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Let’s discover all the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the month: Leo.

Card of Leo
 From 23 July to 22 August
Dominant planet: Sun
Color of sign: Orange
Stone brings good luck: Diamond
Lucky day: Sunday
Flower indicated: Sunflower

All about the sign of Leo

The sign in general
Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. The natives of this sign are sunny and highly self-centered people. For them, being the center of attention is almost a primary need, so much so that everything they do focuses on this goal. Sunny and cheerful they always know how to win over others thanks to the enormous security they have of their means and flaunt them without any problem. Generous, although there is always the doubt that they are more so to get noticed that out of a real desire to give to others, they know how to be courageous and are never afraid to embark on new adventures, including those that would create some fear in others. Proud, they always try to aim for the best by doing everything to achieve it and expect the same from the people they consider to be close to them or with whom they decide to bond.

When they don’t get what they want, they know how to show another side of themselves, certainly less cordial and determined to win. For them, whoever is against them becomes a sort of enemy to beware of and to be defeated both with intelligence and with words. Having them as friends can be a constant spur to improve while having them against is certainly a source of stress also given by their attitude which in hostile moments can be quite heavy to bear.

Study and work
Motivated as never before, the natives of the sign love to set goals to reach and overcome from time to time and this, at least in part, makes them winners, above all because they rarely accept defeat. When the goal they are aiming for is more difficult than expected, they commit themselves, trying in every way to perfect themselves to achieve it. For them, it is a natural way of doing things and therefore they also expect from others. If in the study they aim only to give their best, in the work they strive to always level up so that they can also manage the work of others and stand in command, a role that they like more than any other and in which, among other things, they succeed quite well.

The natives of Leo tend to relate quite openly with everyone but create solid relationships only with those who they consider being at their level or who do not consider potential rivals. Since they need to have the attention of others, they always try to avoid putting in their circle people who can steal the show. A little different is their way of handling romantic relationships. In fact, in the partner, they look for a sort of shoulder, someone who can support them and give them support in every situation. The right partner must therefore be someone who they consider to be almost at their level but who knows how to stay on the sidelines leaving them the spotlight. And if he is also willing to do teamwork to support them, then they will be more than willing to give him all their love.

Safe as few do not need many confirmations but they love those who know how to make them feel constantly courted and pampered. A type of attention that they consider special and for which they get to bond in an even more special way to the person they love.

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