately, you are one of the unlucky signs during this period.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, targets the career area. It’s time to use your intuition to make an important decision. A new strategy might give you what you want: professional satisfaction, without sacrificing your personal life.


Keep your diary open for opportunities to travel. The transit of Venus brings the spirit of adventure into your life and you have the opportunity to go on trips and vacations. Say YES to any occasion!


Your inner strength grows as you manage to access more vulnerable parts of your inner self. Does it sound paradoxical? This is what Mercury in Pisces does for you: it takes you through the fire so that you can grow.


And you are among the signs disadvantaged by this transit of Mercury, which is your ruling planet. The dreamy spirit of Pisces does not suit you, so you will become introverted. It will be more difficult for you to communicate your needs and expectations, especially in front of your partner.


The beginning of March means, for you, a lot of work, which will require a lot of you. You will need a lot of concentration to complete your tasks. If you manage to do it, the satisfaction will be commensurate with the efforts!


You will have a more optimistic approach to life because Mercury brings excitement to your life. Make time for your passions and hobbies, and spend time with your loved ones. You need to find yourself!


Mercury in Pisces is auspicious for you and helps you banish any trace of negativity from your life. You will discover certain things about certain people in your life and it is possible to break ties with them. However, you will feel liberated!


Among the three zodiac signs that have had bad luck since March 3, is your birth sign. Until March 19, 2022, everything will go wrong, because you will no longer have the same enthusiasm to act. There will be all kinds of intellectual challenges, too.


Mercury leaves your sign and arrives in the money sector of your natal chart. It is very good news because you can round off your income. Now is an excellent opportunity to find options to invest in a passive income.


Mercury enters Pisces on March 3 and brings only good news for you! The spirit intertwines with the mind and you manage to make the best decisions. You combine creativity with pragmatism in a way that ensures your success on all levels.

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