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Find out how insecure you are in love based on your zodiac sign.

Love is such a great feeling that it carries with it many variables that, mixed together, can decree the success or failure of love stories. When two people come together, in fact, they put their worlds together in order to form a new one made by the couple who plays a predominant role in the life of the individual. Loving each other means sharing spaces, moments of life, pleasant and even painful experiences. It means walking the same stretch of road together, holding hands and at the same time letting ourselves be free to grow individually. We share successes and failures, defeats and victories and slowly smooth many corners, growing up and becoming different people, similar to those who had met but completely new in other respects. For these thousand reasons, living together can be both a fantastic and traumatic experience, in many respects linked to the baggage with which we undertake the new adventure together and to the ability to leave aside the stop signs that we often carry around without even knowing it. Among these signals, two of the most dangerous are certainly jealousy and insecurity. So, today, after seeing how we are when we feel jealous in love , we will try to find out how insecure we are. In fact, insecurity is a big problem that can lead to unmotivated jealousy scenes, never really being ourselves or always feeling inadequate. Problems that can be overcome together but which also require a lot of commitment on the part of those who always feel insecure and who over time will have to learn to get out of them, accepting the idea of ​​being loved, thus making it a source of strength. As always, when it comes to sensations, the advice is to also read the profile linked to your ascendant.

Love and feelings: how insecure are you?

Aries – More insecure than you want to admit
It is true, in life you present yourself as a bold person, self-confident and always ready to compete and, of course, to win. Like it or not, however, things tend to change when you are in love. In this case, in fact, you tend to feel the pressure of the relationship and all that it could become. This leads you to be afraid and to feel more and more insecure. Sometimes, the problem gets so big that you challenge yourself, just creating a lot of confusion. The truth is that you should remember first of all that love has nothing to do with competitions and that whoever chose you did it for who you are. Likewise, asking questions about the future is just a waste of time. The truth is that the only way you can make the most of your love story is to live it day by day,

Taurus – Sure enough
For you, love is something that you have always planned and from which you think you can accept everything. When you find the right person, then, your only interest is to make the relationship go and grow quickly so that you join in something stable and lasting. For you, creating a family is in fact the ultimate goal and to which you have practically always aspired. For this reason, you just don’t have the time to give in to insecurities, aware that they could only bring new and not at all positive problems for the couple. In essence, you are therefore a person who knows how to show a fair degree of security. Of course, the fear of losing your loved one sometimes tends to peep into your thoughts. Luckily, though, you’re pretty good at silencing her and always giving yourself new demonstrations of how great everything is going.

Gemini – Every other day
Your security in love depends a lot on your mood and on how you tend to live the different days. If on the one hand you are a person who does not feel great paturnie when it comes to feelings, on the other you also want a love that knows how to make you happy and in which to invest a lot of energy. This last aspect is perhaps the one that scares you the most and that at times leads you to waver and even feel insecure. Fortunately, these are fleeting moments that you know how to put aside in the correct way, even tending to forget about them. In short, if you want to put security and insecurity on a scale, the needle would almost always be in the middle, thus giving you a semblance of balance that does not compromise your story.

Cancer – Highly insecure
For you, love is everything and the high expectations you have on this feeling and on the person you have always dreamed of as a prince charming able to give you happiness, lead you to become particularly insecure, especially when you think you have found the right person. . The fear of losing your sweetheart in fact pushes you to have real delusions of control that over time risk compromising the harmony of the couple. Likewise, your silences can be interpreted as a detachment, creating even more problems. In short, to better enjoy your story without risking sabotaging it, the best thing is to communicate what you feel to your partner. This way you can talk together about what is troubling you, defeating the monster and solving everything. Only when you can laugh about it, realizing that you have only exaggerated in giving weight to your fears, you can consider yourself truly safe. And remember, if he chose you, it’s because he loves you. Changing or trying to show yourself different from who you are is not going to do you any good. So, less thoughts and more feeling and you will see that everything will soon return to its place.

