On the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, astrologers told with whom it is best to build relationships for men.

Astrologers recommend that before marriage, carefully study the horoscope of a future partner in order to understand whether you are suitable for each other. 5-tv.ru talks about what kind of wives are obtained from representatives of different zodiac signs. 

The first place in the ranking was taken by the Capricorn woman. She knows the recipe for family happiness and will live with her partner until death do them part. With such a lady, a man will not be able to just flirt, because she is simply created for the family.

The second in the ranking is the Cancer girl. She lives with her heart and mind, she will always support her man, she will be faithful to her partner and expect the same from him.

In third place is the Libra woman. She is soft, gentle, beautiful, s-y and smart, she will never make scenes of jealousy and suffer for a man who is leaving, because she knows her own worth.

The fourth place was taken by the Virgo woman. She decides everything herself, but being wise, she makes the man consider himself the master of the situation, and the partner can only play along with her. Thus, it is almost impossible to quarrel with her, and an idyll reigns in the family.

Fifth place in the ranking of the Pisces woman . She is beautiful and willful. If the fish is in a good mood, then it will be affectionate, and this will strike a man on the spot, who cannot just leave her, because then his life will become boring and meaningless.

In sixth place is the attractive and intelligent, but demanding of herself and others , the Scorpio woman. She does not feel sorry for a man if he does not pass her exam. This lady will force her partner to always take care of herself, which will positively affect his personal growth, but not every member of the stronger s- can do this.

The seventh place belongs to the Lioness woman. She keeps the man under her heel, the partner resists a little, but agrees to the leadership of the lady, because in comparison with her, other women seem to him pale copies.

On the eighth line , the Sagittarius woman . With her in marriage, a man is not threatened by monotony. This lady will not sit at home and cook borscht, she will rather go skydiving. Attempts to curb a female archer will not lead to anything good.

Ninth place in the female Taurus . She can turn any partner into a superman. It combines strength of character and tenderness. It is easy with such a lady both in marriage and in a light romance, but until the moment she is interested in creating an ideal out of a man.

In tenth place is the female Aries. It’s easy to fall in love with her, but living with her is like sitting on a volcano. This woman loves freedom and says what she thinks. She does not hide her emotions and is ready to conquer the world.

On the eleventh line is the Gemini woman. A man can be himself with her, not pretend, because she will see through him, but not every man is ready to know himself completely and open up.

In twelfth place is the eternally young, eternally beautiful Aquarius woman . Next to a man, she will live her life and will never live by him alone. Persuading her to marry is not an easy task.

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