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Are you hated by everyone? Are your interpersonal relationships a real disaster? Maybe it’s because you are one of the most hated signs of the horoscope.

Some astrological signs have a worse reputation than others. According to astrologers, some signs are the most hated of all, often because they are victims of prejudice. If you often find yourself with someone hostile to you, perhaps the reason is to be found in your astrological belonging.

Belonging to a zodiac sign means having a personality and some specific character traits. Often people are classified and judged based on the zodiac sign, a kind of business card that can sometimes be unseemly and linked to unfounded prejudices.

The most hated zodiac signs of the horoscope. Are you among them?

If you are part of one of these three zodiac signs, your life is certainly not a long and peaceful river. We are sure that you often have to deal with people who show you they can’t stand you. Do you know why they are so hostile towards you? Because your way of being or doing makes you appear different from who you are. This happens especially to these 3 zodiac signs:


Gemini is a solar and positive sign but at the same time introspective. Since he tends not to show his true personality, people often think of him as being fake, manipulative, and a liar. The problem is that Gemini is just a changing sign, it adapts to both environments and new people. It is simply a sign that can quickly analyze the best way to relate to others. He is naturally inclined to get along with everyone, even with very different people, but this does not mean that he is a manipulator, much less that he is a dishonest person.


Among the zodiac signs that enjoy a bad reputation, there is also the Scorpio. Seemingly cold and aloof, it’s just a sign that he needs time and security to open up to others. He is often fiery and instinctive, and his reactions are unexpected and almost brutal. The fact that he is impulsive and narrow-minded and that he does not have a lot of tact does not mean that he is a bad person but it is certainly the main reason why people often feel offended by the way they do.

There is a very sensitive and emotional sign behind that hard facade, just like all water signs. The scorpion hurts for fear of being hurt. It certainly cannot be said that he is false or not frank.


Pisces is also not a very popular sign and the reason lies in its very changeable way of doing. It is not easy to deal with a fish and understand it. This sign is governed by a deep dissatisfaction. He continually dreams of a life different from the one he has, he spends most of his time on another dimension outside of reality, he is the classic person who tells himself so many stories that in the end, he ends up believing his stories.

Pisces is a degree of giving so much love, compassion, he is not evil nor false nor liar, he is just a great moody procrastinator.

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