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A useful way to navigate how to keep him interested is to consult astrology. Of course, you need to keep the loveaa compatibility between your zodiac signs in mind, but the best way you can keep him wanting more is to be you—and your horoscope sign plays into that.

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By now he knows your fiery attitude. That in itself can be a magnet— he won’t know what to expect. Your impulsive nature can lead to exciting adventures between the two of you.
At the same time, this can be a double-edged sword. One way to keep him coming back is to tone it down, just a little bit. He knows you’re honest. Usually in a blunt manner. Instead, try softer honesty. This does not necessarily mean you should leave yourself vulnerable. Use your instincts in getting what you want— but if you want him to come back for the long-term, rein it in a little bit.


Stability could be Taurus’s middle name. In that regard, it’s easy for him to keep coming back to you because you’re so dependable. Any relationship with a Taurus tends to be a long-lived one.
One way to keep him coming back is to show a willingness to compromise. Tauruses demand perfection, which is fair, but not always possible. Try flexibility every once in a while— he’ll appreciate it.


One of Gemini’s best qualities is their ability to communicate. This is crucial in any kind of relationship. You’re also more emotionally perceptive than other signs, which is a bonus, especially because men tend to be closed off about their feelings.
The best way to keep him coming back is to focus on your positives, such as the ones listed above as well as your zest for life. Just keep your chatty side in check— he might think you’re being two-faced.


He’s got a lot to like about you if you’re a Cancer. In the best relationships you bring out the best in him, and vice versa.
The way to keep him coming back is to make sure he doesn’t feel like you’re suffocating him. You’ll go to the ends of the earth for him, but remember you want him to come to you, not always you going to him. Your creative side can certainly help in this.


Unless there are two Leos in this relationship, you’re likely the one wearing the pants in the relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is. The good news is, Leos are willing to do work.
The semi-bad news: you put yourself first, always. That’s not necessarily a bad thing— in relationships, however, it’s hard for him to keep coming back to you if you consistently put your needs before his. If he keeps coming back, maybe your needs will align. All in all, make sure you are communicating with him, and vice versa.


Virgos’ practicality can be a double-edged sword when it comes to keeping him interested. You keep him grounded, and as a Virgo, your shyness brings enough intrigue to the table to keep him in orbit. But that gravity is not enough to keep him coming back.
You can try your hand at romance to add an edge. Flirt a little. Take him to an art show. Just don’t too deep into things. Your high standards may distance him.


Diplomacy is a major key in all relationships— and Libras are diplomatic masters. That’s certainly a subtle but important draw.
Something that may deter him from coming back is your focus on the big picture. You may even obsess over how he fits into your big picture. Instead, both of you would benefit from you balancing the big with the small. Live in the moment sometimes. He’ll appreciate it.

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Scorpios can come off as intimidating, so it’s important to be aware of that from the get-go regarding any relationship. Otherwise, Scorpios are driven by feeling, which can be an excellent resource for figuring out how to keep him interested. Just be careful not to crawl into your scorpion shell.
The best way to keep him coming back is to let him be his authentic self around you. You should do everything in your power to help him feel comfortable in his own skin around you. You’re often very in-tune with yourself— encourage him to be in-tune with himself, too.


Usually the question of coming back is in reference to a Sagittarius. They’re difficult to anchor— but if they anchor themselves to someone, it’s for real.
The great thing about Sags, though it sometimes gets them into trouble, is their honesty. You’ve probably told him already if you want him. Make sure you back these words with emotion so he can feel welcome in your adventurous life. Take him along for the ride— and vice versa.


Capricorns will do everything in their power to get what they want. This tenacity is admirable, though you can’t control how other people feel.
That said, you may benefit from tapping into feelings, specifically your own and your man’s. Don’t shut off your heart for something your mind wants, especially if it’s something your heart wants too. He’ll find your determination attractive for sure, but avoid tunnel vision.


It May seem counterintuitive but: take time to yourself. Aquarians are loathe to burn out. You need to make sure you give yourself time and space to recharge.
This way he’ll see you as the best version of yourself. And who knows— maybe he’ll come back enough that you won’t have to recharge much before you can see him. Or he can be there while you’re recharging and not impede.


A strong suit of this sign is its capacity for empathy. You feel what he feels, and if you want him to keep coming back, you must like that. Your passion is also a definite plus.
The key to enticing him is to use your giving spirit in creative ways. You love giving gifts— vary them! A gift can be physical or immaterial. Something you can put in a box versus an experience. He won’t know what to expect when he sees you … only that it’ll be something good.

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