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Who are the most irresponsible zodiac signs in the whole horoscope? What questions, those who are in our ranking today!

Do you think your partner, your boss at work, or your best friend is truly irresponsible?
Well, the litmus test might have something to do with the horoscope.

Stars and planets have revealed to us which are the zodiac signs that just cannot take any responsibility. Indeed, they do even more: not only do they not want to take them but they are also able to deny them or pretend they don’t exist! Let’s find out now together!

The most irresponsible zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: are you in the ranking by chance?

Sometimes it happens to have your head somewhere else and to make some small mistakes. Maybe we put our feet right where it is wet or, without realizing it, we say something that can hurt others.

Distracted, inconclusive, and often downright irresponsible: some people don’t realize their impact on the lives of others!
Sometimes it is a matter of simple forgetfulness and other times, even more simply, of real irresponsible ones.

How to recognize these people and avoid having to always have the same, very long, discussions?
Simple (or almost)! Thanks to the horoscope!
Here are the five most irresponsible zodiac signs of all: we hope your partner is not among them!

Libra: fifth place

Despite being generally quite organized people with regards to their personal life, those born under the sign of Libra earn fifth place in our ranking today.

Yes, dear Libra, it is time to admit it: you can be particularly irresponsible when you want!
The point is that you always want to free yourself from your responsibilities in times that require your intervention. Avoid comparisons a little and, for this reason, sometimes you turn your back on other situations that could become uncomfortable!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Sagittarius are people to whom we can recognize a streak of irresponsibility.
Hey, no blame us: stars and planets say it! After all, anyone who knows a Sagittarius well knows what we’re talking about.

The Sagittarius are people who live a full life and refuse to bow to logic or responsibility for all the days.
Go shopping, go to work or take care of the house? The Sagittarius do not have time, nor for these things nor to listen to the feelings of others. They like to live to the fullest (and, therefore, also in a decidedly irresponsible way !).

Leo: third place

The Leo in our ranking of the most irresponsible zodiac signs of the whole horoscope? The answer is obviously yes since they even earn the first step of our podium!
Yes, Leos can be particularly irresponsible when they want to: but why?

The main problem with Leos is that they are generally quite arrogant people and are always convinced that they know everything.
For this reason, therefore, Leos can also be particularly irresponsible: they do nothing but put themselves in dangerous or complicated situations, thinking they can solve them in the blink of an eye! (Spoiler: they can’t do it).

Pisces: second place

Dear Pisces friends, don’t get mad at us when we tell you that you are in second place in our ranking of the most irresponsible zodiac signs of the zodiac.
We certainly do not say this to make you angry: unfortunately, it is!
You also know that you are people capable of forgetting everything and everywhere, right?

Well, then know that for others, being close to you is difficult. They must always take into account your way of behaving which, often and willingly, is truly irresponsible!
Never take on anything and let others solve the problems.

In short, do not be angry with us, and even with the other: everyone must always come after you and remind you to do this or that or explain that you must have. For those who love you, it can be very heavy: it’s like having a small child!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most irresponsible zodiac signs of the horoscope

It will certainly not be new for Gemini (and not even for the other signs of the zodiac, of course), to discover that this is the most irresponsible sign of the horoscope.
Hey, there is little to do: stars and planets speak for themselves!

The Twins are people often responsible for one thing and one only: a very strong and explosive vitality that leads them to do little wise choices.
That’s why, more often than not, Geminis are irresponsible: they don’t know what they want but they know they want something.

This desire of theirs, therefore, translates into a decidedly tiring push and pull: with work, with relationships, and also and simply with yourself. You are quite complicated people, who often make the most complex choice or the most irresponsible one: then you regret it but you never stop to try to repair or tidy up!

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