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Incompatible Zodiac Couples: Six Couples Designs Doomed To Failure

Incompatible couples, according to the zodiac it is better to avoid pairing if you are part of the signs in today’s ranking.

According to the laws of love, some couples live in perfect harmony for years, while others spend all their time arguing. The reason? According to astrologers, compatibility is influenced by zodiac signs.

Compatibility as well as being sanctioned by differences in education and culture, is often influenced by the stars that have an impact on interpersonal relationships because they define the personality of all individuals.

Here are the pairs of the most incompatible zodiac signs according to astrologers

Astrologers have listed couples who, according to the zodiac, are incompatible and who find it difficult to communicate in life and tend to argue. These couples are six and their relationship is doomed to failure:

Aries and Virgo: the first couple among the most incompatible ones of the zodiac is formed by two opposite zodiac signs, Virgo and Aries. These two signs together do nothing but argue, it is practically impossible for them to get along. To make this union last, it only takes a really important love.

Capricorn and Gemini: the second place in this ranking is occupied by the sign of Capricorn and Gemini. Making this couple incompatible is the fact that while Capricorn is old school, Gemini hates anything conventional. This couple experiences a whirlwind of emotions and continuous clashes that inevitably lead to the breakup of the relationship.

Leo and Scorpio: Leo and Scorpio are two signs with very strong personalities. Their relationship resembles a great rivalry and if one of these two signs does not decide to give in, which is very unlikely, then harmony will never reign. The important thing is that neither of these two signs tends to recognize their mistakes, and this tends to undermine the relationship even more.

Cancer and Aquarius: the natives of these two signs find it difficult to find an agreement because their values ​​are practically opposite. Cancer is a very traditionalist sign and is linked to the value of the family, for him, there is nothing more sacred. Aquarius is a sign that can never shut up, much prefers freedom and not having limits and constraints, and is constantly looking for something new. This pairing only works if the Cancer native surrenders not to interfere with the ideas and lifestyle of the Aquarius who will never change them anyway.

Taurus and Sagittarius: In this relationship, the two most stubborn zodiac signs of the Zodiac merge. They try to suppress each other, which makes their relationship a constant argument and their life together is practically impossible. The stars define this union as a “nightmarish union” and although there are rare exceptions, they are usually signs that in a relationship they tend not to last long.

Libra and Pisces: the last place in the ranking is occupied by two signs that cannot speak the same language. Indeed, these two signs come from totally different planets. While Libra prioritizes logic and common sense, Pisces live in a fairy world where only feelings rule, and that’s what makes this union so complicated.

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