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You can’t tell him absolutely anything: the scripted signs of the zodiac will take your idea and… well, they’ll copy it in its entirety!

Have you ever met someone who took you as a model… too much for your taste?
Maybe you have had to deal with a schoolmate who was dressed the same as you or with a person who tends to make your Instagram shots the same.
Today we decided to categorize these people in a very particular horoscope ranking . What do you say, would you like to discover it?

The most scripted signs of the zodiac: discover today’s horoscope ranking

Hey, aren’t you one of the scripted signs of the zodiac by any chance ?
We hope not but, of course, you can never say.

For this reason, therefore, we have decided to offer you the ranking of the zodiac signs that just can’t help but copy the others.
Creativity and originality are words that just don’t belong to them: they manage to “take inspiration” from practically everyone! If you’re on the leaderboard, it’s time to check out your closet, your goals, or your life – aren’t you copying it to someone ?

Aquarius: fifth place

Dear Aquarius , we really need to tell you: stop trying to be someone you are not!
Aquarians often copy others… to avoid creating uncomfortable situations !

By dint of adapting to others, you Aquarians end up copying them and becoming carbon copies of people… who don’t count for anything!
You do it out of kindness, out of politeness… and also because you use the “copy” of other people’s activities as a wall to defend yourself from the outside world. You don’t want others to know who you really are !

Gemini: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Gemini are extremely creative people… with the interests of others!
Dear Gemini , do not take it badly or personally: we must tell you, however, that there is a reason why you are among the most scripted signs of the zodiac !

Geminis are also deeply insecure people who tend to take others as an example to feel “okay”. Instead of showing off their uniqueness, Gemini ends up following in the footsteps of others!

Aries: third place

Aries are particularly “script” people who take their cue from others… well, practically everything!
Dear Aries , do not take it personally: if we tell you that you are scripts it is because, once in a while, you have exaggerated from this point of view!

Simply, when you like someone, you tend to take their … likeness! Often, then, you exaggerate and behave as if others were copying you. With a little intellectual honesty , however, you will realize that most of your interests or ways of doing things… are the fruit of other people!

Libra: second place

Those born under the sign of Libra often sin from a lack of originality. They don’t do it because they are people without imagination or without the possibility of developing their own personality . They do it to please!

One of the worst flaws of Libra , in fact, is that of always wanting to be appreciated and appreciated by the people around it.
That’s why, then, Libra ends up being really a copycat: they want to be the same as you so you can never find them unpleasant!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most scripted signs of the zodiac

Dear Leos, we hope you are not offended but we know very well that it is not possible.

We are sorry to share this news with you, but the most scripted signs of the zodiac bow in front of you: you are the scripts!
You Leos seem to want in all ways to be the protagonists and disappear in the pile at the same time. You do exactly what others do because you are afraid of making decisions that may make you look “strange” to others. At the same time, however, you want to excel in what you do and, therefore, not only copy others in all respects but also try to beat them on their own ground. Dear Leos , to be honest it is a miracle that you have friends!

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