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Are you a generous person? Here is the answer of the stars.

When it comes to generosity of spirit , a very delicate key is touched. Each person, in fact, tends to have a different idea of ​​generosity and different ways to demonstrate it. This can depend on the character, the type of education received and the ability to show one’s feelings. A mix which is joined as always by the influence that the stars exert on us and which can lead us to manifest this gift in different ways or, if it were not among those possessed, not to demonstrate it at all.
Today, therefore, after seeing how determined we are and whether we are wise people , we will discover our level of generosity. Since this is something that starts from the intimate, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant who, in this case, could play a leading role.

How generous are you? Find out from your zodiac sign

Aries – Not very generous
In life you tend to think about yourself first and then about the people you care about. Your generosity, therefore, is never immediate or spontaneous but always linked to external motivations. A peculiarity that distinguishes you and of which you are well aware without however creating problems in this regard. As you see it, everyone must think for their own and never expect something from others. Receiving something from you, whether it be an object or a gesture, is therefore a sign of great affection on your part, which certainly makes everything more special.

Taurus – Generous enough
You may not be among the most generous people in the world, for sure, however, when you can you tend to give what you can and you even do it with joy. That said, in life you prefer to always rely on your strength, which is why you expect others to do the same, so much so that you are surprised when you realize that, however, things are not always and necessarily like this. If a friend is in a situation of need, however, you always tend to lend a hand, even going against your own thinking, something that others know and that they sometimes use in their favor, taking advantage of your maternal side and often more. soft than you yourself do not realize.

Gemini – Generous in a variable way
Like many aspects of your way of being, generosity also tends to vary according to the situation and your mood. In fact, if when you are in positive mode you tend to dispense too much, when you are not in the mood you close up like a hedgehog, regardless of how others can take it. This way of doing things makes you difficult to understand and often in the balance between being generous and not being at all. Promising something and then not keeping it is in fact one of the reasons why others tend to take offense at times. Trying to be more stable is therefore, once again, one of the steps you should take to improve your relationship with others that would otherwise be just perfect.

Cancer – Not very generous
Let’s face it, being generous isn’t an aspect that particularly interests you. Taken as you are by yourself and by your problems, in fact, you do not care to appear or to give demonstrations of love or friendship, certain that those who know you will be able to understand your feelings in another way. In reality, a demonstration every now and then could make a difference, even lightening those relationships that often risk cracking due to your being touchy. Try to think about it for the future and who knows if some gesture of generosity will not be good for yourself in the first place.

Leo – Generous only if it comes in handy
For you, being generous is not a way of being but a way of being. If you feel that it can be useful for your job or your goals in general, always try to be affable and ready to give yourself for others. In the absence of goals, however, your focus is all on yourself and never turned to others who you think are able to look after themselves without you getting in the way to fix their lives. In short, you certainly have a rather unique way of living things but capable of saying a lot about your personality and your way of living your affections.

Virgo – Generous only if in a good mood
Your being generous varies like the wind and is only there if you feel in a good mood and if you have the right person in front of you. To give yourself to someone, in fact, you always expect recognition, which leads you to avoid people who you think are not able to appreciate your gestures. Being a practical person, such an attitude is understandable as is the fact that you always need to feel okay before giving something or having a kind gesture towards someone. Acting in opposition to how you feel, in fact, would risk making you feel uncomfortable.

Libra – Discreetly generous
When you can, you can be generous with both people close to you and those with whom you do not have great relationships. Knowing that you have procured someone’s good or happiness is in fact something that makes you feel good and that you therefore do both for the other person and for yourself. We can therefore say about you that you are a generous person and this even if you do it almost more for how you feel afterwards than for the desire to carry out the action itself. Since what matters is the result, however, this last figure is not very relevant, right?

Scorpio – Giving in an unobtrusive way
Generally you don’t like to show your feelings too much and this happens because you are actually much more sensitive than you like to show others. This makes you a reluctant person even in making blatant generous gestures. In fact, to them you prefer manifestations hidden by other motives or gifts that always have a motive, even if fictitious. Yours is therefore one of the purest forms of generosity even if difficult to understand by those who do not have the same degree of sensitivity as you. In the end, though, it’s not really that important as your purpose is just not to show off.

Sagittarius – Not very generous
As much as you like to feel such, in reality you are not among the most generous people. Of course, if it comes to giving gifts you also do it with pleasure. Everything, however, ends here. If we talk about the maximum generosity, that is to offer your time and resources to others, you are in fact rather lacking as you are taken by your innate need for freedom and the desire to feel unattached and always ready to take flight towards distant destinations. An aspect that those who know you well accept and understand so much that they can still appreciate what you can give them.

Capricorn – Generous every other day
Your generosity is often more theoretical than practical, thus creating a certain confusion in the people towards whom you try to manifest your way of being. When a certain situation arises or talks, you are in fact the first to step forward. Too bad that at a later time, everyday and working commitments lead you to withdraw or change the extent of your commitment. An attitude that sometimes ends up creating more problems than anything else and that you should therefore change in order to be truly generous as you would like and not the other way around. With a little work you could do it, it’s all about knowing how to recognize what you can really offer from what is best not even present as a possible offer.

Aquarius – Not generous
Your time is too precious to allow you to be a generous person. Instead of giving to others, you prefer to take time for yourself in which to reflect and grow as a person. Do not worry, however, you have other qualities from your that make up for this lack. Unless you decide you want to change. In that case it seems that the possibilities are there and that everything depends only on your being able to get more in touch with others, creating a sort of cohesion that can automatically make you more generous.

Pisces – Too generous
Needless to say, because of your empathy and the desire to always see others smile, you are too generous a person. Seeing smiling those around you is in fact one of the things that makes you happiest ever and that pushes you to give yourself as much as possible, even when it would be preferable to think about yourself. Remember, in fact, that the first person to whom you owe something is you and that every now and then others should be put aside. After all, you, as a person, should also be able to receive something from time to time, right? So why not give others the opportunity to show you their affection?

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