The most disinterested zodiac signs of the horoscope are, generally, those people who pay no attention either to you … or to anything else!

How? Another horoscope ranking ? And who cares? Certainly not the zodiac signs that we decided to analyze today. Yes, in fact, we have decided to unveil a very special ranking. Have you ever met someone … who just didn’t care about anything?

The most disinterested zodiac signs: here is today’s horoscope ranking

A bored sigh, a shrug of the shoulders and a roll of eyes: this is how the most disinterested zodiac signs in the whole horoscope present themselves !

Today we decided to ask the stars and planets for the ranking of the five zodiac signs that don’t care about anything , anything or anyone.
You know that adolescent phase through which we have all really passed, in which the world seems to us a cold and dark place and, therefore, consequently we were too?

Well, the most indifferent zodiac signs have never got out of that phase and they think they live, more or less, still in a video of Avril Lavigne’s first songs.
Are you ready to find out if you are also in today’s horoscope ranking ?

Leo: fifth place

Passionate, always ready to light up in an instant and definitely capable of creating a real drama from nothing.
But is it possible that those born under the sign of Leo are in the ranking of the most disinterested zodiac signs ?

Leos are people who don’t care about anything that doesn’t have a direct connection with them. Yes, of course: they are always out at every party and they show up in every social situation. But they certainly don’t do it because they are interested in others: they just want to impose their presence! Here, everything the Leos do follows this necessity: for the rest their disinterest in others is practically … always guaranteed!

Capricorn: fourth place

Dear Capricorn , it is strange to see you  only  in fourth place in today’s ranking, isn’t it?
You are generally branded as a disinterested person much earlier!

Capricorns are people who absolutely fail to feign interest in others or in things they have no knowledge of.
Let’s say it is difficult to get angry with Capricorns for their indifference: it is innate and is not used to hurt others. It is just a matter of being people who are decidedly … little interested in what happens beyond their real interests! (Which nobody, by the way, knows what they are).

Taurus: third place

For those born under the sign of Taurus , being selfless is really easy.
The Taurus , in fact, do not have any kind of problem and show disinterest in practically any situation!

Talk to a Taurus about something that is important to you: if the Taurus wants to make you pay for something, he will pretend nothing has happened, he will not listen and will try to make you understand his disinterest.
But let’s say that the Taurus does not want to make you pay something: his disinterest often remains completely unchanged.

Sagittarius: second place

For those born under the sign of Sagittarius , being completely indifferent to other people is practically normal.
They absolutely do not do it with malice, mind you, but it is just a way of life that they cannot give up now!

Sagittarians really care little about anything.
Perhaps only one topic is saved: the Sagittarius themselves!
Those born under this sign often behave as if nothing exists that could interest them. They do not have great topics of conversation, they do not get excited at all: Sagittarians know how to be truly “distant” when they want!

Scorpio: first place in the ranking of the most disinterested zodiac signs

Dear Scorpio , we are sorry to tell you and especially in this way. You are the most disinterested zodiac signs in the whole horoscope !

Hey, wait a minute: but if you Scorpio are in the ranking of the most disinterested zodiac signs then you probably don’t even care if you are!
Dear Scorpios , you are people who, when they decide not to care about something, they do it for real!
You are absolutely always focused on yourself, you listen to what others are saying to you without really hearing what is behind it and you don’t say a word about yourself.You hate the idea of ​​having to take an interest in others and you do it as a job: in a precise and punctual way but without any kind of feeling!


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