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How To Max Out Your Luck On Leap Day (2/29), Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s finally a leap year. Coming around every four years, means we all get an extra day tacked on to the end of February. While most will let the day pass like any other, the real ones know how special Leap Day can be. It’s a chance to do something different and potentially life-changing. Anything can happen. What will you do with your extra day? Make it special by maxing out your luck. Here’s how based on your zodiac sign:


Follow your instincts today. You’re often making decisions on the spot, your spontaneous nature moving you from moment to moment. Make sure you’re going in the right direction by listening to your gut.


Say “yes” today. If you stay in your comfort zone, Leap Day will turn out like any other day. Instead, say yes to new opportunities large and small. You never know what good will come out of it until you let go.


Talk to as many people as possible today. Try to find that special connection with everyone, even if they’re not normally someone you’d befriend. You may just meet someone who could connect you to your next big adventure.


Say “no” to things you don’t want to do today. Don’t fill up this extra day with obligations that wear you out. Instead, do things for yourself. Put yourself first on Leap Day and you’ll wind up with something special.


Do something bold today. Whatever you’ve been wanting to do lately that you still haven’t gotten the courage for, now’s your moment. And if you can invite your friends to join you, that’s even luckier.


Step out of your routine today. Whatever you do on a normal day, skip it. Don’t follow your prescribed path and instead step off of it entirely. After all, this is your extra day–it would be a shame to waste it on the mundane.


Tell people how you feel about them today. Spread the love when it comes to your partner and your social circle. When you show appreciation for others, that positive energy will bounce back to you in the form of uncommon luck.


Be vulnerable today. Show your friends how you really feel, tell someone you need help, or smile freely rather than keep your positivity bottled up. Let your guard down just a bit so you can let the lucky energy find you.


Visit your family. You think of them often, but when was the last time you saw them? Even if you can’t make it to them in person, a call can go a long way. You never know what luck can come from reconnecting with those you love.


Take your advice today. You’re so great at doling out advice to family and friends, but you rarely take your own. Every time you start to make the wrong decision, ask yourself: “Would I encourage a friend to do this?”


Shift the focus away from yourself today. Instead, look for ways to improve the luck of people who need it more. Help your family, friends, and community. And, because karma is so powerful today, that positive energy will bounce back on you.


Follow your heart today. Where does it lead you? How does your heart rate play into your decisions today? As you navigate Leap Day, choose the path that gets you excited about the possibilities and the cool new future it could create for you.

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