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Today we have decided to reveal which are the “weakest” signs of the whole zodiac. Let’s find out if you are there (and also why!).

It happens to everyone (but really everyone) to experience a few moments of weakness at least once in their life.
Maybe it’s after a bad breakup or because at work or university you don’t reach that goal you have aspired to so much.

Perhaps it could be linked to the fact that for nearly two years a pandemic is a fun stand our lives and that, sooner or later, unable to bend also the person more cheerful.
We do not know what you happened to be weak for: what we do know is that the horoscope has established which are the five most … fragile signs! Let’s find out the first places and also why they are in the ranking !

The weakest signs of the zodiac: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope

Weak? You? Let’s not joke!
Today the horoscope ranking drawn up by the stars and planets has created the first five positions of a very special list.
That of the ” weakest ” signs of the whole horoscope!

You certainly don’t want to be in this ranking, do you?
Instead, even weakness could have a strange charm of its own: obviously, there is a reason why you are ” weak “.
Aren’t you curious to find out what it is?

Let us hear what he has to say the horoscope on about. Here are five signs most vulnerable of the zodiac (and why they are!).

Cancer: fifth place

Yes, dear Cancers, when you want you can be really weak! Like? Don’t you think that’s true? Indeed, Cancer is one of those signs that, when it rolls up its sleeves, is capable of great things.

Yes but… when do you roll up these sleeves? Cancer is one of his worst enemies: When depressed or tells you not to be able to do anything, it can only show weakness. You need motivation: if you don’t find it, you are at risk… fragility!

Pisces: fourth place

Even the fish have personalities quite fragile and delicate. Their weakness is mainly related to their sentimental sphere. The Pisces are people who are struggling to prove that they have their own stable size, without the need of someone close .

As if that were not enough for themselves, those born under the sign of Pisces live in a world of “fantasy” where they try to remain as disconnected from reality as possible.
When, however, unfortunately, collide with a life truly they end up going in pieces!

Libra: third place

The Libra is a sign showing strength and practically continuous security in life. Too bad that, often, it is a mask!
This sign, which may seem particularly relaxed and quiet, chatty or mocking, often shows signs of ” cracks ” opening up.

If Libra flaunts confidence it is to hide their weakness: they struggle to establish true and sincere relationships and always end up finding themselves in difficulty.
Few people really get to the heart of Libra: it takes a lot of patience!

Virgo: second place

In second place in our ranking, we find all people born under the sign of Virgo. It is certainly a demerit since the people most vulnerable are, in fact, those who strive to be the strongest of all!

Virgo, in this regard, is one of the people who find it hard to show their feelings and who must always hide them.
He surrounds himself with plans (of life and work), schemes, rigid deadlines, and set goals to hide … his weakness!
While it would like to be one of the most precise and pragmatic signs in the zodiac (and often it is), Virgo is also an extremely vulnerable sign!

The Virgin is one of those signs that a few and trusted friends when one of them disappeared from his circle or betrays the Virgin ends to go really in crisis.
All his strength crumbles and the Virgin shows her true nature: that of a human person, like everyone else!

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Gemini: first place in the ranking of the weakest signs of the zodiac

Not want the people born under the sign of Gemini (even though we know that there will forgive him), but they often are the signs most vulnerable of all the zodiac.
Unfortunately, it is not so much a question of strength in real life as a question of problems related to one’s perception of oneself and the world.

The Twins are people capable of ” lying ” about their own life to self themselves and others for months, even years even!
The ” strength ” they waste in keeping an illusion alive, whatever it is, ends up consuming them and making them extremely weak!

Those born under the sign of Gemini are passionate people, who would like to live a life ” to the last breath ” and who often bottle up all their feelings. At some point, then, they “explode” and end up creating situations unpleasant in which, after so much time has passed to hold on, they ” show ” weak. They run away and start all over again somewhere else !

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