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Lucky Birthstones For Those Born In September According To Chinese Astrology

Each month is associated with one or more birthstones, and September is no exception. Using Chinese astrology, it is possible to identify the gemstones that are most beneficial for people born in September to bring them protection and good luck. In this article, we will find out what are the lucky birthstones for people born in September, as well as their properties and influence on the different signs of the Chinese zodiac.


Lapis Lazuli is considered one of the most favorable birthstones for those born in September. This deep blue gemstone with gold inclusions is often associated with guardian deities in many cultures. According to Chinese astrology, Lapis Lazuli is particularly beneficial for people born under the signs of the Dragon, Snake, and Tiger. This gemstone will help them strengthen their resilience against obstacles and realize their potential.

Properties Of Lapis Lazuli:

  • Protection: Lapis Lazuli helps protect its wearer from negative energies and bad external influences.
  • Confidence: This stone promotes self-confidence, affirmation of one’s decisions, and the achievement of goals.
  • Intuition: Lapis Lazuli stimulates intuition and clairvoyance, allowing for a better understanding of situations and people around us.


The sapphire is probably the most symbolic stone of September. This gemstone with its different shades of blue symbolizes wisdom and inner peace. It is said to promote discrimination and self-knowledge. In Chinese astrology, sapphire is considered to be particularly worthy of protection for people born under the zodiac signs Horse, Goat, and Rooster. It helps them maintain their emotional and mental balance in the face of the difficulties of daily life.

Properties Of Sapphire:

  • Serenity: Sapphire helps maintain a peaceful and relaxed state of mind, suitable for meditation and contemplation.
  • Discernment: This gemstone promotes discrimination and decision-making, which helps avoid misjudgments and impulsive actions.
  • Loyalty: Sapphire is known to strengthen emotional bonds and is often used as a symbol of love and loyalty.


Aventurine, a fine stone with a shimmering shine, is also a valuable ally for those born in September. Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” it attracts good luck and promotes success in all areas. According to Chinese astrology, aventurine is particularly beneficial for people born under the signs of the Rat, Monkey, and Ox. It brings them wealth, success, and self-confidence throughout their lives.

Properties Of Aventurine:

  • Luck: Aventurine attracts luck and opens the door to new professional and personal opportunities.
  • Prosperity: This stone helps attract wealth and material success and helps its wearer realize their financial plans.
  • Networking: Aventurine makes it easier to meet and communicate with other people, creating an effective support network.


Carnelian, an orange-red stone with warm nuances, is also considered one of the favorable birthstones for those born in September. Known for its ability to increase vitality and energy, it is often used by warriors and athletes as a source of inspiration and courage. In the Chinese zodiac, carnelian offers special protection to people born under the signs of the Rabbit, the Dog, and the Pig. It gives them strength, perseverance, and optimism in the face of life’s challenges.

Properties Of Carnelian:

  • Energy: Carnelian strengthens physical and mental energy levels, allowing one to face difficult situations with courage and determination.
  • Perseverance: This stone develops patience and perseverance and encourages you to pursue your goals despite obstacles and setbacks.
  • Optimism: Carnelian provides new optimism, gives self-confidence, and helps to find creative solutions to problems.

By choosing one or more of these lucky birthstones, those born in September can benefit from increased protection and support according to their Chinese zodiac sign. Whether you want to boost your self-confidence, attract good luck, or strengthen your life energy, September gemstones are valuable allies that deserve to be known and valued.

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