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Love Horoscope For October 2023.

Four changes of the planets and two Lunar Eclipses. These phenomena will change the fate of the zodiac signs in October 2023.

The love horoscope is strongly influenced by these astrological transits and each sign will feel their effects.

On October 5, Mercury enters the sign of Libra and on October 22 it reaches Scorpio. Mars will also enter Scorpio on October 12, 2023. On October 9, Venus changes sign, reaching the sign of Virgo.

A good part of the month takes place with the Sun in the sign of Libra, but from October 23 begins the Scorpion season, which, as you can see, is the star of the month.

The two eclipses take place on October 14 and 28, the first taking place on the New Moon in Libra, and the second on the Full Moon in Taurus.

Let’s see what the October 2023 love horoscope says for your zodiac sign!


You receive a cosmic energy that makes you unstoppable. You will succeed in everything you propose in the next period. In terms of love, you are supported by Mars, which makes you more attractive and passionate than ever. Your partner will simply melt after you. Make sure you spend more time together. Also, pay attention to your family.

If you are single, it is a month in which the stars smile on you and there are chances that a special man will appear in your life.


Venus arrives in the sector of your life that controls pleasures and fun. This means that October will be one in which you learn to detach yourself from stress and worries to leave more room for relaxation and love. You will rediscover the pleasant things in your love relationship or even in the relationship you have with your person. It’s a good month for a therapeutic process, whether you talk to a psychologist or choose a hobby that heals your soul.

If you are not in a relationship, it is very possible to build a love story.


Mercury, your governor, helps you to choose the best things for you in the next period. October will be full of changes, and your love life may suffer. There are all kinds of signs that you might not be in the right place or with the person meant for you. Don’t run away from reality, but learn to accept that your path might be different. Keep an open mind and trust your friends’ advice.

If you are single, October is not a good month to fall in love, but you can socialize, meet people, and better understand what you like or dislike about a potential partner.


Eclipses will shake your life in the most dramatic way possible. Because you have a special connection with the Moon, remember the dates of October 14 and 28, because on those days you will receive special information from the Universe. Follow the people around you and see who wants your good. It is possible to be surrounded by certain toxic people, who transmit negative energies to you. You can change a lot in your surroundings or even in the people you work with.

If you are alone, the love you have always been waiting for is closer than you thought.


At the beginning of the month, Venus leaves your sign, moving towards the sign of Virgo. This transit is also accompanied by a slight disappointment in love. If you haven’t been with your partner for a long time, you might find out certain things about him that will surprise you. If you have an older relationship, the chances of arguing are quite high, because a wave of monotony and dissatisfaction appears in your life. It will be necessary to learn to let go of yourself and smooth out conflicts.

If you are not in a relationship, this month will bring you many challenges in terms of love, but it does not mean that everything that flies is eaten.


You are lucky in October, because Venus makes her annual visit to your sign, bringing milk and honey to the love sector. You feel like you are floating on pink clouds, and your partner is more tender and loving than ever. This month is excellent for making big plans, moving in together, or setting up a special trip. Dream together and let your love grow from day to day.

If you are not in a relationship, the stars will surely bring you the right partner right in front of you. You have to be prepared and allow him to enter your life.


You will have a sense of closure or finality during October. An important project for you may end now or a relationship will no longer work. These experiences will leave you with extremely important lessons for your development. It’s time to stand on your own and make your own decisions. And, certainly, major decisions await you until the end of the year. If there are discussions to be had with your life partner or hidden things between you, now is the time to fix them.

If you’re single, there won’t be many opportunities to meet a potential partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or meet new people.


You are the star of the moon and the sign most favored by the stars. The planets gather in your sign and, at the end of the month, the Scorpion season begins, which ensures your rebirth on a sentimental level. If you have been caught up in the daily routine and the stress of life, now is the time to enjoy your relationship with your loved one or the friends in your life and live to the fullest.

If you are not in a relationship yet, October is the month when (literally) the Sun shines on your street. You will start a love story like in stories.


On October 12, Mars arrives in the sector of your spirituality, helping you to gain your freedom. Leave behind those patterns that hurt you. If there is a love from the past that haunts you, now you can completely end that story. Certain problems you have with your partner will be solved now, through communication and wisdom.

If you are alone, a relationship might develop with someone from your circle of friends.


Teamwork will be important to you throughout the month. From work colleagues to friends or life partners, everyone will need your energy. Spend time helping those around you and learning, in turn, from your interactions with them. In terms of socializing, you are the most advantageous sign.

If you are not in a relationship, you might meet a man who makes your heart beat faster.


From October 12, Mars urges you to be active professionally. You are favored in terms of career and you receive unique opportunities. Of course, this can also mean certain sacrifices in terms of relationships, especially if your life partner will be jealous. Find a balance through which you can give energy to your love relationship, otherwise, you can expect conflicts and even separation.

If you are not in a relationship, the next period brings a new chapter in your life.


It is a month of adventure, in which you rediscover your heart but also certain feelings for those around you. You will look at your lover or husband with different eyes in the next period, finding those qualities that made you love him from the beginning. The quarrels and conflicts of recent times will be left behind, allowing you to love with all your being. You are favored by the stars, so enjoy the opportunities that the Universe throws your way.

If you are single, expect to meet someone interesting in October.

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