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Love Horoscope For The Week Of June 19 – 25, 2023. Cancer Enjoys Love From June 21, When The Sun Returns To Its Sign

Love horoscope June 19 – 25 for all signs, with good and bad in terms of love and sentimental plan.

It will be a week strongly influenced by Neptune, which is preparing for retrograde. It pushes us to dream and breaks us from reality.

Of course, with Neptune we must always be careful not to fall into the illusion, to believe that everything is as it seems; to project a fantasy on a situation or, worse, on a person. Because it is possible that expectations do not correspond to reality.

Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, and this aspect comes with quite a lot of responsibility in our relationships. It asks us to be more attentive to the emotional needs of our loved ones, but it also brings certain situations that confuse us, so we need to be more present in the moment.

The fog begins to disappear as soon as the Sun shines in the sign of intuitive Cancer. Our inner child is eager for a little attention. It is a favorable period to spend time with the family.

In addition, the middle of the week is marked by the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, when the stars will make us more sensitive and emotional.


Being such a focused and objective-oriented sign, you will not be a big fan of Neptune’s influence, which makes you more melancholic and dreamy. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long. This mental fog soon disappears, to be replaced by a longing for home, family, and all sentimental things, because from June 21 the Sun shines in the sector of family and domestic life. There is also a good chance of falling in love if you are single. A new relationship is on the horizon.


There are plenty of opportunities this week if you take care to look for them. Help from loved ones takes you by surprise and you receive a lot of support. Mercury squares the community area of ​​your natal chart until Sunday. So don’t refuse when someone close to you wants to be useful, because your turn to help will come, so don’t worry at this moment. If your partner is the one who wants to help you, be open and receive his love with great appreciation. Be more present in your love relationship and notice those little things he does for you.


At the beginning of this week, you may feel as if you are dancing on a cloud. While it may seem delightful at first, there is a danger that you will fall, down, down, down, back to reality, where things can be very painful. With Mercury in your sign and Neptune in the dreamer Pisces, it’s normal to believe whatever you’re told. It’s just that waking up to reality will be hard. How can you mitigate this? Well, do your best to see things and people as they are, not as you wish them to be. If you are confused, ask for support from your boyfriend or husband, a close friend, or a relative. Your loved ones are ready to open your eyes, just trust them.


As the Sun approaches your sign, emotional exhaustion sets in. You can’t pull yourself together at all and feel overwhelmed. You might feel a little confused or even lost right now. Do not rush and be patient with yourself. Get ready, because your light will shine again soon. After you pass the Summer Solstice on June 21, when the sun enters Cancer, you will come back to life. Your romantic relationship will blossom and you will feel more loved, supported, respected, and appreciated than ever. Bathe in these feelings and enjoy the beautiful moments you live. If you are single, towards the end of the week you might receive an invitation to a meeting.


The Sun, your ruler, is very involved in all the planetary action this week, squaring Neptune in the passionate area of ​​your birth chart at the very beginning of the week – which creates a bit of insecurity, so to speak. In your relationship, you might feel ignored or unhappy. You ask yourself many questions about your romantic future. Focus on you and only you. Your goals will become clearer as the week goes by, especially if you take some time to be alone. And if a relationship of any kind brings you unhappiness, maybe it’s time to call it quits. If you are alone, do not get attached to anyone in the next period, because appearances can be deceiving, and your expectations can lead to disappointment.


It’s a week full of confusion and very emotional. As such, it would be best to avoid any major decision, especially when it comes to personal choices, because Mercury enters the quadrature with Neptune on Sunday, in your relationship area. There may be too many options at this point, which is enough to get you confused. Wait for this fog to dissipate before being categorical about your decisions. It is also valid if you are in a relationship and your partner is waiting for an answer from you, but also if you are alone and have to decide between two men, for example, or if it is time to enter into a relationship with someone.


If a learning process took place in the last weeks, you will soon be able to take this knowledge and apply it. On Sunday, Mercury, from your area of ​​education, enters the square with the area of ​​your daily routines. However, there will be some reversals of the situation and you may even doubt that you will ever reach your destination. It is a rather difficult week and, if you have a life partner, there will be the most problems here. The fact that you fail to understand your needs prevents you from communicating them effectively. Arguments will be the order of the day and you can also expect a breakup. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult week.


If you can, completely avoid conversations that center around finances, debts, investments, or the distribution of resources while Mercury in this area squares Neptune in your joy zone on Sunday. You are the most suspicious and perceptive of the signs, but even you can fall into the trap of blind trust. Jealousy also appears in your love relationship, precisely because of this transit. You trust someone else too much, and your partner is jealous. Or, until now you trusted him, and now he proves to you that he is not worthy of her. Instead of solving the problem amicably, you lash out. You might break up or take an indefinite break.


The sun moves into the truth zone of your birth chart on Wednesday. This week it is possible to suspect or even discover that someone close to you either omitted certain important information or was completely dishonest about it. Before jumping to conclusions, have a conversation. Maybe he tried to protect you from something. If the person in question is your love partner, don’t argue, but adopt a curious attitude. Understand his reasons and validate his feelings. You risk being sharp and taking the discussion too far. If you are single, it is not advisable to start a relationship in the next few days.


It seems that you are hypersensitive at the moment, so be careful about the people you surround yourself with in the next period. You might cry a lot and be affected by every little thing that is said to you. Your life partner might have some complaints to address, and your attitude might be defensive. Be careful, because arguments will easily break out on Monday and Tuesday. As soon as the Sun changes its sign on Wednesday and moves into your relationship sector, you will probably start to feel better. This will probably be due to all the care and empathy you are going to receive. The end of the week is much, much better than the beginning.


Mercury in the area of ​​fun is squared with Neptune on Sunday, in the sector of values ​​and money. It seems that things are very confusing socially, but also romantically. If you were planning to go out on the town and meet a possible partner, you should think twice before doing it. If you do find an interesting man, make sure you “read” him well, asking a lot of questions. It could be that his stories are sewn with white thread. It is also valid if you are with someone. You might find out some important truths about your lover.


Neptune, your planetary ruler, is currently in Pisces. Neptune connects first with the Sun and then with Mercury, in the sector of your home life. This will bring certain unpleasantness in the couple or family relationship. It’s nothing serious, but the situation could be tense or rigid. Be patient with your loved ones. The good news comes from Wednesday when the Sun moves into your joy zone. You will receive surprising news from a very important person for you. A major change is coming in your destiny.

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