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When it comes to love, most people are willing to do whatever it takes to makes things work. For those lucky enough to finally find that special someone to fall for, they should totally cherish them!

For those who have been single for what seems like forever, and are just so ready to fall for someone new, think again. The absolute last thing that anyone wants is to find themselves in a relationship with someone who isn’t the right person for them. It’s even worse if he’s not even interested in her, and instead is desperate to find himself in a relationship.

But how can a girl figure out if he’s actually in love or if he’s just desperate to be with someone? No one deserves to think their lover is head over heels for them when they actually aren’t. This way ladies can save themselves some heartbreak and figure out if their relationship is the real deal.

Keep in mind that this article is based on the man’s astro sign and not his lady’s. Each sign is completely different when it comes to love and each gives off different red flags. Don’t just think that all guys are the same when it comes to showing their true emotions as they’re actually incredibly complex.

Overall, though, there are clear indications that tell a girl whether her man is in love or just desperate.

24 Sagittarius Desperate: He’s Just Willing To Settle Down

Sagittarius men are known for always keeping their options open in case something better comes along. It’s completely unlikely for a Sagittarius to settle down in a relationship unless he’s been dating this person for at least a year.

If you find your crush willing to call it quits on the single life, you should be a little worried.

While we understand this might come as a complete shock, it’s time that you trust us. Your lover may be too stressed out and is looking for comfort in a relationship. Unless you’ve been dating for what seems like forever, we recommend that you don’t jump into a relationship with a Sagittarius just yet.

23 Sagittarius In Love: Lying Is The Last Thing On His Mind

When a Sagittarius is in love, the absolute last thing on his mind is lying to his lover. Instead, he is a complete open book and is constantly telling his partner how he truly feels. If you’ve found yourself falling for this special someone, make sure that he’s completely honest.

If you ever catch your man lying even a little, you’ll have to reevaluate your relationship. The most important thing for a Sagittarius is to express his love through complete honesty. If you’re positive that your man is not lying to you even one bit, then he’s totally obsessed with you!

22 Cancer Desperate: Manipulation Is His Middle Name

Cancer’s are known to get incredibly manipulative when they’re desperate. They simply understand that they don’t have many options left, and are willing to lie to get their way.

That’s why we recommend that you’re careful when it comes to falling for a Cancer.

While it might seem like their intentions are genuine, they’re probably not. Instead, he’s trying to get the upper hand on you and hold all of the power in the relationship. The last thing you want is to date someone who turns into a completely different person when they’re desperate. That is the last thing that you deserve!

21 Cancer In Love: He’s There Even When It Isn’t Convenient For Him

When a Cancer is in love, he’s not afraid to show it. The most important thing on his mind is to be there for you through whatever you may be going through. He’s not about to run away when the going gets tough. Instead, he’s right there to help you through whatever it is that you might need.

If you’re lucky enough to be dating a Cancer, they’ll always be there for you. They’re willing to bend over backward for you even when it isn’t convenient for them. If you’re questioning why your Cancer lover might not be acting like this, they might have not fallen for you completely. In time, you’ll see your boo willing to do whatever it takes for your happiness. 

20 Libra Desperate: He Gives Off Endless Red Flags

The last thing you want is to end up in a relationship with someone who doesn’t have good intentions. Absolutely no one deserves that, even if you’re desperate to end up with someone.

If you catch your Libra boo giving you some red flags, run the other way!

This simply means that he’s just so much more interested in being in a relationship than who it’s with. If you see little issues arising in your relationship, don’t ignore them! Instead, deal with them on the spot rather than letting them slide. If you see your man giving you red flags, you’ll have to deal with them ASAP.

19 Libra In Love: He Gives His Whole Heart

Your Libra will definitely let you know when he’s in love. He’ll offer you his whole heart, in hopes of you doing the same. When a Libra falls hard for someone, they’re at their lover’s absolute mercy.

You won’t even have to question whether your man is in love with you or not. His intentions are sure to shine through his actions. He’s willing to be right by your side through thick and thin, not caring what anyone else might think. If you feel like your man might not be ready to give you his whole heart, give it some more time!

18 Aries Desperate: He Isn’t Scared To Act Deceitful

When things don’t go an Aries’ way, they freak out. They’re so used to controlling absolutely every situation that they’re completely lost when they lose their power.

While you might like a strong man, a deceitful one isn’t what you need.

Steer clear of an Aries lover if he starts to use lies to get his way. You’ll totally be able to see through whatever mask he might be putting on as you know his genuine intentions. If you start to catch your boo lying, come clean with it. The last thing you want to do is ignore his lies. Even if he might have genuine intentions at heart, you can’t let it slide.

