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Horoscope: These 3 Zodiac Signs Feel Mercury Retrograde The Most

It’s that time again: Mercury retrograde begins. From April 2nd to April 25th, 2024, Mercury will be retrograde in the zodiac sign Aries – and that brings with it many problems for some zodiac signs. The Mercury Retrograde is feared among astro professionals because it is often accompanied by communication difficulties, misunderstandings and technical problems – and signing contracts and major investments is also discouraged during this phase. You can read which three zodiac signs will feel Mercury retrograde most strongly in April 2024 in the horoscope :



Mercury retrograde in April makes it difficult for those born in Taurus, especially in their love lives . A romance that recently felt carefree and beautiful stumbles. In addition to one or two arguments, the otherwise security-loving zodiac sign may back down because it is not entirely clear about its feelings. When it comes to money and finances, Taurus should be careful not to make any impulse purchases in the next three weeks and not to let the cushion in their account shrink too much.


Mercury retrograde has a negative impact on Virgos, especially in terms of energy and motivation . You feel listless and listless, don’t want to make decisions and prefer to press the “pause” button at work. Virgos find relaxation in the fresh air or on relaxed evenings with their loved ones or close friends. Virgos should take a close look at a possible job offer; at first glance it may look more tempting than it actually is.


Pisces-born people are known for their sensitivity , and this is heightened during Mercury retrograde. There may be arguments among friends or even within the family; the water sign now finds it very difficult to control their feelings and communicate their needs clearly. Misunderstandings are inevitable! The emotional baggage that Pisces carries with them during Mercury retrograde also has a negative impact on the job, where a big project demands everything from the zodiac sign. But don’t worry, your colleagues will provide you with the support you need.

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