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Love Horoscope For The Week Of July 31 – August 6, 2023. Sagittarians Are The Stars’ Favorites

With Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury in the plan, an exciting beginning of August awaits us. The stars are preparing surprises for most zodiac signs.

The love horoscope July 31 – August 6, 2023, announces a fiery week, with a lot of passion that can turn into either beautiful love stories or intense conflicts.

Tuesday, August 1, the Moon shines brightly in Aquarius, illuminating the themes of friendship, community, knowledge, and idealism. This Full Moon fertilizes the seeds we planted in January of this year, so it’s a good idea to look back and see what you were doing a long time ago. Can you take a walk down memory lane? Saturn, the ancient and traditional ruler of Aquarius, helps us with strong opposition with Mercury, the archetype of communication and intellect, on the very same day. When these two meet, accessing long-term memory and focusing the mind is exactly what we want to do.

Full moons are a liberating moment, after all. Stepping into our innate wisdom and opening our hearts in gratitude for what is and what is to come is the highest vibration of this Full Moon. Its lowest vibration is to get stuck in negative projections and catastrophic thinking.

The cosmic action will continue on Tuesday with an energetic trine between Mars and Jupiter. In earth signs, this enthusiastic energy is likely to be directed toward material things. Activities such as making money, scheduling top meetings and proudly showing the professional world what we are made of. Although the career is not necessarily something that belongs to your essence, there are good chances that the acquisition of financial security will be pleasant and exciting. Speaking of exciting things, Mars is also a planet of passion, which makes anything relationship-oriented very sexy indeed.

Let’s see what the love horoscope brings for each zodiac sign.


Your ruler, Mars, connects with Jupiter on Tuesday in an energetic earth trine, which will help you fight for what you want. Your money, your work, your projects, your tasks – these are the things that will inspire you and set you in motion. It is also valid in relationships, you want to see what you have to gain and what is your real position, especially for the future. If you are alone, the stars bring very good news. This week, you will feel a strong attraction toward someone in your circle of friends. Shared experiences and affinities will strengthen the connection between you. Be open and communicative, because this relationship has the potential to evolve into something special.


This week brings opportunities to improve your relationship. Since Tuesday, you are full of passion and enthusiasm, because Jupiter in Taurus forms a trine with Mars in your fun and pleasure sector. Your creativity is at its highest, as is your libido. Whether it’s a love story or fresh and fun projects you get involved in, both will likely turn out just the way you like them. Be attentive to your partner’s needs and give him the support and understanding he needs. If you are alone, you will attract attention easily and you will have the chance to meet someone special in a social event.


Tuesday’s Full Moon has an indirect connection with your ruler, Mercury. Saturn, the ruler of this month, opposes this planet, reflecting a somewhat serious and heavy thinking style. There is nothing wrong with this, even if it is not your usual style. You may feel pressure in the next period, especially if you have decisions to make. It will be difficult for you to relate to the future. So it would be good to postpone any decision and enjoy the present as much as possible. If you are alone, you might feel a strong attraction towards someone from the online environment or the circle of virtual friends. Be open to a potential long-distance relationship.


This week, some conflicts or tensions could appear in your relationship. It is important to be patient and listen to your partner’s point of view. Tuesday’s full moon has an air of lightness, at least in the sense that you will be able to stand aside and look at any intense situation with a high degree of objectivity. Detachment is not a common option for you, but this week you need it. With empathy and understanding, you will overcome these challenges and come out of this situation stronger as a couple. If you are single, it could be time to do some introspection and clarify what you want from a relationship.


Tuesday’s Full Moon is in your relationship sector. But the Sun is right in your sign, so, in a way, this aspect is also about you. And you like it when the spotlight is on you, and now you get exactly what you want. You are living an extraordinarily romantic period in your relationship, so enjoy it. Saturn is located in the sector of your passions, and Mercury is in the sector of values. There is a battle going on in your soul related to what you want and what you need. You already know the decision, in yourself. If you are alone, something beautiful might happen with a close person in your life.


Saturn dances in your relationship sector in a close opposition aspect with your ruler, Mercury, who is in Virgo on Tuesday. So, if you feel like your thinking is in slow mode, this could be the reason. It is not a good time to make important decisions or make dramatic changes. It would even be recommended to take a vacation or a few days off to spend more time with your partner. You need to reconnect and find yourself. If you are alone, you discover a strong connection with someone in the work environment or during social activities.


This week’s Full Moon, Tuesday, falls in your sector of joy and romance, reflecting all kinds of interesting developments in your love life. And if not in your love life, at least in your friendships. This week brings opportunities for emotional growth in your relationship, you will feel a deeper connection with your partner, and intimacy and trust will increase. Be open to expressing your feelings and make efforts to maintain balance in your relationship. The problem is that you have to find a better balance between giving and receiving. If you are single, it is a period in which romantic adventures are encouraged.


Tuesday’s Full Moon highlights some of the most influential areas in your natal chart. Touching your personal and professional sectors, the moon shows you that it is time to decide. Practically, you might be put in the situation of connecting career and personal life. Set your priorities. Your partner may be the one who asks you to become more important in your life, while you dedicate yourself more to the professional plan. If you are alone, it is not an opportune time to start a love relationship.


The stars are on your side and, from a sentimental point of view, you are favored. So play! Find out what brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment and do more of it. Find your light and embrace the idea of ​​expanding it. Open yourself to new possibilities. Educate yourself. Develop your knowledge. There are so many things that are offered to you at this moment. If you are alone, there could be a strong attraction to someone in your social circle. Be open to exploring new possibilities and expressing your true feelings.


Jupiter in your sector of routines meets Mars, in your work sector, in a down-to-earth, productive trine on Tuesday. This cosmic energy will excite you to complete some projects you care about. Work, in particular, is likely to light a fire under you, with all kinds of great ideas and action plans coming to the fore. These aspects could make you absent in your love relationship. Be willing to make compromises and look for solutions to overcome any challenges in the relationship. If you are single, it could be a week full of interesting meetings and new connections. Be careful not to be disappointed.


The Full Moon takes place in your sign and sheds light on some decisions that have been waiting to be made for a long time. Choosing yourself this week is what the Universe is urging you to do, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s in your nature. Balancing this with relationship needs is also important, but not as important as making your needs a priority. Think carefully about what you want from your partner and tell him this clearly, because you will get exactly what you ask for. If you are not in a relationship, but you would like to be with someone, a strong attraction to a person in your social circle or at work could appear. Be open to sharing your ideas and aspirations.


Tuesday’s opposition between Saturn in Pisces and Mercury extends into the relationship sector of your natal chart, inviting you to make a really serious decision here. You will have to take responsibility because you cannot run away from this situation maybe it is about moving to the next level in your love relationship and making a commitment. But it can also be about a breakup if things don’t work out between you. You will feel the need to clarify your feelings. Be honest with yourself and your partner about what you feel and about your emotional needs. If you are alone, you could meet someone special during an artistic or spiritual activity.

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