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Love Horoscope for the Week of January 23-29

What emotions will you have in the next period, but also what situations you may encounter, from a sentimental point of view? Find out how you are with love and relationships.

Love horoscope for the week of January 23-29. The end of the first month of 2023 comes with surprises for some zodiac signs, but also with challenges and conflicts.

See if the stars bring love your way and what challenges you will encounter in relationships!


From an emotional point of view, you will be quite distant and you will tend to distance those around you. If you are alone, you will not be able to establish a connection with any potential partner. The way you talk makes people feel intimidated.

If you are with someone, you may notice that you are more jealous than usual, and this may give rise to some conflicts. Also, be careful about who you open your heart to. Not everyone is your friend!


Get out of your bubble and start meeting people! If you are looking for a partner, the period is favorable to have interesting conversations with people of the opposite sex. Don’t forget to be honest and open!

If you are in a relationship, you might have been a little detached lately, and now is the time to pay more attention to the feelings of your other half. Be empathetic and try to get closer to the soul of the loved ones in your life!


You alienate the people around you. The beginning of the year was quite difficult and you don’t have the energy to get close to anyone or to be open to new feelings. If you’re alone, it’s better to stay that way, until you find yourself and know what you want.

If you are in a relationship and you care about it, you will have to make effort. Your attitude can make your partner think that you are not interested in his feelings. It is good to show him that you are thinking of him, through small gestures of love. Learn to trust yourself more!


This week you may feel alone and seek the company of other people. If you go out on the town, you might meet someone who will steal your heart. Are you ready for a relationship? Then dare with a lot of courage, because the stars support you!

If you are with someone and want to take the relationship to a new level, you can do it with confidence this week. Organize dinner meetings, romantic games or simply sit and talk over a glass of wine. It’s a favorable period to ensure the stability of your relationships!


Even if you try to find the right person for you, no one will enter your soul in the following period. Your week will be more about fun and socializing, not falling in love, but simply meeting people. Do it, to open new horizons!

And within the relationship, if you are engaged, you need a little change of perspective. Your limitations may make you rigid towards your partner. It is also possible that being caught in your scenario, you don’t notice that the relationship is going nowhere and you should end it. Analyze your feelings well, but also look around you!


The most favored sign this week, from the point of view of love, is Virgo. Your heart will beat faster, and a smile will spread on your face when you see him. You fall in love and it’s time to make him understand that you are meant for each other. Stop being silent and take your fate into your hands!

If you already have a boyfriend or a husband, you can surprise him with a small gesture of love. You feel the need to express your feelings, and the stars encourage you to do it wholeheartedly! Show your love and bring passion into your life!


It is possible to meet someone you like, through friends or family. So don’t turn down any opportunity, even if it might seem strange to you. It is a week in which you are encouraged to be spontaneous because opportunities appear on all levels.

If you are with someone, romance is at his home. Spend beautiful moments together and love simply blossoms!


If you are alone, this week will give you many signs that you need to be bolder. Even if mystery and sensuality represent you, this time you will have to be more direct if you want to be with someone!

If you are in a relationship, your partner will prove to be an important support for you, trying to solve certain problems with your family or something related to your childhood.


If you are alone, you can expect butterflies in your stomach, but also rejection. You may not be on the same wavelength and there may not be any romance! No problem, what’s yours is put aside!

In your love relationship, communication gaps may appear. It is not easy to express what you feel and it takes patience and compassion to understand the other person. Leave it to you, if you want to understand each other.


Even if you are alone, it doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself into the arms of the first man who says sweet words to you! The heart may want to, but try to be rational, especially during this period!

If you are with someone, it is possible to have arguments over money. Certain financial situations might make you say harsh words to each other. Be calm and attentive to what you communicate!


If you are alone, you will receive signals from a possible partner. It attracts you, but it’s not the best time to get involved. You may encounter obstacles. If you overcome them together, it is a sign that you are meant for each other.

In the relationship, unpleasant secrets are revealed. Things from the past might appear that overshadow your well-being!


You are in a delicate mood, and this will be reflected in your relationships. If you are alone, it is not advisable to get married now, because you might make the wrong decisions. Be careful with the way you express your feelings in front of your friends because you can hurt their feelings.

Also, if you already have a relationship, various conflicts may arise, due to misunderstandings. Instead of trying to express your point of view, try to listen to the other person. Only the two of you will be able to overcome this complicated period!

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