Find out how superstitious the various signs of the zodiac are and how they react to their fears.

When it comes to superstition, each of us has a different opinion. We go from those who tend to be so to the point of heavily influencing their lives and we come to those who, on the contrary, say they are completely exempt, considering any form of superstition silly. The truth is that everyone, sooner or later, finds themselves engaging in superstitious attitudes. Sometimes you do it so clearly that you are identified as such and other times you are calm even though you have ways you don’t realize.

Being superstitious or not can depend on several factors and among these there is the way of being, the experiences lived and the type of people with whom you have been supported over the years. The influence of the stars also has its weight and in some cases, it can even make a difference. Today, so we will try to find out which are the most superstitious signs of the zodiac and how they express this way of being. An alternative way to know the various signs and to see them from an unusual point of view but which can say a lot about them.

Astrology: this is how superstitious the signs of the zodiac are

Aries – Those almost not superstitious at all, with some exceptions
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are practical people and used to living for the day. Going back to the why of the things that happen to him is something that does not belong to him. Even less, they are inclined to think that fate or something else might get in the way. These are therefore signs that are hardly superstitious at all and that just do not understand who instead proves to be such. It must be said, however, that they too have some small custom (which others would call superstition) aimed at bringing them luck or able to make them feel better. An example is the good luck bracelet for exams or the dress that makes them feel better for a job interview. Small gestures that they do not consider superstitious but which have the same function in everyday life and, in particular, in moments of greatest fragility.

Taurus – Those who are dangerously superstitious
The natives of Taurus are among the most superstitious signs of the zodiac and they are to the point of being the first to recognize it. After all, not wanting to go under the stairs, avoid making commitments on so-called unlucky days, etc… are things they do almost without thinking about it anymore. And all because it is the only way they have to live peacefully. Being superstitious is like a trademark for them, of which they are not at all ashamed. Of course, perhaps they are not ready to share it with the first one they meet but with the people, they trust they tend to show themselves at 365 degrees, superstitions included. The natives of the sign are convinced of the fact that the luck they have depends on their sophisticated techniques. Those, that is, that they put in place to circumvent bad luck. One thing they are more than convinced of which therefore makes them confident in their way of being.

Gemini – Those not so superstitious but who occasionally follow a few
Those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are curious people by nature. This means that when yes, even if they are not superstitious, they do not close the doors to anything. Rational by nature, they love to always leave doors open and all because being surprised is what they like best. For this reason, they are not used to judge superstitious people. And, as far as they are concerned, they consider every possibility. So, when they happen to have to deal with situations in which a superstitious gesture could help them, they are always ready to test various beliefs. And if something convinces them in a particular way, they do not hesitate to repeat it over time. A way like any other to live in the wake of superstitions inconsistently but which for them turns out to be a lot of fun.

Cancer – Those who are intimately very superstitious
The natives of Cancer love to pose as rational and concrete people. In reality, however, they are more superstitious than they want to admit. Perhaps they do not indulge in particular rituals but have habits that are part of the ways of doing superstitious people. For example, they never announce something new before it has materialized, they try not to talk about unpleasant things and do not divulge any life plans to the four winds. Added to this is the fact that they often need good luck charms, to have positive people by their side, and to feel good about themselves. Details that make them very superstitious people and always ready to find new ways to feel safe and make sure that things are going for the best.

Leo – Those who are openly superstitious
Maybe you would not say but those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are particularly superstitious people. Attracted by the idea of ​​having luck in life and always succeeding in everything they do, they cannot fail to continually look for ways to attract luck to themselves. At the same time, of course, they find themselves inventing all kinds of tricks to ward off bad luck. And, in doing so, they are more ready than ever to tempt them all. For this reason, they are among the superstitious zodiac signs. Those who never set a limit and who if they have to get something are willing to do superstitious rituals, good luck charms, and as much as they can. Something they are not ashamed of at all and they talk about freely. Certain as never before that they owe part of their luck also to their vision of things.

Virgo – Those who are not but who deep down …
Virgo natives are the most rational signs of the zodiac. For them, logic comes first in every situation and they are so convinced that they never miss a chance to remember it. There is therefore no doubt that when they reason about something they do so using reason and always and only relying on concrete things. The very thought of relying on chance or picking up signs from the universe is completely meaningless to them and the same applies to superstitions. That said, they too indulge in their superstitious rituals from time to time. They do this whenever they are afraid of having bad luck and to avoid it they decide to do or not do something. And they do it when they fear that the negativity of those around them might affect their lives in some way. In a way that is anything but logical, they too live their superstitions. Only they do it without saying it and, above all, without admitting it. Not even to themselves. Those who know them well, however, know of this side of theirs which, absurdly, is so strongly marked that it cannot be overlooked.

