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Love Horoscope For The Week Of August 7 – 13, 2023. Three Signs Receive Everything They Want From The Universe

The planet Venus – currently in its retrograde cycle – will have an electric confrontation on Wednesday with restless Uranus. Mercury in Virgo aligns with Jupiter in Taurus on the same day. A tumultuous mid-week is announced.

The love horoscope announces that these two transits will be extremely important for the zodiac signs. For some natives, they will bring immense passion and love, for others unrequited love and suffering.

Relationships and feelings seem to change in the blink of an eye, because Venus is retrograde in Leo, and Uranus brings many disappointments and trials in our lives.

Mercury in Virgo helps us to think and act in a balanced way, so we can rely on this transit to solve communication problems that may appear in our lives.

The week ends with a bright and shining conjunction between the Sun and Venus on Sunday. On this special day, Venus transforms from the Evening Star to the Morning Star, indicating that it is time to step out of the shadows and begin the slow process of living our lives with more presence and in a more conscious way.

Let’s see, therefore, what the love horoscope 7-13 August 2023 brings for each zodiac sign.


This week brings opportunities for Aries to intensify their emotional connections. If you are in a relationship, you will feel that your partner is more receptive to your needs and there is a deeper connection between you. You have to be less impulsive. A little more careful. Wednesday brings a Venus-Uranus square in your sector of joy and resources, respectively. You will receive a special opportunity from the stars.

If you are alone, look around very carefully, because someone you never thought of might be interested in you.


Taurus will feel the need to dedicate more time to their partner or make romantic gestures. On Wednesday, your ruler Venus (in your domestic zone) joins Uranus in a thrilling conjunction. This energy will make you more sensitive and emotional. Harmony in the relationship is important now, so try to express your love as much as possible and be more open about your feelings.

Venus makes you attracted to danger and you risk playing with fire. Attention, if you are alone you might be tempted to get involved in deeper relationships, but make sure you carefully choose the people you trust.


On Wednesday, there is a square between Venus retrograde, in your communication area, and Uranus in the spiritual part of your birth chart. You can have important discussions in the relationship of the couple. Fortunately, your Ruler, Mercury, steps in to save you from possible danger. Your first instinct when dissatisfactions arise in the relationship might be to run away, but it is not necessarily the right decision. If you have dissatisfactions or unexpressed desires, now is the time to put your finger on the wound and bring them up for discussion. Avoid the impulse to throw all your hard work out the window by saying something you will regret in the end.

If you are single and meet someone interesting, make sure you don’t act on impulse.


Wednesday brings a meeting between Venus, in your resource sector, and Uranus in your community sector. Whatever you do this week will bring wonderful results. You are spoiled by the stars and you get everything you want from the Universe. You just have to be present and realize the opportunities that come your way. It is possible to receive unexpected help from the people around you. In the process, you may discover that you have a common goal, which brings you a whole new perspective on this situation. Until Sunday, with the conjunction of Venus and the Sun also in your resource sector, everything becomes much clearer.

If you are single, the week can bring a clearer perspective on what you want from a relationship.


Everything is happening in your sign this week! With Venus and Uranus in your career zone, flirting in an exciting square on Wednesday, followed by a union of Venus with the Sun on Sunday, everything looks good for you. You just have to dare. As the end of the week approaches, you shine brighter than ever. It is possible that challenges will appear in relationships, but don’t panic, because the solutions will come. There could also be opportunities to strengthen existing relationships or start a new one.

If you are alone, make sure you spend time with people who deserve your attention.


Communication is your best friend this week. Starting Wednesday, your governor, Mercury (in Virgo) connects with positive-thinking Jupiter (in your area of ​​learning and adventure). The sky is the limit right now, so use your native intelligence to think of new practical, but also expansive, plans for the future. It fully embodies the role you are so good at naturally – as a teacher, guide, and mentor. You have a lot of wisdom to share this week. You will feel the need to surround yourself with people to talk to and share your knowledge with. In relationships, you may need time to put your thoughts in order and clarify your priorities. It is possible to have an important, if not definitive, discussion with your partner.

If you are alone, it is not recommended to start a love story now, because your feelings may be confused.


Unpredictable: this is the word that describes the unique course of this week. On Wednesday, your ruler, Venus, squares Uranus, which takes sudden action, reflecting a slow but sure journey into your routine and friendships. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster. You need the courage to enjoy the changes that are now starting to take place in your life. You have the opportunity to build solid foundations for your sentimental future. Be grateful for what you have and show your partner your appreciation. The gifts of the Universe are prepared for you, you just have to be patient and dare to act.

If you are alone, you can have romantic meetings, which will give you a new perspective on love.


Wednesday brings some connections in your relationship sector, with Venus retrograde in your career area squaring Uranus, and Mercury in the community area, associated with Jupiter. Other people’s problems are not yours, this is the lesson you receive from the stars this week. If a person in your life – lover or friend – behaves as if the world is falling apart, stay calm. You don’t have to take on other people’s drama. Instead, think about ways you can showcase your unique skills, talents, and abilities. Travel or outdoor activities can bring you a new dose of passion in your relationship.

If you are single, it is recommended to focus on personal development and let romantic things come naturally.


On Wednesday, retrograde Venus in your adventure zone squares with Uranus in your routine zone. Unpredictability is totally in your favor. So, unlike other signs, you are in your element this week. You will be relaxed and you will enjoy certain changes taking place in your relationship and love sector. You can feel adventurous and eager to explore new aspects of your romantic life. Any problem that arises now will be solved easily because you have the inspiration to say the right words and take the necessary steps.

If you don’t have a boyfriend, you could meet someone during a trip or in a circle of friends.


It is very possible to have serious discussions with your partner but avoid making impulsive decisions. You now have the opportunity to set your priorities better, so think carefully about the options you have, before making changes in your relationship. In the middle of the week, Venus and Mercury bring confusion to your heart. Sunday’s energies, from your area of ​​faith, bring a deep understanding of your feelings so that by the end of the week you will be able to see your love situation much more clearly.

If you don’t have a life partner yet, you might feel the desire to get involved in a stable relationship, but be careful not to rush things.


Considering that most of the planetary energies take place in your relational sector, this is probably where all the action will take place. Just a little warning here: it won’t all be milk and honey. Some situations can be downright uncomfortable. You will learn this week that people cannot be controlled. That you can never fully predict what someone else will do, nor the choices they will make. This is a wonderful lesson in letting go of control and minding your own business. Once Venus and the Sun align on Sunday, your relationships will return to normal, in a very favorable sense. Take the initiative to surprise your partner with romantic and original gestures. Spend the weekend together, you need to reconnect.

If you are single, you could meet someone interesting through social or cultural activities.


On Wednesday, Mercury is in your relationship zone and makes a connection with Jupiter, in your communication zone. Speak your heart this week. More precisely, talk to someone who you know supports you and cares about you. Someone who understands how you feel. Someone who will encourage you and support your goals. You are supported by the stars and the Universe gives you everything you want – through people. Relationships will be more important than ever and will help you develop spiritually. You are more sensitive this week. This can be beneficial in couple relationships, helping you to connect more deeply with your partner.

If you are alone, you will be attracted to someone who needs your emotional support.

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