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Let’s find out together which are the most touchy zodiac signs of the zodiac: today’s ranking leaves no room for any doubt!

Surely you too know a person to whom nothing can really be said, on pain of his imperishable and burning anger .
We speak, of course, of all those people who, even if you know them well or precisely because of this, you treat with gloves, always careful what you are about to say.

Of course, if you don’t know anyone like that there is a risk: the one who is you, of all the people you know, the real touchy !
Let’s find out right away if the stars and planets got it right with today ‘s ranking : here are the most susceptible signs of the whole zodiac regarding… well, themselves!

The most touchy signs of the zodiac: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

There are people who, no matter what the topic is being talked about, always manage to report  everything about them . Obviously, by doing so, they also succeed in another purpose : to take it personally !

If you can’t think of anyone forcing others to walk on eggs when he’s around , we’ve got some bad news for you. Aren’t you the most touchy in your circle of acquaintances?

Think about it: others always tend to justify themselves when you are around, they are always with their heads down to murmur some excuses and they are afraid to tell you things. Hey, no, do n’t start getting mad , we’re not saying anything big, we’re just doing today ‘s horoscope ranking ! Better to go to the ranking of the most touchy signs of the zodiac: so there will be no more doubts!

Gemini: fifth place

We put Gemini in today ‘s ranking of the most touchy signs for one reason only: when they get angry and when they take it personally, Gemini can be really difficult ! They certainly do not do it because they are hideous people but it must be calculated that the Gemini are both self- centered and unable to say things as they are .

Instead of dealing with problems, in fact, Gemini likes to take it on the quick … at least until they forget that they are angry with someone! In short: the Gemini are touchy yes but only in waves … like all the feelings of their life!

Scorpio: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Scorpio can be defined decidedly touchy, especially as regards their personal perception of themselves at work.
In fact, Scorpio is a sign capable of joking and laughing and also of not being too touchy in the most common areas of life.

However, when someone takes it out on Scorpio or speaks badly to him about his job , then trouble begins.
At work you absolutely cannot give opinions that are nothing but positive to Scorpio. His way of doing it is, when he gets a criticism , shut up and work even harder but never forgive yourself for your comment again .
Will it be worth it?

Cancer: third place

Despite having a reputation for being loving and kind people, those born under the sign of Cancer should be famous for another reason as well.
Which? But of course due to the fact that they are extremely touchy !
Cancers just need to have a slightly crooked moon to see the world as a great conspiracy against them .

They perceive every slight change of intonation in the voice, every little malice in the words of others and also every offense, true or invented, that is directed at them.
Cancer is an extremely touchy person who has absolutely no problem picking on others when they have to. Do not try to be forgiven by them: listen to what they have to say and hope for a miracle !

Leo: second place

Surely, seeing themselves in second place in today ‘s horoscope ranking , those born under the sign of Leo will be roaring with rage. Touchy ? I Leos ? But what does the horoscope invent ? Obviously, stars and planets do not invent anything and although Leo wants to pretend to be one of the coolest signs in  the zodiac , we know what the truth is.

Leo is, of all, one of the most touchy signs of the zodiac and hates even just recognizing it !
Absolutely, you cannot use the wrong tone of voice with Leo both when you talk to them normally and when you argue with them. They take to heart every word you use, how you use it and even the moment you say it.

And don’t think they’ll ever forget it! Leo has a long memory when it comes to holding a grudge and he absolutely does not forget the way you addressed him. It is therefore almost impossible to be able to talk to him normally if you have not first apologized . For what? Ah, but for the way in which, in ’95 , you greeted him when you leave a club and …

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most touchy zodiac signs

Despite hiding behind a surprised attitude, don’t be fooled. Those born under the sign of Taurus are among the most touchy signs of the zodiac and, indeed, occupy the first place in our ranking! It is certainly not a coincidence that the Taurus is touchy and it absolutely does not happen by mistake: the Taurus is committed to finding every reason to take it personally !

Pay attention to it: Taurus is incapable of pretending nothing has happened but often mulls over the words of others for days, months and years. Then, when you least expect it, Taurus comes out claiming that you did something wrong. What are you referring to? To a word, which you said in a strange tone , one day you met by accident by chance. We’re not kidding: Taurus ‘s touchiness level really goes high (if not, of course, we wouldn’t put it first).

They are people with whom it is impossible to talk and who always take everything head-on and toe. Be careful in the ways you use when talking to a Taurus: they always have a way of perceiving things different from others!

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