Leo – Very sure of you
As in almost all areas of your life, even in love you tend to feel quite secure. When you choose the person you want to work with, you do it in part as if it were a job, ending up with someone who is able to understand you and who knows how to work as a team with you, supporting and leaning on you in everything. For this reason, insecurity is almost never a problem. Indeed, sometimes you are even too sure of yourself, to the point that you should try to experience a sort of balance able to make you see the other as a person in itself who, as such, could also change your mind and, consequently, Street. This does not mean that you are wrong in being sure of yourself but that by questioning yourself more you will only be able to give more sprint to your feeling, making the person who has chosen to live by your side feel even more loved.

Virgo – With moments of heated insecurity
Although you are a very rational person and quite sure of yourself, in love you tend to always put everything on the line, ending up losing part of your natural balance.
While this can prove to be a good thing, able to keep the feeling alive, on the other it can prove to be a double-edged sword, capable of creating cracks in an otherwise peaceful and safe relationship. In short, living as a couple is something that must be managed day by day and that with your ability to plan everything will never be a problem. A separate discussion should be made instead for your feelings that you would do better to share more often with the person you love, in order to draw the right certainties and transmit the feelings that, too often, you tend to keep only for yourself.

Libra – Moderately safe
Yours is a sign that pushes you towards balance, which is why, even in love you tend to measure safety and insecurity in the correct way. This pushes you to the harmony you have always yearned for and to a sort of stasis which in some ways can be considered idyllic but which for others can instead be a problem, going to dampen the enthusiasm and heartbeat that are in fact what make it alive. a love. To make your story go great, therefore, try to externalize your insecurities when you feel them stronger than usual, they will make your half feel loved and sought after and will act as a counterweight to the moments in which, instead, taken by so much security, you will tend to seem almost detached. In this way the balance of the couple will always be safe.

Scorpio – Safe but not too much
When you know you’ve found the right person, you tend to feel confident. This happens partly because your intuition has always helped you to understand who you can trust and partly because when you build an important relationship you do it together with the other person who you make 100% involved in everything. Nevertheless, you know how delicate feelings are and this pushes you to never feel 100% safe but constantly incentivized to give and ask to ensure that the love you are experiencing is alive and does not end up wasting away in a relationship. sitting down to look at the horizon, I forget that I also have to look at the person at your side. In short, you know how to live your relationship with a certain wisdom and with the right amount of wisdom,

Sagittarius – Very self-confident
Your need for freedom first of all makes you a very self-confident person, so much so that you come to see your other half as an important but not essential element for your happiness. A way of being that has nothing wrong with it as long as you know how to live with the awareness that this could lead to never having a really close bond. For this to happen it is in fact necessary that there is a basic sharing and the desire to get involved together day by day. In this case, a minimum of insecurity or fear of losing the other could even be seen as something good, able to make you more human and more inclined to live the love story to the full.

Capricorn – Safe until proven otherwise
Your being always practical, leads you to be sure of who you are singing and to never doubt anything unless you are faced with a fait accompli or situations that lead you to suddenly feel in danger. While on the one hand this is undoubtedly positive, on the other hand it makes you a person often unable to see the problems of the other. And this could be a possible reason for fracture. To ensure that your safety makes you safe you must therefore learn to look and feel those around you, capturing the various messages from looks, silences and even absences. Only in this way will your love be truly safe from any weather.

Aquarius – Rather Safe
Your being a highly independent person also makes you terribly confident not only about yourself but also about the relationships you have. In choosing a person you try to immediately grasp all the possible reasons for breaking up and when you think you understand who you have at your side you tend to relax, putting aside any fear. Be careful, however, because the human being is dynamic and predisposed to change. And the thing is also true for you, so much so that, one day, you may even find yourself insecure and scared at the thought of not having been able to grasp the right clues when it was time to do it. So that this does not happen you will have to learn to look carefully at the person you love and to always give them something so that yours is a relationship of mutual exchange and not a firm relationship waiting for upheavals that come from the outside.

Pisces – Safe but always alert
When you love you tend to trust the person next to you and this is because you know that trust is the basis of any relationship that is destined to last. Your need for love, however, always keeps you alert, ready to grasp every little detail such as problems within the couple, sudden distances or silences that are no longer relaxing but increasingly full of tension. This leads you to experience love as if it were a fire to be kept lit with commitment and devotion, the same ones that you always try not to put aside and that in the same way you expect from the person you love. A certainly positive way of doing that, if shared also by the other side, could form the basis for a relationship destined to last over time.

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