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How Each Zodiac Can Enhance Their Relationship In November 2023


You should focus on your friendship. Do something fun together. Make them laugh. Involve them in your hobbies. Have a silly time together.


You should pay attention to their body language. Listen to what your person is saying with their body and eyes, not just their words.


You should take initiative. Plan an outing. Send the first flirtatious text. Make your partner feel wanted.


You should give your partner space. Let them have some time to themselves so they can pursue their own hobbies – and so you can do the same. Trust that you’ll be okay apart.


You should ask more questions. Show interest in their life. Listen to their thoughts and opinions instead of doing all the talking yourself.


You should set aside time for them and only them. Don’t invite your friends or stare at your phone or multitask. Give them your undivided attention.


You should check in on how they’re doing more often. Make sure they’re happy with the relationship and with their world as a whole. Make sure there aren’t any unaddressed complaints.


You should give out more compliments. Don’t assume they know how you feel. Don’t be embarrassed to get mushy. Let them know exactly what’s on your mind.


You should be affectionate in little ways. Make eye contact from across the room. Hold their hand. Kiss their forehead.


You should do favors for them without being asked. Do the dishes. Take out the trash. Put gas in their tank. Help them out before they need to say a word.


You should communicate your feelings clearly. Don’t make your partner guess what’s been on your mind. Speak your desires and expectations into the universe.


You should be vulnerable with them. Don’t hide your problems in order to save them the trouble. Let them be there for you. Let them hear what’s really going on in your world.

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