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The 5 Greatest Romantics Of The Zodiac 2022


When it comes to romance pros, Pisces is definitely one of them.

If you want to get carried away and be completely blown away then you have to date a Pisces.

Pisces will amaze you with their creativity and plan dates that you will never forget.

They will surprise you with a little something at the start of your date and you will think it’s already good like that… but is that all?

No, when you least expect it, they will continue to go above and beyond giving you an unforgettable night out.

They’re also very hip for outdoor activities, so don’t be surprised if they throw you a picnic dinner and take you for a long romantic walk in a moonlit park.

Their creativity has no limits.


Although people consider this sign to be selfish, no one really has a clue what a Leo is capable of doing for the person they love.

Once they fall in love, Leos are committed to the end and nothing stops them from being the most loving and romantic partner around.

They will be protective in a downright lovable and romantic way.

You will feel loved and you will be taken to another universe. Leos have huge hearts, but the catch is, you have to earn your place.

You’re going to have to show yourself worthy and once you do, everything else will be a gift.

They will be loyal to you and you will not miss anything in life.


Virgos are generally very cautious people and can seem a bit distant and cold.

Okay, maybe that’s because they behave that way and leave that kind of impression, but in fact they’re anything but inaccessible.

They just need to be sure that you care about them and that you aren’t going to hurt them.

Once you gain their trust, Virgos will make their whole world revolve around you.

They will give you every second of their free time and they will remember all the little things you love to surprise you at some point and show you how much they love you.


When it comes to romance, Taureans really know what they’re doing.

Let’s just say their courtship takes time and they like to do things slowly, but steadily.

Still, it looks like their tactic is working. They are the type to sing serenades and court under the window. They will write you little poems and leave you adorable little notes.

They like to give of themselves and make an effort for the person they love, because it pays them a lot in the end.


Libra is like coming out of a Hollywood romantic movie.

No one is better than them at courting someone. When they choose someone they like, no one else will stand a chance beside them.

Even if you don’t like him from the start, you will like him once he or she is done with you.

A person born under the sign of Libra will have no trouble organizing a romantic dinner for you and preparing a homemade meal by candlelight.

Everything about them cries out for romanticism. If you are dating a Libra, be prepared for lots of thoughtful and adorable little surprises because there is no shortage of them.

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