Zodiac Signs

Discover the funniest signs of the Zodiac!

Good mood and good mood are a constant with the funniest signs of the Zodiac! Discover the characteristics of each one of them!

Fun may not solve problems or pay bills, but it is the best way to face everyday challenges and deal with the most varied situations.

Telling jokes, telling anecdotes are ways to amuse others and create a good atmosphere, no matter where we are.

Also in the Zodiac there are signs more humorous than others. There are signs that are very fun, animated and funny, while others are more serious and closed.

Take a look at the list and check with us the 4 funniest and most animated signs of the entire Zodiac!

Discover the funniest signs of the Zodiac!


This is a very witty sign, always able to tell a good joke. With intelligence and timely puns, the natives of this sign have a refined mood and ensure a fun and lively atmosphere, wherever they are.

As great communicators that they are, Gemini/Gemini natives have a great sense of timing and know how to tell a funny story like no one else.


The natives of the sign of Cancer / Cancer see fun in almost everything and can infect everyone with their good humor. He finds the joke of life in the smallest things and makes a point of sharing them with everyone who follows him.

He likes to see everyone in a good mood, especially if he can contribute to that joy and happiness.


Scorpio people can be very sarcastic. His humor is not understood by everyone, but it ends up being appreciated and making him a very funny figure.

It has no limits and it can be uncomfortable but comical at the same time.

Their sarcastic remarks are capable of making everyone laugh and are, without a doubt, the kings of black humor. This attitude helps to make the environment less tense, even when the Scorpio is in a more uncomfortable situation.

Their jokes can be a bit rude and harsh, but they always hide a keen sense of humour.


Natives of the sign of Sagittarius tend to approach life with a sense of humor and a lively and cheerful spirit. They always have a story to tell about their adventurous life.

Adding a few points here, adding some sarcasm there, he manages to truly entertain a group, always in a light and fun way. For these reasons it had to be on the list of the funniest signs of the Zodiac.

His creative spirit makes him able to say seemingly nonsensical things just to make others laugh. His playful air makes him the king of get-togethers and someone who wants to be around when the occasion is festive.

He likes to see others well and happy and likes to contribute to that. As he lives in the present and has a carefree attitude, he is able to make the most of the best in life.

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