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Today we present you like the most insecure and therefore easily moldable sign of the zodiac. The judgments of others influence him a lot.

This zodiac sign is very condescending. By its very nature, it just can’t say no to someone because it fears giving disappointment. The biggest problem is that he is very insecure and is easily influenced by everyone.

Good-natured, gullible, insecure… a mix that makes him the most likely sign to run into the network of manipulators. He lets himself be influenced by everyone and has too much faith in people. This does not make things easy for him and makes him collect many disappointments. Did you understand who we are talking about?

He is the most insecure sign of the zodiac

It is the last sign of the zodiac and yet it is the first in the list of the most naive signs of the zodiac. It is Pisces.

A water sign par excellence, very empathetic and very sensitive. Pisces lets himself be overwhelmed by his emotions, but unfortunately not only by his own, even by those of those around them.

They let themselves be infected by the bad mood of others and as if this were not a big enough burden to carry, they also have another manufacturing defect: they have a keen interest in disappointing or hurting those around them!

Pisces will do everything to avoid disappointing and will therefore be very condescending.

You will not find a zodiac sign like him in the whole horoscope. When he loves someone, it is his concern to put that person on a pedestal. Anyone who has a Pisces in their life knows they can always count on their help.

Unfortunately, the world is also populated by evil people, manipulators, and careerists and Pisces is very easy prey. Once they have managed to win their affection, they will be able to get everything they want from Pisces. Pisces will be willing to do whatever is asked of them, even if reluctantly.

An evil and manipulative person will have no problem making Pisces self-esteem falter and put him in uncomfortable situations from which he will have difficulty getting out because once again, it will create the problem of hurting someone.

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