How to learn to really listen to others. Advice for each zodiac sign.

Listening and being listened to is the basis of all effective communication, yet more and more people now seem unable to really do it, limiting themselves to hearing the other speak without really giving importance to his words. An attitude that over time tends to push people away, decreasing their empathy and generating a sense of loneliness that is increasingly difficult to eliminate. Of course, getting others to really listen to us can be quite difficult and the only thing we can do to change that asks them to really pay attention to us. But do you ever think about what you could do for others? Since the ability to listen may also depend in part on the influence that the stars exert on us, we will try to discover together the advice of the stars to really listen to who we are in front of. This, in addition to generating a sense of well-being in the people we love, will predispose them to do the same with us or at least to try. And who knows that slowly we will not go back to the old chats of the past, those that were good for the heart and that were the basis of human relationships.

Learning to listen: effective advice for every zodiac sign

Aries – Focusing on Others
Although you are often convinced that you are a great listener, in reality, as often happens, you limit yourself to listening with only half of your attention. This often leads you to interrupt the other person and make them feel little understood or alone. To change things and be more present with the people you love, you just have to force yourself to train your concentration, staring at the other person and avoiding distractions like the smartphone, the radio or the like. In this way the results will not be long in coming.

Taurus – Paying attention to detail
Your way of listening to others is quite effective and needs only a few small adjustments to improve. Your real problem is in fact that of dwelling too often on certain words, ending up losing the meaning of the speech. To prevent this from happening, you must eliminate all preconceptions, free your mind and free yourself to listen without any judgment, not even internal. In this way you will certainly be more present and you will be able to satisfy the needs of the people you love.

Gemini – Turning Off
Your Mind Your constantly buzzing mind acts as a great distraction, causing you to stop listening to run after your thoughts. This obviously makes giving help to others quite difficult, especially since you rarely manage to show interest while being distracted. From today, therefore, try to turn off your brain for a few minutes, put yourself aside and offer greater availability to those who are talking to you. You will find that what others have to tell you can be interesting at times.

Cancer – Controlling Your Mood Swings
When you listen, you often become a part of the speaker’s problems, ending up identifying with others’ problems. While this can be seen as a positive thing on the one hand, on the other it often ends up creating problems, leading you to live any situation as if it were your own and making you lose objectivity. To give your best in listening, therefore, it is important to be able to establish a certain control of your emotions, thus avoiding unnecessary mood changes that can destabilize those who listen to you or, worse, lead you to focus attention elsewhere.

Leo – Limiting Yourself to Listening
Your biggest problem when it comes to listening is that you have so much faith in your possibilities that you always think you have the solution to every problem in your pocket. This prompts you to try to have your say, often even before the other person has stopped confiding in each other. An attitude that risks making people feel only those who would simply want to be heard. Try to keep the advice only if and for when it is asked for and limited to offering two ears that can hear. Often it’s the only thing others really need.

Virgo – Listening with the heart
When you listen you must also learn to do it with the heart. Very often, in fact, you end up hearing only what you are told, taking it for granted or fixing yourself on what you think you understand. This can lead to some underlying confusion and a lack of empathy that could weigh on whoever has chosen you as their confidant. The solution? Learning to look beyond, to grasp the nuances of the voice, the hesitations and if you are in person also the looks or the hidden language with which you often tend to make verbal communication much more complete.

Libra – Asking Appropriate Questions
You are very good in listening, you tend to never interrupt and you listen carefully and without ever rushing the other person. Those who know you well, however, know that yours is mostly a form of kindness due to your always wanting to appear courteous. To make the conversation turn into a confidence in order to alleviate the spirit of your interlocutor, what you have to do is offer your presence, making targeted interventions and a few questions from time to time, just to show that you are really there and that you are understanding what you are being told.

Scorpio – Offering your complete listening
When someone talks to you you tend to grasp different aspects of what you are told, some of them even more hidden. To offer the best in listening, you have to leverage your natural instinct, without closing yourself off to the sensations but listening to it. In this way you will be able to offer targeted and precise advice that will certainly help the other person, making them feel listened to and understood.

Sagittarius – Offering fewer solutions
Your positivity is often a lifesaver for others who feel almost invited to confide in you. Too bad that often, trying to be of help, you end up looking for solutions, ending up not paying the right listen. Remember that those who trust themselves do not always do so to find a solution. Most of the time, the only desire is to be heard and to take off a burden. Aware of this, therefore, to improve your listening skills you will simply have to limit yourself to listening, remembering that what for you are solutions, for some may be too complex alternatives to implement.

Capricorn – Opening up more to others
While being very prone to listening, you often make the mistake of limiting yourself to just that. Those who come to you, however, also do so in search of a word of encouragement or, more simply, of a shoulder who demonstrates participation and empathy. To make this happen, what you need to do is remember to nod every now and then and ask a few questions or say something. And in case you were asked for advice, giving it would certainly be of great help.

Aquarius – Avoiding to divert the conversation
Your biggest limitation as a listener is that you get bored too easily and when that happens you end up changing the subject and all without almost realizing it. It goes without saying that this leads to the other person feeling left out or thinking that you have no interest in their problems. In order to improve in this sense, therefore, what you need to do is avoid distracting yourself and making interventions that could change the path of the speech.

Pisces – Listening to others without waiting for them to follow your advice
The sensitivity and empathy that have always distinguished you make you an excellent listener, so much so that it often happens that even people you just know decide to confide in you. While your way of being is like a gift, on the other hand your sincere desire to help can be a double-edged sword. Often, in fact, you struggle for hours looking for the most suitable solution and when you get there and share it, you do not accept lightly that it is put aside for no reason. Just try to listen, without getting involved at all, the results will be better for both parties.


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