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Are you a person who enjoys great intuition? Find out based on your zodiac sign.

There are people in the world known for having great intuition and being able to grasp details from invisible others and others who, on the contrary, struggle to see beyond their nose, maintaining a decidedly more practical approach to life and everything that, in general , surrounds them.
As with many other aspects of life, even that linked to intuitions is at least partly influenced by the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen if you are more suitable to live as a single or in a couple and if you are destined to be successful, you will find out if you are a person with instinct. As often happens with regard to the way of being or feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, in order to understand the degree of intuition you enjoy.

Are you an intuitive person? Here’s what the stars say about you

Aries – Not Intuitive
At all Intuition is not your best weapon. On the other hand, taken as you are to run here and there and dive into everything that comes your way, you would not even have time to grasp signs or details capable of making you evaluate the situations that arise in front of you. Your way of being is more linked to a practicality that blends well with the ability to always count on your strength and to adapt to every circumstance. All elements that tend to clash with intuition and that mixed together would only risk creating confusion.

Taurus – Unintuitive
Sometimes you can find that inner calm that allows you to listen to the most intuitive part of you. However, this happens very rarely and, even when you seem to perceive certain signs, they do not always prove to be true. Your practical sense, in fact, leads you to always rationalize everything, to the point of losing sight of the emotions and sensations that very often are at the origin of intuition. For you, therefore, it is much better to try to rely on reason and the voice given by experience. This way you will always be sure that you are taking the right steps to get what you want.

Gemini – Very intuitive
Your being often over the top and often careless of the thoughts of others makes you a free person and open to many stimuli. Thus, even intuition seems to be on your side, so much so that it makes you an excellent advisor for friends looking for alternative solutions. To be honest, though, you too could reap several benefits by listening to your intuition. Of course, this is not an invitation to stop relying on reason. Acting a little on your stomach, however, from time to time could lead you to victories that would otherwise be impossible to conquer and that you will know how to appreciate more after trusting yourself.

Cancer – Incredibly Intuitive
Under the influence of the moon, you tend to be a very intuitive person. When you hear something, you usually know you’re not wrong and even if you don’t realize it, most of the time you end up right. This makes you the perfect confidant for those who need to be listened to and advised. In fact, your knowing how to get in tune with others blends perfectly with your intuitive abilities, able to bring serenity to those around you and obviously also to yourself that you are the first to be able to benefit from this particular gift.

Leo – Too Rational to Trust
Your Instincts Your way of being, the things you believe in and the life you lead make you totally unsuitable for relying on intuition. Too busy with yourself and with the many calculations you make to evaluate every future move, relying on something intangible is in fact a move that would lead you to continually doubt yourself, ending up backfiring. Better to continue to follow the usual approach to things which is also what has brought you where you are up to now and which, consequently, turns out to be better than other methods not very similar to you.

Virgo – Intuitive yet rational
Although you are a highly rational person, intuition knocks on your door every so often, giving you different insights into what you thought you had already considered in every respect. Knowing how to mix these two qualities is really difficult and this leads you, most of the time, to rely on reason alone, which you tend to trust the most. Nevertheless, if you were able to open yourself more to what you cannot touch with your hand, you would discover that you can get much more from yourself and from the things you do and all simply by relying on the intuition that has always accompanied you in your every choice.

Libra – With a subtle intuition
Your degree of intuition is related to the way you perceive things and the beauty that surrounds them. For you, life and the world around you must always be in perfect harmony and the look I look forward to you for the things you like or would like to improve, tends to become stronger when it is accompanied by the intuition that has always carried you inside. and that sometimes you are even able to use to your advantage, limiting yourself to doing or saying only what you feel and which almost always turns out to be the right thing for you. After all, most of the good things came from someone’s intuition, right?

Scorpio – Closely connected to your intuitive side
Always fascinated by everything that cannot be explained in a scientific way, you are a person with great intuition so as to be able to grasp things that no one else can perceive. This makes you the best person to make decisions that cannot be based on reason. Firmly believing in what you feel and always knowing how to interpret both your emotions and what surrounds you, makes you a person who works best only when you rely largely on your intuitive side.

Sagittarius – A free spirit but not very intuitive
Although in life you like to act often without thinking about the consequences, you can’t exactly talk about intuition. Yours is more of a crazy race towards life and everything related to it. A race where reason never leaves room for intuition but for the simple desire to live by grasping the good things life has to offer and all without thinking too much. Of course, sometimes you even manage to grasp some intuition but the effort of having to understand whether to follow it or not often leads you to let it go without paying too much attention.

Capricorn – More Practical Than Intuitive
Sometimes following your gut wouldn’t hurt you at all. Nonetheless, you are too much of a practical person to listen to what, for you, are just little inner voices. The truth is that moving in the dark and without the support of reason is something that scares you too much and that you don’t think you can handle. An evaluation error but that it is right that you pursue in order to proceed with a sure step towards life, aware that if you ever want to experiment other ways of living things, you will always have the way open to do so.

Aquarius – Not at all interested in following intuition
What really matters to you in life is being able to live as you see fit and without having to struggle too much to succeed. And although your being whimsical makes others think that you are a very instinctive person, the truth is that every single choice of yours has been previously studied and reasoned. No intuition, therefore, but only a great desire to live without thoughts and without ever having to worry about the opinion of others who, among other things, have never interested you much.

Pisces – Extremely Intuitive
Intuition, as well as empathy, is an integral part of your way of being and it wouldn’t be you if you suddenly stopped relying on what you feel. When something comes to your mind (or stomach), following it is in fact completely instinctive but also primary. A way of doing that has always led you to get what you want and that, indeed, has shown you how the biggest mistakes were made just when you tried to put aside your instincts to follow reason. Of course, even the latter is important to evaluate the moves to be made but only if made to go hand in hand with your instinct which has always been what guides you best.

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