Today’s horoscope ranking is really interesting: here are the five best zodiac signs to have as a mother-in-law. Is yours there?

What sign is your mother-in-law? That sounds like a really weird question, right? Yet it is also important to know the zodiac sign of the mother you the partners.
The reason? Some signs are perfect for the mother-in-law: discover today if your ranks among the top five in the standings!

We all know that the mother-in-law argument can be really ” thorny ” at times and even difficult to “unravel”.
Our horoscope ranking today, however, will help us clarify the situation: we hope your mother-in-law is in the rankings!

The best zodiac signs to have as a mother-in-law: here is today’s horoscope ranking

A mother-in-law, you know, is forever. More or less, right? Tradition would like the relationship with the mother-in-law to be always rather tiring and demanding.
Maybe it is someone who does not want to see their beloved baby ” fly ” away from the nest or a person who is unlikely to open up to new situations.
Maybe the mother-in-law six you own you (and in that case, of course, we would never say anything bad about you).

The reason may lie in the fact that, unconsciously, almost all of us tend to choose partners who resemble our parents or with whom we replicate their same “path”. You and your mother-in-law may be more alike than you think!
In short, we know it without the need for many preambles: the mother-in-law argument can soon become very thorny and difficult!

Today we have decided, therefore, to ask for stars and planets to help us out and tell us what are the five signs of the zodiac best to have as a mother-in-law.
Let’s read today’s zodiac ranking together, hoping to find our zodiac sign (or that of our mother-in-law) among the top positions.
That’s why it’s great (and so easy) to have these markings as a mother-in-law!

Sagittarius: fifth place

Was your partner’s mom born under the sign of Sagittarius? Then you will have ( almost ) no problems: cheers!
The Sagittarius is a sign very happy and relaxed, which is not afraid to face new situations and do not you jealous.

The only problem? Mother-in-law born under the sign of Sagittarius has absolutely no rules and will let you do exactly as you want. Lunch together? The Sagittarius does not cook, a sandwich will do. Helping to organize the wedding? And why, isn’t it better spontaneous? Grandchildren to keep for an afternoon? They’ll be real savages at the end of the day with Grandma. In short, freedom and spontaneity … I can’t do more!

Aquarius: fourth place

L ‘ Aquarium is a sign that, despite his jealousy, is (almost) perfect as a mother-in-law. Her tendency to want everyone to feel good, in fact, overcomes jealousy and attachment to her children, making her the perfect mother-in-law!

In an attempt to make the “stranger” feel welcomed at home, the Aquarius is always ready to make that extra effort that will make you feel immediately appreciated.
Of course, to win them over, you will need to be as kind and interested as they are: a little thought when you go to dinner, a flower, or even just a small gift once in a while is perfect to enter into their good graces!

Cancer: third place

Despite being quite maternal types, those born under the sign of Cancer are in the middle of our ranking of the best signs to have as a mother-in-lawThey are not in the first place simply for one small reason: they can be very jealous (especially of their beloved babies).

In reality, however, Cancer is a particularly welcoming sign, and that when they meet someone they immediately become their new best friend.
With them, there will never be embarrassing silences (or rather, there will never be silence) but we must be careful not to commit false steps.
They judge a lot but, above all, if they see a person they love is treated badly they can not forget ever. In short, all is well until you make a mistake: be careful!

Capricorn: second place

Is there anyone calmer than the Capricorn mother-in-law? (Obviously yes since it is not in the first place of our ranking today but let us pass the figure of speech ).
The Capricorn is a mother-in-law really perfect: they are cheerful, calm, and relaxed. They do not immediately give confidence but it is because this sign, basically, takes a little while to “warm-up “.

The Capricorn is a sign that hard to do once the buddy and maybe you take the time to feel comfortable and relaxed and know you better.
However, as soon as it becomes clear that there will be a lasting relationship between you, Capricorn becomes much more accommodating and sympathetic.
Behind his silence, in fact, often hides a decidedly jokey and friendly person!

The Capricorn is not a jealous sign and, therefore, will not be of some problems if you are her daughters, indeed!
Finally, he will have an ally with whom to make fun of his family: with Capricorn, the situation will always be light and cheerful. They are perfect mother-in-law!

Taurus: First place in the ranking of the best signs to have as a mother-in-law

We come finally to the top spot in our ranking of today. It is all those born under the sign of Taurus!
The Taurus, in fact, is one of those signs with which it is very easy to speak, which do not compliment or get lost in salamelecchi. They are the perfect mother-in-law!

In fact, the Bull does not care if you show up with pastries or a bottle of wine or empty-handed: they are always happy to see you and, indeed, they love having people around at all times!
For them, once entered into the family, you will be the equal of another son or daughter: they are very accommodating in-laws, who do not you care if you are ” casual ” in their presence!

The Toro is one of the signs of calm and relaxation in the Zodiac, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. With them, you will surely be happy and you will have no problems.
Therefore, it is very important to have a mother-in-law born under the sign of Taurus: when was yours born?


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