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That’s how much you love others according to the stars. Find out your profile based on your zodiac sign.

At the base of every social relationship, there is a component of love for humanity in general and the ability to become attached to and bond with others. These are characteristics that are not always obvious and that tend to vary from person to person, so much so that if on the one hand some become attached immediately, on the other there are those who, on the other hand, often remain detached. This way of being can depend on personal sensitivity, experiences, and the fear of being disappointed. At the same time, the stars also have a certain influence on the ability to “love”. So, after seeing how each zodiac sign loves and what is the right way to flirt with the various signs, today we will investigate love in general by discovering the personal ability to feel feelings of each zodiac sign. When dealing with feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a more complete picture of the situation.

Here is if and how much you love others based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Little
The person you love more than anyone else is you. This means that your ability to love others is somewhat reduced and usually reserved for those chosen few that you choose to include in your life. Also in this case it takes very little for you to change your mind and turn away, especially if you do not feel that you will be reciprocated in the way you would like or if in the long run, you end up being in a relationship (love or friendship it matters little), which you now consider stale and devoid of stimuli. What matters first of all for you is the happiness that you always pursue, sometimes even going against your closest loved ones.

Taurus – A lot, especially if it’s your inner circle
. For you, love is among the most important things there is. Sure, maybe it takes a while to get attached to others, and you usually only do it after you’ve made sure you can trust them blindly. Again, you prefer to pour out your feelings on people you trust and who, more often than not, are part of your family. A small exception can be made for childhood friends or the one you love who, before considering them as part of your small group, you will check carefully to make sure you are pouring your energy in the right direction. Even if you can love, therefore, you always have some stakes and rules that you self-impose and that allow you to feel more confident.

Gemini – Variably
Your love for your neighbor is substantially variable and tends to change based on your mood and the people around you. If it’s about friends or loved ones that you bring with you from childhood, then your feelings tend to stay the same. For people in general, however, especially if unknown, everything varies all too often, leading you to behave differently, to the point of confusing those around you. The truth is that you are often afraid of becoming attached to people you already know could disappoint or hurt you and it takes very little to make you retrace your steps the times you decide to open up. On the other hand, you are a very sociable person, and this leads others to think they can build a more stable relationship with you than what is then established in most cases.

Cancer – A lot but on your terms
Your relationship with others is always related to how they behave and, above all, how they tend to treat you. If you feel like you’re the center of their attention, then you tend to get attached a lot and show affection. If these vanish or become rarer in your eyes, however, your attitude changes suddenly, leading you to detach yourself abruptly if it is about friends or relatives and to make real outbursts of jealousy when it comes to love. This is because the love you have for others is a kind of mirror of what you would like for yourself and not a feeling you express freely. Always wanting something in return, however, tends to distort and impoverish feelings and over time can lead to drying up.

Leo – A lot but only to the people you have chosen
. Your capacity to love is quite extensive and this even if at the center of everything, first of all, there is always you. In your affective sphere, however, there are people who you consider to your height and whom you love to cover with attention, partly to see them happy and partly because in this way you know you look more beautiful both in their eyes and in those of the world. As always, in fact, at the center of your attention, there is a great desire to get noticed and to feel at the center of the world, especially that of the people you love and consider important. Your love is therefore always very calculated and there is very little space left for strangers or external people who, while treated with kindness, avoid getting too close.

Virgo – A lot but only for a select few
Your world is made up of numerically reduced effects but towards which you know how to concentrate all your energies. Distrustful as few, you find it hard to trust strangers and this leads you to not easily bond with others until after various times and various tests of loyalty on their part. Consequently, the love you have is dedicated to the family and childhood friends to whom you are always available and ready to give yourself as you can. All, of course, without exaggerating because if you only come to suspect that someone intends to take advantage of your kindness, no bond holds. At that point, your desire for “justice” inevitably leads you to a clash that most of the time ends with the friendship.

Libra – Enough but mostly to your family members
Caring for people who might be moving in and out of your life easier isn’t for you. In your heart, there is room for affections that are lasting and accompany you forever. For this reason, you prefer to focus on your family members, love, and very few friendships that you tend to select maddeningly. To all the others you grant your kindness and affability, which allows you to have different friendships but always kept at a distance (a kind distance) from your sustained ways of doing. It is a reality in which you feel comfortable and which gives you the security of not encountering disappointments that you would not endure in the long run and from which you therefore always try to stay at a safe distance.

Scorpio – A lot but always with a certain diffidence
The truth is that you have a lot of love to give and that in doing so you know well that you run the risk of disappointment and suffering. And since when you lose a love you feel really bad, your first interest is to protect yourself as much as possible. For this reason, you tend to be on your own often and only open up to others after some time and only if you think you can trust them. When you get to this point, however, the affection you can give is unique and boundless, just like the resentment you come to feel if this affection is received in a different way than you wish. In short, your way of loving is truly unique but therefore very difficult to understand for those who look at you from the outside. Luckily, you don’t care too much about what other people think, do you?

Sagittarius – Enough but only if reciprocated
Being surrounded by people who love you is one of your greatest ambitions. For this reason, you have an ambivalent relationship with love for others. While on the one hand, you are ready to give affection almost unconditionally, on the other hand, you tend to close yourself off if it is not welcomed in the way you imagined. This makes you a rather difficult person to please, who seems to get along with everyone but who in reality, behind a sociable facade, hides a restless soul, always ready for judgment and rarely for forgiveness. Extremes that should be halfway to a balance that, first of all, would be good for you.

Capricorn – A lot but in a sometimes incomprehensible way
The love you have is a lot but it is often addressed in the wrong way. The short time you have leads you to build very superficial relationships with others, making you more likely to focus on childhood friends, co-workers, and relatives. This way of managing your affections, however, sometimes seems too comfortable even to yourself, leaving you unsatisfied with the people you surround yourself with and often eager to meet new ones. A confusion that is often noticeable from your ways of doing is not always constant towards those around you and that sometimes denotes your suffering. Try to open up more with others, sometimes the sense of loneliness you feel does not depend on them but you always want to do everything alone.

Aquarius – The bare minimum
Your way of pushing you to love only people who are part of your close circle of affections. Generally, you do not like to mix a lot with others, preferring to stay on the sidelines to think about your things. Of course, if they are the people you love, then you are ready to go out of your way to make them feel what you feel, and this is even if it is often difficult for you. The others, however, remain just simple acquaintances, and only in very rare cases do you get to change their roles into something more important. Since time always seems short to you, you prefer to focus on the people you love and not on those you barely know and who may disappoint you over time.

Pisces – Absolutely
Your ability to love is practically infinite. In addition to always being there for the people closest to you, you also know how to find the time to turn your attention to those around you. You get attached quickly and despite every disappointment you promise yourself not to fall for it anymore, when you meet someone you can’t help but give them the benefit of the doubt, opening up and offering them as much availability as possible. Of course, in case of cheating you are perfectly capable of closing your door. However, you have a hard time setting up stakes. This risks making you vulnerable and leading you to take time away from loved ones. A greater balance, therefore, would lead you to have more energy and better manage your affections, also being able to receive as well as give.

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