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Lucky Days In September For Each Zodiac Sign

The month of September brings with it a diverse palette of astrological energies, and each sign will uniquely feel these influences.

Here are the lucky days in September, depending on your zodiac sign. The planets Venus and Mercury finish their retrograde and will be in direct motion, helping you receive the abundance and prosperity that are destined for you.

As September 2023 progresses, the obstacles and fog of doubt seem to lift, allowing you to see the truth that has been in front of you all along. So, take advantage of the days when you are favored by the stars to make important decisions and to do those things that you have been waiting for a long time.


Lucky days in September: 11, 21, 29

In the first two weeks of the month, Aries can experience an increase in self-confidence and determination. The middle days of the month can bring opportunities for career or personal projects. September 11 is a day when you will want to put your ideas into practice. The Full Moon in Aries at the end of September 2023 supports you to make bold moves and take advantage of the life you’ve always wanted. There is no room to back down because this is your moment to shine.


Lucky days: September 2, 22, 30, 2023

Jupiter begins its retrograde in Taurus, activating your sector of the self and helping you to understand more deeply how to create the abundance and luck you seek. As this retrograde begins, you will finally see how to make moves that are in your best interest and the life you are trying to build. The first half of the month can bring more clarity to Taurus regarding relationships and partnerships. The days around the autumnal equinox (September 22) can be special in terms of connections with others and collaborative projects.


Lucky days in September: 3, 13, 23

As Venus resumes direct motion on September 3rd, you’ll feel like you know exactly what to say and when. You are very lucky on the communication side. In the first part of the month, Gemini can have inspiration and new ideas regarding career or personal development. On September 13, you may feel more creative and innovatively express your thoughts. The autumnal equinox is also favorable for making important decisions.


Lucky days in September: 10 and 29

The month of September brings opportunities to improve health and well-being for Cancers, especially until the 10th when you will make important decisions for your health. The days at the end of September can be favorable for setting professional goals. The Full Moon in Aries at the end of September 2023 activates your career sector, helping you to focus on this area of ​​your life, because you are drawn to action. This theme is reinforced by the fact that the North Node in Aries has recently moved into this sector, inspiring you to work harder for your goals.


Lucky days: September 19 and 29

Leos could have a month full of success in terms of creativity and personal expression. And September 19 could be a special day to present your talents or to promote your ideas. This year has been a year of deep self-reflection, as you have seen many of your old dreams fade away to make way for the ones you are just beginning to create. The Full Moon in Aries at the end of September 2023 highlights your sector of luck and abundance, because you can see what you know, who you are, and what you want from life. Don’t hesitate to take new risks or say “yes”, you deserve it, and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.


Lucky days in September: 4, 14, 22

The month of September is naturally favorable for Virgos, as it is their birth month. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus activates your luck and abundance sector during September 2023, helping you see what you need in life to feel successful, fulfilled, and truly alive. This energy will be strengthened by the New Moon in Virgo on September 14, as you take what happened and decide what you want to happen next. However, the days around the autumnal equinox (especially September 22, 2023) can bring clarity regarding personal direction and relationships.


Lucky days in September: 2, 13, 30

Libras can experience an energy full of confidence in the first part of the month, especially in terms of communication and relationships. The beginning of the month could be favorable for discussions and negotiations. You can tend to become focused on keeping the peace and making sure everything works in harmony together, but you often neglect your own needs as part of this process. Focus on bringing inspiration back into your career and you will succeed in discovering the luck you are looking for.


Lucky days: September 6 and 13, 2023

The month of September brings opportunities for financial growth for Scorpios. The New Moon on September 6 could mark a favorable moment for establishing financial goals and investments. The asteroid Vesta represents your divine calling or your soul’s purpose in this life. As it moves into Cancer, on September 13, 2023, it highlights your luck and abundance sector. You will feel the need to create a deeper relationship with yourself. It would be best to think of a sacred connection with everything you do. In this case, this feeling of fulfillment and purpose will also lead you to your dream life. At the end of the month, it is very possible to receive a surprise news.


Lucky days: September 3 and 14

Sagittarians can feel a positive energy in personal relationships in the first part of the month. Venus retrograde in Leo moved through your sector of luck and abundance, bringing pearls of wisdom. It also encourages you to reflect on the choices you have made for yourself and your life. Venus direct on September 3, 2023, in Leo, represents a period of immense freedom. Although it may take some time to get used to the slow downgrade, use this to ensure that you are moving in the direction of what you want. September 14 could be special for romantic connections or spending time with loved ones.


Lucky days in September: 15, 23, 29

In September, Capricorns can experience an increase in productivity and efficiency in their daily activities. The middle days of the month can be suitable for organizing and focusing on objectives. The New Moon in Virgo on September 14 activates your area of ​​luck and abundance, preparing you for a beautiful new beginning. Virgo is the sign of healing, plans, and details. It asks you to focus on what needs to be done now, so you can do what you dream of later. On September 15, you can make an important decision.


Lucky days: September 10 and 23, 2023

The month of September can bring opportunities for Aquarius in terms of creativity and personal expression. On September 10, you can have innovative ideas and inspiration. Libra season begins on September 23, when the Sun moves into this balanced air sign, helping you focus on creating more of the things you want. You have to see that you can’t make things perfect for everyone, but you can follow your desires in life. What you see is all you have to do to feel that you are finally living your divine truth.


Lucky days in September: 22, 23, 29

The month of September 2023 is ready to bring financial abundance because the Full Moon in Aries activates this sector of your life. Aries is the fire sign that governs self-esteem, value, and the financial sphere. It’s also an area already poised to experience profound growth, as the North Node has recently moved into this sign, helping you direct your attention to what you want to generate in your life. The days around the autumnal equinox (September 22) can be favorable to focus on inner well-being and relationships. The end of the month helps you attract everything you dream of.

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