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How you choose to protect your heart, depending on your zodiac sign

Each of us imposes limits to prevent any “damage”. We are afraid to love too much, to offer too much, to be completely open in front of others. So we put on our protective shield – and it’s different for each sign. What does your shield look like?


You act like you don’t care about anyone but yourself. You think that if you pretend you don’t have a heart, no one will be able to hurt you. You have to learn to show your emotions in front of people who love you.


You never say first that you admire or love someone. Wait to see if the person shares your feelings and only then show affection.


You are very selective with the people you receive in your social circle. If someone violates your limits, do not hesitate to eliminate him from your life.


You move very slowly in your love or friendship relationships. You have to convince yourself first of all that the person is worth any headache and only then you invest strong feelings.


You focus more on work than on relationships with friends or potential lovers. You act like you don’t care if you find true love, but the truth is that you need someone in your life.


You have a long list of rules and principles, and you will not accept people in your life who do not share your moral values. You keep your standards high, but sometimes that makes you completely inaccessible. Try to accept with compassion the “imperfections” of those around you.


Make sure you always have more options. You surround yourself with people who like you, so when someone hurts you know that the rest will comfort you and help you when you need it.


You make jokes to hide your feelings. Never talk openly about love or suffering.


Don’t let anyone look into your depths. You like people to think of you as a cheerful, optimistic, well-documented person in any field, but they know nothing about how you really feel.


You never admit that you feel alone. You prefer to let others think of you as a cold, ambitious person who doesn’t need anyone to succeed.


You put all your emotions into the art you create instead of sharing them with those around you. You express your suffering through creativity.


You keep your feelings under lock and key. As long as those around you don’t know how sensitive you are, nothing can hurt you.

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