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Find out how vain you are based on your zodiac sign.

Vanity is one of the many aspects of the human being. Multifaceted, it manages to show itself with different masks, leading anyone to try to give their best for the sole pleasure of feeling flattered or, more simply, to be self-satisfied. Positive when it is well dosed, it can become a defect if exasperated and taken to such levels as to become an obsession. In short, vanity is not to be trifled with and, as it is easy to guess, this aspect of the human personality also depends, at least in part, on the influence that the stars have on each of us. For this reason, today, after having seen which sentence best represents us and what is the philosophy of life of each of us, we will discover, above all, how vain we are. As this is a way of being, it is also very useful to check the profile relating to one’s ascendant.

Horoscope: how vain are you? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – Moderately Vain
Your vanity is mostly about yourself. More than caring about the opinion of others, you tend to try to satisfy your personal beauty criteria, certain as never before that others will like you anyway. In fact, you don’t lack self-esteem at all and this can sometimes make you a little too extreme in your way of behaving. Nonetheless, when it comes to beauty remedies, you place yourself on the average of vain people and this is because, after all, you do not think there are who knows what things to change in your appearance.

Taurus – Extremely vain
Let’s face it, yours is without a doubt one of the most vain signs of the zodiac if not the most vain of all. For you, looking in great shape is almost a duty, which pushes you to play sports and try to minimize your greedy instincts, which are not few. Of course, you also take a long time to get ready, which often makes you a big laggard to the point that even your friends know what to expect when they have to go out with you. Obviously, trying to look your best is not a problem but it is always better not to overdo it, the risk is in fact to stress yourself more than necessary. Which, absurdly, doesn’t exactly go along with beauty, right?

Gemini – Vain but in a very natural way
Your level of vanity is medium and fits perfectly with your way of being which is basically whimsical, to the point of getting noticed. If you dedicate the right time to aesthetics, much of the success of what you do depends on the way you share and on the particularity you can give to every single look. In short, from this point of view you are quite lucky because you have a natural ability to present yourself at your best, appearing to others as a person who has style and personality.

Cancer – Vain even if you try not to show it
That you are vain is beyond any doubt. What characterizes you is the attempt to appear completely indifferent to how you appear or what others think of you. The truth is that you always pay great attention to your appearance and all because it is really important for you to know that you are appreciated, which is why every compliment will always make you happy, to the point of making others understand what you really think, thus revealing the your deception.

Leo – Very vain
Your level of vanity is very high and this is because in life you want to excel in every field, including that related to your physical appearance. This makes you a person particularly attentive to your appearance to the point of taking care of every single detail with extreme attention, from clothing to make-up. After all, being at the center of other people’s attention is what you like best, plus you never know what awaits us and it’s okay to always be at your best, right?

Virgo – Unconvincing
Life is full of too many commitments to focus on one’s appearance for long. Of course, as a neat person as you are, you always make sure you are neat and presentable but it all ends there. No hours spent looking for the perfect make-up or look. Beauty for you is something that if there is it must be natural. Much better to spend your time to take care of other aspects of life and to succeed in the workplace.

Libra – Vain like few other
Vanities could be your middle name. Seeing yourself beautiful is something you enjoy, at least as much as receiving compliments from those around you. For this reason, you are always attentive to your appearance to which you add a particular care of the ways. Looking both beautiful and elegant is a source of pride for you as well as a fundamental feature to feel at ease with yourself. The upside of all of this is that you are really good at what you do, so much so that the results come without much effort. Not to mention that taking care of your appearance is like a hobby for you, able to gratify you while you do it and to give you satisfaction through the admiration of others.

Scorpio – Vanity at the right point
Feeling beautiful and receiving compliments is something that makes you particularly happy. For you, however, beauty is something that goes beyond simple aesthetics. It is a mix of appearance, way of being and ways of behaving, things that you can manage perfectly resulting in a person full of charm and able to charm others. A result that you arrive at without too much effort but thanks to a particular aura to which you must add a minimum of care which, for this very reason, is never excessive or intrusive.

Sagittarius – With a basic vanity
More than vain you could be defined as a person who cares about their appearance. Basically, in fact, you like to show yourself natural, bragging about your belief that true beauty comes from within, without unnecessary fictions or extremes. A creed that you carry on like a flag and that makes your appearance appear as a gift from nature. The truth is that you have a minimum of vanity too, but basically it is never excessive and it is limited to a few details that you tend to take care of more for your own pleasure than to receive the compliments of others.

Capricorn – Really not very vain
Your way of understanding life leads you to give the right weight to beauty. For this reason, you limit yourself more than anything else to always appearing in order and to take care of your appearance based on the inspiration of the moment. For this reason, compliments are an option for you that you can do without but which, of course, make you happy. That said, you would never change your way of being just to please others, to whom you prefer to show parts that you think are more important than just aesthetics.

Aquarius – Not at all vain
It could be said that yours is the least vain sign of the zodiac. For you what matters is what you have inside and certainly not the appearance that often tends more to deceive than to describe a person. This makes you a very special person, often not used to following trends and more than ever inclined to move according to your mood. Those who know you well, however, can only appreciate your way of being that makes you appear more real than anyone else and therefore full of an elusive and therefore ethereal charm.

Pisces – With a low level of vanity
Lost as you are in your very own world, you have very little time to devote to choosing the perfect look. Once the essential part of simply taking care of yourself to appear in order is exhausted, your vanity stops to give space to your own way of showing yourself for who you are, following your tastes and inclinations of the moment. All this gives you an undoubtedly original and almost always pleasant appearance but obviously not contaminated by the fashions or styles in use at the moment. A way like any other to reveal a personality that is certainly out of the ordinary who knows how to get noticed beyond everything.

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