Discover the word that, according to the horoscope, best represents you.

Each zodiac sign contains several characteristics that together form at least in part the person’s character and way of feeling. To this are added the ascendant (important for what one is but does not show itself), life experiences, and, of course, the personality of each of us. After all, the human being contains many of those ways of being that it is often difficult to summarize them in a few words. Today, however, we will play a game in reverse and we will try to sum it all up in one word. This will obviously be purely indicative and, for this reason, it is not certain that all of them will meet 100%. However, it is a fun way to try to discover something about yourself, trying to shed light inside yourself, looking at yourself with different eyes and understanding if, after all, the word chosen by the stars,

A single word to best describe each sign of the zodiac

Aries – Dynamism
That you are a dynamic person, probably, is something that you know well too and, if you are not yet aware of it, this is also the thing that comes first to those who are learning to know you. Your being always on the go makes you appear like a person unable to sit still and eager to embrace more and more experiences.

Taurus – Staticity
Perhaps at first glance the static will seem to you something that does not belong to you or that does not reflect you at all. In reality, although in life you tend to move like everyone else, staticity seen in a broad sense is what reaches those around you. To others, in fact, you appear as a person, firm, determined, tied to traditions and unwilling to change. And perhaps, deep down, you too know that while you love to have new experiences, in the end what makes you feel good and return to your consolidated routines.

Gemini – Duality
In fact, even indecision would have been a good word to describe you. Having to choose one, however, duality prevailed. In fact, it encloses your being always between two realities and ready to change the old with the new at the first breath of wind. Although you are the first to desire stability, you tend to tire too soon of your surroundings and to desire what you do not have. Part of your indecision stems from this. Choosing for you means losing what you are giving up and that makes everything more difficult. But it’s your way of being and part of your inherent charm.

Cancer – Capricious
Even in your case the choice was difficult, hanging between romantic and capricious. The second, in the end, had the upper hand. Although you have a romantic soul, in fact, you also tend to sulk at the first obstacle that arises in front of you, this leads you to appear more often than you think as a capricious person and little inclined to empathy. A real shame as you are actually very sensitive. Fortunately, those who love you and know you well know how to appreciate you with strengths and weaknesses, seeing in you also the person in need of constant pampering and reassurance.

Leo – Queen
Could there be a better word to describe you? Always ready to excel in everything, just like a queen, you give others an image of strength and stubbornness sometimes stronger than what you yourself would recognize. However, this is useful for you in getting what you want and in achieving the goals you set yourself every day, so why bother with it?

Virgo – Puntiglio
It is true, you would call it precision but from the outside your ways of doing and living make you appear more often as a fussy person who sticks to everything to express a judgment and who tends to criticize what he does not understand. . A little ‘in fact and so but we also know that there is much more and that only those who will know how to be by your side with the right patience and desire to get to know you, will be able to discover.

Libra – Order
Your being always on the lookout for beautiful things makes you a very orderly person. You like to have everything at your fingertips, to be able to control everything in order to take better care of it and this, at times, risks making you look a bit obsessed. But you know well that this is the only way to have a world tailored to you and go on your way.

Scorpio – Mystery
Mystery is something that distinguishes you and has always belonged to you. Tend to be reluctant to talk too much about yourself, you appear to others as a person to be discovered and this is also an integral part of the fascination you often exert on people. A way of being that is spontaneous and that at times can make others exaggeratedly curious to know the very part of your life that you tend to protect from prying eyes.

Sagittarius – Original
Your way of living in the day and always following your inclinations makes you appear as a self-confident person and, above all, different from others. There are many who consider you an original person, regardless of the opinion of others and highly unpredictable.

Capricorn – Calm
To others you often appear as a calm person and this is only because your need for stability often leads you to have a life punctuated by habits that you like to respect every day. Your way of acting also conveys a sense of tranquility that is obviously seen in a positive way by others.

Aquarius – Eccentric
That you are original and eccentric is a fact given that many times you love to surprise others just for the fun of it. What emerges about you, therefore, is also a valid description of how you are deep inside and this although you are also so much more. But to discover every part of yourself it takes time and patience, qualities that the people you like to surround yourself with have.

Pisces – Sentimental
Feelings are everything to you. This sometimes leads you to a depth of soul that can be frightening to those who tend to shy away from them but at the same time makes you empathetic to the point of being sought by many, especially in times of need. One thing that in the end does not create big problems for you since often knowing others happy fills you with joy, bringing well-being to your life as well.


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