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Love Horoscope For The Week Of April 17-23, 2024

The week after Easter brings joy in terms of relationships for most zodiac signs, and the stars bring passion and the desire to spend time together.

The major astrological event this week is Thursday’s Solar Eclipse. This is the first of a new series of Eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis. Moreover, this Eclipse takes place right in the last degree of Aries, so it carries very hot energies.

On Friday, April 21, Mercury becomes retrograde in Taurus. This retrograde period is a good time to focus on strengthening your self-esteem and confidence in your strength. It is also a time to think more carefully about your deepest values ​​and how you live these values ​​in your everyday life.

Here’s what the love horoscope brings for the week of April 17-23, 2024 for each zodiac sign!


The eclipse on April 20 takes place right in your sign, so you will feel its impact quite strongly. A rather important change may occur in your life, especially in relationships. Remember that in a partnership the ratio between giving and receiving is very important. Weighs are the relationships in which you give too much and take measures. If it is about your life partner, communicate openly and say what you expect from him in the future.

It is a week in which you will better analyze your life and values. What matters to you? What can you change to find the peace you dream of in love?


It is possible to have very intense dreams in the next period. Do not ignore them and carefully analyze what your subconscious is sending you. A lot of feelings will come out that you always wanted to hide, but now you will have to face them. It will be quite difficult for you to make yourself understood in front of others, so quite a few conflicts may arise in the week of April 17-23. Be more patient and tolerant with your loved ones.

Regarding the couple’s relationship, there may be discussions about money. Their lack of certain expenses will bring heated discussions with your life partner.


Eclipse will help you show yourself as you are, authentic and without masks. You will relate to a lot of new people in your life, in front of whom you will leave a very good impression. You get all kinds of opportunities, and this increases your confidence in your strength. You will feel invincible, and this transmits very good energy to those around you. So, if you are alone, you will attract a lot of admirers around you. A beautiful love relationship could be born.

If you already have a life partner, you can expect beautiful moments together or even surprises from him.


Your relationships with those around you are not good at all and you have a lot of conflicts. The area of ​​friendship will suffer a lot because you will discover that someone you trusted betrayed you. Problems also arise in love relationships, especially due to a lack of communication. It is possible to suffer great disappointment. Even if this will be a rather difficult week after it you will receive certain lessons that will be useful in the future.

If you are alone, you receive advances, but it is not recommended to follow through, because the person in question might hurt you.


The first part of the week proceeds quite naturally and there are no unforeseen events. However, from Thursday, after the Eclipse takes place, you will be faced with certain challenges. Many question marks appear in your love relationship and it will be urgent to manage them. This is not an easy Eclipse for you to manage, but essentially the cosmos is asking you to trust.

The full moon over the weekend improves your socializing zone, so having fun with friends will take your mind off these more pressing issues – but you have to make some decisions, and this can’t be put off indefinitely.

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It is a week with a strong karmic load, especially with toxic debts. Everything you left unresolved in the past comes now and demands an account. It can also be about a former love and now being put in the position of choosing between two men. Or, if you are alone, you can reconcile with an ex, and this will stir your soul.

Meanwhile, your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on Friday. This retrograde period is about learning to trust your judgment, so again, you have to listen to your inner voice. Put more weight on your instincts than on any advice or outside influences.


It is an important week for you because the eclipse in your opposite sign will put pressure on the most important relationship in your life. If you are with someone, a truth is revealed that your partner has kept hidden. It can be about something he did without you knowing or about the opinion he has about you, in great secret. It’s a lot about appearances. You can find out that he told you that he likes some things so as not to upset you, for example. Or that he did something he didn’t do, but he didn’t inform you either.


It is a week in which quite a few changes occur in your life. Mercury goes retrograde in your opposite sign. This can lead to communication difficulties in your relationship, so make sure you listen, rather than just hearing what you want to hear.

At the weekend, the Moon shines from the area of ​​passion on your natal chart, which will contribute to the closeness between you and your partner on a soul level, even if you have difficulties.


This week is quite chaotic for you, but you like this. The more active you are, the more energized you are and the better you feel. You will spend more time with the people important to you and resolve certain misunderstandings that have hurt you in the past.

The weekend brings romance, with the Moon shining in your opposite sign – a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your partner or meet someone new if you’re single.


This week it’s all about your roots, especially when the Solar Eclipse hits the bottom of your chart on Thursday. This could reflect a drama or crisis at home, but it can also indicate that something or someone from the past is making a dramatic return to your life – whether you like it or not.

Mercury goes retrograde in the area of ​​joy in your natal chart on Friday. This is not exactly auspicious, because disappointments, regrets, and even breakups can occur.


This week’s Solar Eclipse is not extremely strong in your chart, but it speaks of something unexpected happening in your love relationship. You can receive good news from your life partner.

When Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, this may have an immediate impact on your life. In the next two weeks, you are asked to think about what brings stability and security to your life – and why you have neglected it so much. It is possible to make major decisions in your relationship: to move to another place (or together) or even something more serious, such as a marriage proposal.

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Problems with money appear in the following week, and this aspect affects your relationship as a couple. Either you have to postpone certain plans for a purchase or a vacation, or there are complaints related to expenses. A serious discussion is certainly needed. Make sure you listen as well as you speak. Things not resolved in time will return as a karmic debt on you.

If you are single, towards the end of the week you have a good chance of meeting someone interesting. The weekend brings a family-centered Full Moon, with excellent energy for a family day or meeting loved ones you don’t see very often.

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