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How The Beginning Of 2023 Is Going To Test Each Zodiac Sign


As an extremely impatient person, you’re in for a surprise at the beginning of the year.

2023 has so many great things in store for you, but you’re not going to get them just like that.

For a person who is all over the place all the time, you’re going to have to wait and be patient to see what the beginning of 2023 will bring to you. So, my dear… patience is all you need.


You’re not the type of person who easily trusts others, or for that matter entrusts your well-being into someone else’s hands. What the horoscope is saying…

When times get rough and it gets to the point to save yourself, you’re going to do it without thinking twice about it.

Well, the beginning of the year will start turbulently for you as well.

Your loyalty to another human being will be put to the test. Try not to fail because you won’t like the result if you do.


You’re a pretty simple and down-to-earth kind of a person, not to say sceptical. What you see is what you believe.

But life is not all that white and black.

There is a lot of grey area which you cannot judge by the first impression.

What the Zodiac is trying to tell you is that you need to have faith sometimes before you come to any conclusions or make any decisions.

That is exactly what will happen to you at the beginning of the year—a test of faith.


Most of your life, you’ve been led by your emotional side of the brain. Rarely any decision was made solely on a rational basis.

That is not a bad thing because it makes you compassionate, but on the other hand…it’s not the best choice every time.

At the beginning of this year, precisely because of these hasty emotionally-based decisions, you’re going to be tested on your morals.

Emotions can get the better of you, so you’re not always capable of making the right choice.


You’re always on the top of your game. You’re always the best at everything you do and, no doubt about it, you enjoy being the best.

You enjoy receiving all the attention you can get—the more the merrier.

But the beginning of 2023 will bring some changes into your life. Your self-esteem will be shaken, and your decisions will be questioned.

This test is going to check how emotionally strong you are and how much pressure you can take.


Your analytical mind is pretty self-critical. You always come the hardest at yourself and your doings. You’re basically your own worst enemy.

In the year 2023, you’ll be put to the test. If you fail, the consequences will be quite serious. You’re going to emotionally suffer if you fail.

On the other hand, if you keep on believing in yourself and if you give yourself some credit and show yourself love, you’ll be just fine.


The social butterfly you are, it’s very important that you maintain good relationships with your friends.

Social connections mean the world to you, especially if that includes helping people through conversation and hanging around.

This year, your relations with your friends will be a bit shaky.

But, don’t worry, if you play your cards right and keep on believing in the good in people, those bonds won’t be destroyed. It’s all just a test.


You’re always all over the place, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

It’s very rare for a Scorpio to bond themselves to one person. That person has to really be up to their ally if they want commitment.

At the beginning of the year, you’re going to find such a person. And when you do, your commitment will be put to the test.


You’re a doll, Sagittarius. You’re even at times too good to be true.

Your naivety and your kindness usually get you into a lot of trouble. You trust people and because of that you don’t often stick to what you said.

The beginning of this year will test your willpower. It will test your ability to remain true to what you said you’ll do.

Stick to what you think and prove to everyone that you’re not that easily tricked into being something you’re not.


As a hardworking and responsible individual, you have surprisingly low self-esteem.

Even the fact that everything you start doing, you finish with flying colors cannot push you into seeing how awesome you are.

Because of that, in 2023, you’re going to be tested. A series of events are going to put your belief in yourself at stake.

Have a little more faith in yourself, and keep on doing whatever you’ve been doing so far.


Your mind is analytical and pretty straight forward. You use logic as a main guideline in your life.

Your intelligence is spot on, so it’s not hard to be led by smarts and logic for you.

Only, there is a catch—things that are logical are not always the right things to do.

This year, your ability to do the right thing will be tested.

So, try to volume down the logic and involve your heart in the process of decision-making. Then, you’ll definitely do the right thing.


You can take a lot of BS in your life. You’re very thick-skinned, so you remain calm when someone makes you angry.

The sad truth is that you can’t keep things bottled inside you for such a long time. You’re bound to crack sooner or later.

The time will come at the beginning of this year. With cracking happening, you’re going to be tested in your limits and how far you can take it

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