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How To Know If A Person Is Lying To You Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Each of us has gestures and markers that reveal when we are about to lie and these may well depend on the zodiac sign we carry under our skin. But what are we talking about? Let’s try to see more clearly with the article of the day.


This is a sign that is very genuine and spontaneous but has a trait that makes it reveal to the whole world the moment in which it lies: laughter. If this becomes obsessive and compulsive, we can say it with certainty: he is lying.


It is not easy to discover the lies of the Taurus, since he is a man of few words. Perhaps the only trait that manages to reveal all this to us is his anger which always erupts at the most inopportune moments.


The Gemini knows how to adapt his existence to his changes in mood and hardly pretends or lies, precisely due to the great moral rigor that distinguishes him. When he lies we notice a great and sudden change of ideas in him. If you know it, you know it.


is one of the zodiac signs that when he lies he always does it to defend the people he cares about most, he has no interest in lying, from every point of view. If you know him, you know him well.


Leo has a leadership ability that takes him to the core. And he always has the privilege of knowing and understanding others from every point of view. His ability to persuade is exceptional. What does he do when he lies? He skirts around things and never gets around to taking a stand.


This is a sign that only lies when cornered. He tries to preserve his figure and his identity and he knows well that a lie could ruin his house of cards.


The eyes never lie, and for this reason, in the case of Libra, it is the eyes that tell us everything. And when he lies you can read it in his pupils on his visa. If you know it, you know it.


is not a very tolerant sign with Scorpio. He is a very particular person and gets very angry if he is teased without a clear reason. When she fails, well, she gets to lie and defend herself tooth and nail.


Never lies. It is a very sweet sign and when he says something that doesn’t add up to others, he always tries to retreat in one way or another and make his voice heard by everyone. His great maturity always prevails.


How to understand if he is lying? He begins to give compliments left and right, an unusual behavior for him which always seems to be prone to aggression and confrontation, to confrontation with others.


Always manages to find the positive side of things. He often analyzes matters thoroughly and tries not to disappoint others with his lies which he utters only if strictly necessary. When he feels uncomfortable it means that he is saying something wrong, in reality.


His silence is the most important sign that he is lying. She usually talks a lot and when she doesn’t it means that a lie is in the air. If you know it, you know it.

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