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Love horoscope for the week of January 30 – February 5, 2023

A new week is knocking at the door, and our emotions and feelings are strongly influenced by the astrological events of the first days of February 2023!

The love horoscope for the week of January 30 – February 5 tells you what to expect in terms of your relationships. You can also see how you will feel in the next period, according to astrologers!


In the first part of the week, you will be energetic and eager for action. You need people around you and you can go to all kinds of events to socialize. However, on Friday, be careful, because arguments may arise between you and your loved ones, most likely because of money and egos. Be careful not to lose someone close to your soul because of pride!

The flaming full moon on Sunday, February 5, will bring joy to your life. Love will come first for you and you will spend beautiful moments with your loved one. If you are single, it is possible that a potential partner has already come your way or is coming. Enjoy life, you have something to be grateful for!


You will feel between a rock and a hard place during the week when you feel it’s time to do something important for you. There could be a confrontation in your life on Friday when the Sun squares the rebellious planet Uranus, which is currently in Taurus. It is very important that, in the next period, you are extremely aware of your values.

Fortunately, Sunday’s Full Moon illuminates the sector of your chart that signifies your roots: loved ones, life partners, and family. This astral event brings light, warmth, and love and protects you. You will end the week with a romantic meeting or a heart-to-heart conversation, something that will warm your heart!


The Moon in Gemini is in control in the first days of this week, putting you in the foreground and very much at the center of your family. It is possible to find out good news from your loved ones or to be the one who shares something important with them. You will have an important discussion with someone close to you or with your parents. It is a fairly calm week, but full of depth.

Towards the end of the week, you might be put in the situation of doing something you don’t want to do. Your life partner or a potential lover may have unrealistic expectations regarding you. Try to find the balance, but put yourself first. It’s time to do what is important to you, even if you put the other person in an uncomfortable situation!


The first half of the week is quiet for you, largely governed by the lunar influences from the dark side of your birth chart. This will change when the Moon moves into Cancer later in the week. On Monday and Tuesday, you will not feel like socializing and you will keep your partner and loved ones at a distance. Be careful, because, on Friday and Saturday, a black cloud of jealousy floats over your relationship. Be careful to think before you explode emotionally!

There is better news on Sunday when the Full Moon shines in the money area of ​​your natal chart. If you win a sum of money, you will be happy by buying a gift for your boyfriend/husband or planning something beautiful and romantic for the two of you!


In the next period, you will think about long-term plans. If you are with someone, it is possible to have discussions related to living together, getting married, or any other aspect related to your common future. You are committed to great deeds and you want to be sure that the person next to you shares your vision. The balance between professional and private life will have to be handled with great care, however, because your desire for advancement may put your love in second place. Make sure you know what you want!

The full moon comes for you with surprising and good news, which will provide clarity to all your thoughts!


A generally good week or as normal as possible. However, you may feel that your responsibilities collide with your dreams on Friday when the Sun squares freedom-loving Uranus. Frustration might arise because you can’t do something you like. You dare to put yourself first!

Regarding the relationship with your life partner, you will have to be open to each other. A secret may come out and shake up your lives! You will manage to overcome everything with the help of communication.


A productive week in all respects, for you there is no lack of abundance either in terms of money, but also in love. You enjoy the affection and appreciation of others more than ever at this beginning of the year! However, Friday’s furious clash between the Sun and Uranus may make you regret a risk you recently took. It’s time to think carefully about what you want.

Sunday’s Full Moon shines in the social area of ​​your birth chart, so you spend time with friends. If you are single, it is very possible to meet someone interesting.


Take time at the beginning of this week to check your goals for the new year. A month has passed, and you stuck to your resolutions. If not, the stars give you another chance, through a deeply ambitious Full Moon, to be ambitious and fight for what you want.

Beware of family anxieties on Friday, when the Sun squares Uranus, pitting your family life and love life against each other. A well-intentioned relative who interferes in your affairs could be behind the tension you feel with your partner. Be careful to communicate openly with your lover or husband, especially if you will find yourself in a delicate position!


The first part of this week promises to be extremely romantic, ruled by the Moon in your opposite sign – an ideal energy for meetings or for renewing the bond you have with your current partner. Keep this loving energy. A difficult Sun-Uranus aspect appears and creates discord with loved ones. So you need to show them your less tough and agitated side!

However, the weekend promises to be much better. The Full Moon shines from the most adventurous area of ​​your birth chart and encourages you to get outdoors. Travel will make you happy, as will sport, nature, and the freedom to be yourself.


It is the beginning of a very crowded work week, with the lunar energies that bring responsibilities. In your love relationship, during the week, it is possible to have discussions related to money or values, especially on Friday, when the Sun and Uranus collide. If you and your lover are not on the same wavelength, the drama could follow.

This dramatic theme is accentuated even more by Sunday’s fiery Full Moon, which illuminates the part of your chart that deals with jealousy and resentment. Emotions will be high! Try not to do or say anything you can’t take back.


Your creativity and ingenuity are at their highest and you will need them to get out of certain unpleasant situations in your relationship! Expect some significant family tension around Friday. The Sun in Aquarius fights with Uranus, the planet that rules you, and the battlefield is represented by family relationships. Your love relationship may suffer the most because of these conflicts. Be ready to emotionally support your life partner.

Fortunately, Sunday’s Full Moon shines through your opposite sign, signaling lots of love and support for you as you face difficult issues. If you fought with someone, a reconciliation is expected. Make time for romantic moments with your loved one!


Very good days are ahead for you, with great joy and good news! All this is due to Venus, which entered Pisces a few days ago and will remain there until February 20, 2023. This superb transit fills your life with love, creativity, inspiration, and sweetness. It’s a wonderful time to be in love – or to fall in love with someone new.

Friendships are important at the weekend – it’s not just romance! On Sunday, when Mercury forms a trine with Uranus, be aware of someone who appears in your life out of the blue; this someone could very quickly turn into a very close friend. If you are in a long-term relationship, there is a great reason for joy for you!

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