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Love Horoscope for the Week of December 5-11: Aquarius Has Problems in the Relationship

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Find out what the stars are preparing for you this week on a sentimental level and see how to attract luck to your side!

Aquarians want to surprise their loved ones and end up in a relational crisis.

Love horoscope for the week of December 5-11

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You finally have the courage to speak honestly and openly with your partner and say what you don’t like, what you would like, and how you would like things to work between you. This will give your relationship a boost of happiness. It will be a tough discussion, but the results will be amazing. You will be more united than ever.

Aries alone enjoy the company of friends and meet new people. They may come to the conclusion that now is not the right time for a relationship, so the main goal remains fun.

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You have small misunderstandings because of money and this fact affects your couple dynamics. You don’t have to be resentful, you will only waste precious time, in which you could have already solved all the problems.

Single bulls enjoy fulminant success and make conquests on the line. Unfortunately, however, none of the conquered people are to their liking…

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You make plans for the Holidays, gift lists, and shopping lists, and your partner/partner makes you happy to let you be the “boss” in this story, which makes you incredibly happy because, in the end, you choose what you want without long discussions.

Single twins go through a paradigm shift in terms of relationships and make certain adjustments in their behavior. Success will not be late to appear!

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You are enjoying the most harmonious period of this year as a couple. Live a joy together thanks to a happy family event and enjoy the company of your loved ones together.

Lonely Cancers go through a confusing period, dominated by the sadness of loneliness. You have to lift your head and look carefully around – you will find that you are not alone.

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You have decided not to be affected by any event that does not concern you and does not affect you directly, and your partner may accuse you of being cold and insensitive.

In the lives of lonely Leos, someone may finally appear who will blow their minds and win them over instantly.

The reason the Lions will not yield to conquest is so there is no danger! Everything will pass through the filter of thought!

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You are coming after a period when the professional plan took priority in your life and now you finally have time for the couple. You will prepare a surprise for your partner out of the desire to recover the time when you neglected your relationship.
Someone from your past might show up at your door now, and your current relationship will suffer. The appearance of this person who meant a lot to you can disturb you, which will not help your relationship at all. Be careful how you handle the situation!
Single Libras discover a new world: that of dating apps. They have so far avoided resorting to it, but everything has a beginning.

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You want a change in your married life. It seems to you that the monotony has set in, although you are afraid that it might be a mismatch of characters and lead to other changes. You are thinking of doing something together or seeing a couple’s therapist.

Single Scorpios are adventurous and never short of opportunities, so they enjoy the freedom they have to the fullest.

I meet interesting people this week, but they don’t let themselves be conquered.

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Shared passions have the potential to weld or sabotage a couple. You are arguing about a common passion with your partner and neither of you is willing to give in. You must yield in time before it is too late.
Lonely Sagittarians will be conquered by someone this week. Although you don’t plan to invest time in a relationship right now, you may not be able to back down. The chemistry between you will be amazing!

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You don’t get along at all in daily activities and the relationship of the couple is sitting on a powder keg.

If until now you have made efforts to compromise, now you are no longer willing to let go. Things will escalate and can only be defused with great tact.

Single Capricorns enjoy the freedom they love so much! They yearn for a love story like in romantic movies and are unhappy that they don’t have it, although they do nothing about it.

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Where you give and where you crack! You wanted to surprise your loved one, but you were caught in the act, and this created suspicion. From a surprise to a relational crisis.

The only option is to be open/open and tell everything in luxurious detail.

Lonely Aquarians go through a depressive period and have a few days that are a bit rough. The sun will come out on your street too, you just have to be patient!

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It’s a quiet period as a couple, in which you enjoy each other as in the beginning. Do small projects together: DIY, decorate the house for the Holidays or go sightseeing. You are that cute couple that gives hope to everyone that true love really does exist.
Single Pisces no longer want a relationship. They just want fun and come to the conclusion that every man has more than one half, at least they certainly have more, and that’s why they look for them all.

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