Libra – Those who are only when needed
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are used to living basing everything on reason. When they have to deal with an important situation, they feel the need to consider it from every point of view and in doing so they always do their utmost. Therefore, they are generally not superstitious. Nevertheless, they never put stakes in front of them and if they believe that some strange superstition can help them feel more confident or make them feel better, they do not hesitate to put it into practice. A very personal way of doing things and that to be honest they only include them. But, since on topics like superstition and more they are used to being very reserved, this does not create any problems for them. Indeed, to be honest, they prefer to act without having to explain, following their instincts and feeling free to do what makes them feel best. What they do without thinking too much and always keeping well balanced between emotions and reason. One thing that he does very well.

Scorpio – Those superstitious in their way
The natives of Scorpio, within the zodiac, are undoubtedly the most attracted to mystery.
For them, everything has its potential charm that their eyes can grasp under different shades. Because of their way of seeing and feeling things, they cannot be said to be strangers to superstitions. However, it must be remembered that their way of acting is often different from that of others. The natives of the sign love to consider every possibility but they do it with the sole intention of being architects of their own life. This means that they are unwilling to give in to fears or superstitions for their own sake. But that if and when they choose to believe in luck and bad luck, they do so with the sole intent of changing things. Absolute protagonists of their history, therefore, know how to manage any sensations. This makes them people able to see ahead more than anyone else and to foresee (and solve) any possible situation. A way of doing it that makes them a step ahead of what is commonly called superstition.

Sagittarius – Those quite superstitious
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are rather intrigued by everything that cannot have logical explanations. So, even if from a certain point of view they are almost intimidated by it, on the other hand, they often and willingly find themselves coming to terms with their superstitions. Most of the time it is fears about the future or a feeling of needing protection. Others let themselves be influenced by those who believe in it and who tend to talk about it openly. Thus, halfway between the two opposite ways of living the thing, the natives of the sign are always uncertain but attracted. For them perhaps there will never be real superstitious rituals to be put in place. However, they will not draw the idea of ​​having a lucky charm or of being able to advise from time to time with those who are more knowledgeable about the subject than they are.

Capricorn – Those who believe little but who… you never know
Capricorn natives do not like to show themselves to others as superstitious people. So when they are on the subject they always try to appear rather unrelated to the facts. In reality, however, they are more superstitious than they want to admit. And this is evident from the fact that they often pay close attention to what they consider negative energies, obviously trying to stay away from them as much as possible. Theirs is a particular way of living it but in some ways, it seems to work with their way of being. So, even if they don’t usually follow specific rituals or have particular beliefs when they feel like taking action they always try to have a good luck charm or to avoid doing things that could annoy them. One thing that works for them and most important of all,

Aquarius – Those who are not at all
Those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius are probably among the least superstitious signs of the zodiac. Their way of being is always quite rational and anchored to reality. Furthermore, always careful to do only what they want, they rarely find themselves having to manage situations that they consider strange or that manage to put them in difficulty. Of course, a pinch of curiosity on the subject sometimes strikes them too. It is, however, something that they live very far away. For the natives of the sign, what matters in life is only what is tangible and that it is possible to experience firsthand. Everything else is part of what for them is a kind of folklore to be interested in only and when they feel like it. And all with a certain detachment. The same they have for anything that touches them from the outside.

Pisces – Those who are constructively superstitious
Pisces natives are born dreamers. And as such, they cannot fail to take into consideration the many possibilities life is made of. Among these is also the superstition that they try to live serenely and constructively. Although they are not completely immune to thought, the natives of the sign are inclined to consider it only as a last resort. Also, when they do, it is never to feel intimidated but to act in a way that will make their energies run better and have luck. Here, then, that certain superstitions or lucky rituals become let’s pass for luck. This also applies to the things they consider to be disclosed in due course. They are therefore people who know how to live superstitions. Who does not allow themselves to be dominated by fears and who manages to turn everything to their advantage? And all while capturing the fascinating side of the thing.

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