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How Pluto’s Energy Will Affect Your Relationships This Year, According To Astrology

It’s time for the old patterns to be abandoned so that you can be reborn and reach your true potential.

I told you in a previous article about the transformative energy possessed by Pluto and about the major changes that can take place due to it. Practically, the year 2024 is the ideal year in which you can reinvent yourself, both in a professional and personal context. Also, the relationships in your life may experience a radical change. Here’s how Pluto’s energy influences you!

The previous pattern in terms of relationships

Pluto was in Capricorn from 2008 until the beginning of 2024. As you well know, Capricorn is a sign that emphasizes traditions and fulfilling tasks in its “classic” sense. Practically, the dynamic of the couple was as classic as possible, in which the woman was the one who took care of the family, and the man was the one full of ambition, who followed the ascent in his career.

The new relational pattern

Pluto’s energy has brought important changes regarding the power roles in your life, including in the couple’s relationship. It will be a period in which you will understand many things and it will be much clearer to you why you had to take part in so many lessons and trials.

Currently, you will be much less inclined to let yourself be influenced by those around you. You ask yourself questions about your decisions and feel that you are regaining your power. You no longer care about the “mouth of the world” and those things you “must” do. Leave the conservative attitude and stop listening to parents, grandparents, or other relatives who do not know what is happening in your life and what struggles you are fighting.

It’s time to do what you want and find your purpose in this world. There is a rebirth from all points of view, including in terms of the way you choose to look at a relationship as a couple. You want a life partner with whom you can form a real team, not just a partner who is “suitable” on paper. It is a moment when you can revolt about everything that is not going well in your life and when you decide that you have to do something to be happy.

Money, an equally important component

As I said before, it’s all about change, rebellion, and “power”. People want equality, and rights and to have other people with them who inspire them and with whom they can have a real conversation.

Another important topic in this context is represented by the financial part. Currently, you are more prepared than ever to take care of your needs. It is the year in which your work will be rewarded and in which you can enjoy success. All you have to do is stay on your path and don’t be afraid to make an effort.

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