I’m Begging You, Please Leave Me

I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep reliving the same moments. I can’t keep running in this vicious circle that will never end.

Please, please, leave me.

I can’t let my heart tighten like it’s chained with a barbed wire. I can’t let it bleed anymore. I can’t keep letting you hurt me. I don’t have the strength to take it anymore. I’m weak.

Once I was strong. Once I knew what I wanted. Once I was alive.

Please, please, leave me.

I can’t keep giving you second chances and I can’t keep pretending that we are meant to be. You are a mistake.

You are my biggest mistake. You are the thing that I regret the most.

I can’t keep letting you destroy me. My mind can’t take it anymore. I’m tired. My mind is sick and my body is starting to follow.

Please, please leave me.

I can’t endure your screaming and your insults anymore. I can’t take another nightmare in which you are the star actor.

I can’t keep waking up in a cold sweat because my nightmares are real.

It’s like I never wake up. Even when I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming of you tearing me into pieces.

Please, please, leave me.

I can’t keep letting you play with me. I can’t keep living by your rules. I can’t accept your sick mind.

I’m not responsible for your insecurities and for your disappointments. Why should I suffer the consequences?

Please, please, leave me.

Every time you fall into your dark place, you have me to take it all out on. I’m your victim. I’m the one who takes in all the pain.

And when you’re done, you feel good. And I feel like a small piece of me is gone, forever.

Bit by bit, you’re making me disappear.

Please, please, leave me.

Leave me and give me another chance to live.

Give a chance to heal, give me a chance to love again.

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