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Let’s find out the degree of fidelity of each zodiac sign when on vacation.

Summer holidays are a very sensitive time for couples. In fact, statistics show a higher rate of separations right after returning from the long-awaited vacation. This can depend on various factors such as a non-idyllic holiday, the long time spent together and the consequent risk of seizing more defects in the other and, last but not least, the betrayals.
After all, you know, summer is the season of love at first sight and love to be savored among the waves of the sea. All good as long as you are single but that in the case of people already engaged is undoubtedly a big problem. Today, therefore, given that even the way of living relationships is influenced by the zodiac sign (and to a large extent by the ascendant), after having seen how each sign lives summer loves, we will find out how you behave, always according to the horoscope, when you are in a couple and you are on vacation. Whether you choose for shared or separate holidays, the risk of betrayal is just around the corner.

Let’s find out how each zodiac sign experiences summer betrayal

Aries – With occasional flirtations
Those born under the sign of Aries do not go on holiday thinking about betrayal but they are not immune to it. Their need for pleasure leads them to many little flirts that most of the time they remain so without reaching a betrayal. If the couple’s relationship is not consolidated, however, love, at first sight, could lead them to make the wrong choices and fall into temptation.

Taurus – With absolute fidelity, as long as they are in love
Understanding those born under the sign of Taurus is particularly difficult. Their way of experiencing love is particular and largely depends on the feelings they experience from time to time. If they don’t feel 100% involved with the person they’re with, they won’t have big problems looking around and if it happens they could even betray them. On the other hand, it is different if they are in love. In that case they will be very loyal and full of attention for their sweetheart who will be able to sleep peacefully, as long as they are sure to be able to continue to arouse their interest.

Gemini – With a fair chance of distractions
Understanding this sign is practically impossible, at least as it is to predict its thoughts and actions. What is certain is that those born under this sign are unlikely to leave with the idea of ​​betraying. If this happens it will be purely by chance or because at the moment they felt particularly involved. Which will lead them to question any possible falling in love or relationship in progress. In short, an unpredictable sign from which everything can be expected, including extreme fidelity.

Cancer – Staying faithful, if reciprocated
Cancers are not usually inclined to betrayal. For them, love is a serious matter and once they find the right partner they will do nothing to ruin the harmony they have gained. At the same time, these are people who have an extreme need for constant attention and confirmation and who, in their absence, could look around. Their response to imperfect love, however, lies not in betrayal but in leaving the old for the new. As already mentioned, however, it is enough to make them feel loved for the couple to be summer proof.

Leo – Betraying if for revenge
Leos are usually loyal and very close to the people who belong to their circle, especially if there is a love story to unite them. Proud as few, however, they could go so far as to betray in revenge if they felt somehow insecure or threatened or in case of strong arguments to the point of depriving them of sleep. To avoid any possible betrayal, therefore, it will be enough to pay attention to their emotions, being very careful not to step on their feelings.

Virgo – Staying faithful
One sign with which you can rest easy is that of the Virgin. Habitual and unwilling to let go of the emotions of the moment, they never go in search of new stories. For this reason it is very difficult for them to go as far as betrayal. Even if they were courted by third parties, their attitude would remain the same. Of course, as long as there is a solid relationship at the base.

Libra – Going in search of new conquests
Those born under the sign of Libra are real narcissists, which is why they may get to flirt with someone in order to make sure they are still interesting. Beyond this, however, betrayal is not in their intentions as it is not to make the person they love suffer. This is as long as the relationship works properly. In the event that they felt hurt or stung, they would not hesitate to seek confirmation elsewhere.

Scorpio – Staying faithful but only if really in love
Generally, those born under this sign are not among the most reliable in love. Their charm will often lead them to find other possible partners, making them fall into temptation. If in love, however, they will never go beyond the point of no return, remaining faithful to the loved one and limiting themselves to harmless flirtations, at least for them.

Sagittarius – Betraying if and where it happens
Unless you have a more than consolidated history, Sagittarius is not a sign born to be faithful. His desire to always be around and to try new experiences is in fact on the agenda and can push those born under this sign to betray, especially if not completely certain of the love relationship they are experiencing.

Capricorn – With absolute fidelity
Those born under this sign do not think in the least about betrayal. For them, summer means relaxation and having to find a new flame plus everything that follows would just be a great effort, especially if already romantically involved with another person. For them, in fact, family and loved ones are very important and they would never do anything intentional to hurt them.

Aquarius – Staying faithful as long as you feel free
Aquarius are people who need their own space to feel free. In a relationship in which they feel free, therefore, they will hardly give in to the trap of betrayal, maintaining a detached attitude with every possible partner. Their only summer interest is in fact to have fun and create new bonds, albeit occasional, is not one of their priorities.

Pisces – With fidelity at risk only if in view of a new love
Those born under the sign of Pisces are romantics by nature, for this reason they are not prone to betrayal unless this happens with a person with whom they find themselves in love. In this case, albeit with a thousand feelings of guilt, they could get to betray, except to immediately notify the other person, revealing what happened and then leaving her in the name of the new love. Do not worry, however, if they are in love they will tend not to see the others either. The risk of betrayal, therefore, is very low.

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