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Brr, it’s starting to get cold and autumn is upon us: only the zodiac signs who love Halloween are happy! That’s who I am!

Generally, when summer ends and, as the song says, “another year goes by”, there is only one type of people who are truly happy.
The one who loves the Halloween party and who can’t wait to put decorations in the shape of cobwebs everywhere! How about: are you also among the zodiac signs who can’t wait to dress up as a witch?

The zodiac signs that love Halloween: here is the horoscope ranking

As soon as summer ends , there is really only one group of completely happy people.

Those who appreciate Halloween!
There are, in fact, people who can’t wait to dress up, wearing costumes they’ve been thinking about all year long. But there is much more: the sweets, the witches and the possibility, finally, to put on a light sweater.

In fact, with the arrival of autumn, one of the most popular festivals of the year also arrives.
Today we decided to find out which are the zodiac signs that can’t wait to celebrate Halloween.
Maybe you are among them too?

Pisces: fifth place

Dear Pisces , did you know you are in today’s horoscope ranking?

There are people who tend to believe that Pisces are simply very elegant and graceful people, who never want to have fun.
This is absolutely not the case: quite the contrary! Pisces also know that anything can happen during Halloween. The masks, the first party with all the friends who have returned from the holidays … who knows how many opportunities they hide at a Halloween party!

Taurus: fourth place

Taurus are people who really can’t wait to celebrate Halloween. Aah, the end of summer is finally here – that’s why Taurus are so excited about this party!

It must be said, then, that although the Taurus are people who tend to avoid crowded parties, Halloween is one of their favorite parties.
The reason? Simple! Taurus can disguise themselves and hide even from people they don’t like . Halloween parties are always a little chaotic – just what Taurus need to take a break from their perfect life!

Scorpio: third place

Dear Scorpio , let’s face it: you, more than Halloween, are interested in the arrival of your birthday!
Those born under this sign, in fact, are people who (as much as they don’t like to admit it) just can’t help but adore this time of year .
The reason is simple!

Scorpios love to be the center of attention and “their” month along with their birthday is always a good time to be at the center of other people’s thoughts. That’s why, along with the end of summer, Scorpios particularly like to celebrate Halloween: it’s the time when, then, everyone also remembers their birthday! After all, since Scorpios are also among the most controversial signs , why not choose Halloween as your favorite holiday? At least they will always have a chance to discuss it with others!

Sagittarius: second place

Disguise? Sweets? Staying up late to watch scary movies?
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius couldn’t really ask for anything more!

Sagittarians , in fact, are people who really love to be scared: that’s why the Halloween party is one of their favorites!
Believing that there is a night where spirits can afford to roam the Earth is a good way for Sagittarians to be able to say that they don’t want to know anything about anything or anyone. Just lock yourself in the house with a good hot chocolate, while the leaves fall from the trees and the wind howls against the windows and turn on the TV to a good movie.
The evening is practically perfect and Sagittarius don’t even have to justify themselves as usual: better than that!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that love Halloween

How? Are those born under the sign of Virgo at the top of our ranking today?

Although those born under the sign of Virgo are all the things we talked about above, it must be said that those born under this sign also have two great passions.
One for the scares and for the parties of “fear” as it can be Halloween and one for the costumes and to dress up as what they want.
For those born under the sign of  Virgo , in fact, the Halloween party is a way to show their skill with clothes and make-up. Something they go on vacation.

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