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Find out what is the most negative aspect of being single for each zodiac sign.

When you are single, whether it is by choice or by lack of the right person by your side, you can happen to experience it negatively. This depends on various factors and the personality of each of us. For example, some hate having to always answer questions relating to their sentimental situation, those who do not like having to go alone to weddings and the like, and those who sometimes feel alone. The reasons can be various and can often also depend on the influence that the stars have on each of us. After seeing what is the change that each zodiac sign should make to live better with others and what is the thing that each sign of the zodiac should know about love, today we will discover what weighs the most on the various signs of the zodiac of their being single.

Since this is an aspect linked in a particular way to the way of feeling things, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant. In this way, it will be easier to recognize oneself as suggested by the stars.

Astrology: here is the negative aspect of being single for each zodiac sign

Aries – The idea of ​​not finding the right person
Those born under the sign of Aries often experience the condition of being single in an ambivalent way. This is because most of the time, being single is their choice. A choice that comes from the need to feel free and from the inability to better live romantic relationships. On the other hand, they are romantic people who yearn for the dream of a prince charming or a love that can last forever. And this underlying ambivalence leads them to often feel guilty or in some way wrong precisely because of their inability to establish a lasting bond. A problem that only they can solve, changing slowly and finding someone who is able not to make them feel imprisoned in the relationship but free to always be themselves.

Taurus – The Feeling of Loneliness
The natives of Taurus are among the most romantic signs of the zodiac and this often prompts them to feel alone without a person to love. More than being single, they feel that they don’t love anyone. Something that they continue to pursue over time and which they need to feel complete. For this reason, it is difficult for them to remain single for long since in love with love itself, they love to be lulled by the emotions given by this feeling. So much so that when they are not experiencing it, they go to great lengths to find and experience it.

Gemini – Feeling different from others
Those born under the sign of Gemini hate the feeling of being single only when they are accompanied by friends who live in pairs. In fact, in these cases, they tend to feel different and this leads them to feel a certain discomfort when they all go out together. Otherwise, they live well being single because they can make friends in any situation and get along with virtually everyone. Furthermore, once single, they are free to flirt with anyone and this is an aspect that makes their days and moments spent in the company more exciting. As often happens for the natives of the sign, therefore, being single is something they live with different feelings and often in opposition to each other.

Cancer – Being Alone at Weddings and Events
When they are single by choice, the natives of Cancer experience their situation without major problems. Which changes if they receive invitations to weddings or special celebrations. In certain contexts, they hate not having anyone by their side. This makes them feel somewhat defective and the sensation is amplified if they know they have relatives or friends ready to question them about it. It is a discomfort that they live so strongly that they can even go so far as to lie to feel better. Which they often and willingly do, inventing partners engaged in who knows what events to justify not being together.

Leo – Loneliness in the house
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who are perfectly happy even alone and who when they are single do not find it difficult to find people with whom to spend their time. As they love to feel the center of attention, they are also very good at flirting and this helps them not to suffer too much from the absence of a partner. Sometimes, however, when they happen to be home alone or when they feel in a strange mood, they feel the weight of loneliness that they tend to live negatively. In this context, being single, especially if not by choice, can become a burden for them.

Virgo – Silence
Virgo natives are not extremely romantic people and this means that being single brings them little discomfort. If they live alone, however, they often end up feeling isolated and when it does, the silence that lingers in the house or their room can take on a weight that is difficult to bear. Beyond this, there are no problems in the social world where they live perfectly even as single and without this causing them any kind of discomfort. It is therefore a marginal problem that not everyone has. Other times it may occur only at certain times of the year such as during holidays.

Libra – The lack of affection
Those born under the sign of Libra are extremely romantic and very affectionate people. However, they have some difficulty in externalizing their feelings to others. In this sense, therefore, when they have a partner they are more able to be themselves. As a single, the biggest problem they experience is, therefore, that of experiencing a lack of affection that if at times they hold up well, in other cases it can become difficult to bear, so much so that they think of seeking love. Fortunately, they are not the types to accompany someone just out of loneliness and even if they suffer from it, they will always prefer to wait for the right person before embarking on stories with no future.

Scorpio – The sense of lack
The natives of Scorpio are people who love to be among people and who at the same time know how to be particularly reserved. It follows that unless they have truly trusted friends, the only person with whom they can truly be themselves is their partner. In such a context, therefore, being single can become a problem for them due to the lack of someone to talk to in the evening, to cuddle with, and to whom they can tell everything about themselves. If we exclude this particular, we are dealing with strong people and able to be alone without the slightest problem.

Sagittarius – Being the only single
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are so independent that they love the feeling of being single because it can guarantee them freedom of action in every field. Sometimes, however, if they are the only ones in their group who are not accompanied, they can feel too much or become bored to the point of regretting not having a partner. Fortunately, it is something that happens to them only rarely and when they are confronted with people with whom they are not particularly familiar. When they can, in fact, they always know how to make friends with others and this helps them to forget any possible feeling of discomfort.

Capricorn – Having to look for someone
Capricorn natives don’t have much trouble living single but hate the thought of having to worry about a possible future alone. Loving to plan things, he likes to think about the possibility of building a family, having children, a stable job, etc … Knowing that sooner or later they have to face the problem of looking for and finding the right person makes them regret not having one next to them. . this is a marginal problem, which they live with relative light-heartedness and which in their eyes becomes a problem only at particular times of the year or when they feel down in the dumps and therefore closer to negative thoughts.

Aquarius – Having to look for others
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love to live in solitude and when this happens they feel more than happy. As single and without anyone who particularly cares to make them change their lifestyle, however, they risk always finding themselves alone and this, in the long run, can be a problem for them too. In these cases, being single weighs a little on them but it is only a momentary problem that they manage to overcome immediately afterward, thinking about why they are single and how many things they should worry about if they were really with someone.

Pisces – Having to give explanations
The natives of Pisces are romantic people who usually prefer to have someone to love by their side. When this person is not there, however, they prefer to be alone waiting to find the right one. It is a situation that they live well at least until they find themselves having to give explanations. When this happens, they end up wanting to have someone around just so as not to have to answer the often inappropriate questions of intrusive people. Fortunately, they still manage to get out of the way and resume their life with the same serenity as always and with the awareness that sooner or later the right person will knock on their door.

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