17 Aries In Love: He Treats His Lover Like A Princess

Aries guys aren’t scared to go the extra mile when it comes to love. We absolutely love them as they’re willing to do whatever it takes for their partner to feel special. If that means treating them like an absolute princess, then that’s exactly what they’ll do!

An Aries lover will do whatever it takes to prove his love. While small romantic gestures are already good enough, an Aries isn’t scared to go above and beyond. Don’t be surprised to start living an absolute fairy tale with your boo surprising you endlessly. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a romance movie, here’s your chance!

16 Pisces Desperate: He’s Always Agreeing With You

Pisces are known for always getting their way, whether in life or love. If Pisces guys aren’t able to get what they truly desire, they aren’t scared to make a scene.

That’s why it’s absolutely confusing when they start to agree with everything you say and follow your lead.

If you catch your Pisces crush doing this, then his heart isn’t in it. Instead, he’s absolutely desperate and is willing to agree with you for whatever reason. Either he’s super stressed and simply doesn’t have the energy to fight, or doesn’t care. The last thing that you should do is date someone whose heart just isn’t in it.

15 Pisces In Love: He Isn’t Scared To Work For Love

If a Pisces falls for you, he’s willing to put in the work. Every relationship relies on endless effort to make things work. As soon as one person just isn’t in it, the whole relationship is sure to fall apart in a heartbeat.

A Pisces lover understands that more than anyone and isn’t scared to put in the hard work to make things happen. Get ready to expect endless open talks on the status of your relationship and what can be done to improve things. If he has truly fallen for you, he isn’t scared to put in the work to prove that he genuinely cares for you! Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces.

14 Leo Desperate: He Has A Dark Past

You can tell that a Leo is ready to jump into a relationship if he has a dark past that he just doesn’t want to come to terms with. Instead, of figuring out unanswered questions he’d rather just jump into things with someone new.

While we completely understand a desire to start fresh, you should still keep an eye open.

The absolute last thing you want is for your new lover’s ex-girlfriends to start entering the picture because things weren’t actually over. You don’t need to get into drama with your lover’s ex. If you see a Leo desiring to enter a relationship with some unfinished business, run the other way. Unless he’s totally free of anything holding him back, it’s better to play it safe.

13 Leo In Love: He Doesn’t Care About Other’s Opinions

A Leo isn’t scared to do whatever it takes if it means that he will end up happy. If he has truly fallen for someone, nothing will stand in the way. That’s why you’ll know that your Leo lover has fallen for you if he couldn’t care less about what anyone else has to say.

This is an amazing quality to have in a lover as you know that external powers cannot influence his decision making. You won’t have to worry about him going to other people for advice, as he doesn’t care. Instead, a Leo will be up front and open with you to try and figure things out. The only people who should be involved in your relationship are you and your lover, and a Leo will make sure of that!

12 Scorpio Desperate: He’s Always Acting Problematic

You absolutely know that a Scorpio is desperate to date if he’s constantly acting problematic. That’s because he’s simply not ready to start things up with someone new, and instead is desiring attention.

It’s safe to say that he hasn’t come to terms with who he truly is, and instead is seeking a partner to help him out. 

Don’t be surprised if he’s constantly annoying you with his endless problems or stirring new ones up. He has his own personal agenda, and his lover is just another one of his pawns. Even if you think you can change his problematic way, we recommend staying away. He’s going to have to figure himself out before he ends up in yet another relationship.

11 Scorpio In Love: He Forgives And Forgets

If he’s truly willing to make things work, he’ll always find a way. That’s why a Scorpio who is genuinely in love is constantly trying to find a way to bring his relationship together and stronger. Don’t even be surprised if you catch your lover willing to forgive even the worst mistakes in order to move on.

However, that doesn’t mean that he will let everything slide. Instead, he’s more focused on the future and is willing to forget any past mistakes you might make. It’s not because he’s ignoring what’s going on, but rather genuinely sees that you regret your actions. If you’ve managed to find such a loving Scorpio, keep him by your side!

10 Virgo Desperate: He’s Been Single Forever

It seems like this Virgo is much more interested in ending up in a relationship than continuing to live the single life. If you find out that your Virgo lover has almost never had a girlfriend, it’s best to let him go.

That’s because he simply isn’t ready to get into a serious relationship with no previous experience. 

He’s just so over being alone that he’s willing to jump into things with almost whoever. We recommend staying friends with a Virgo, before jumping into a full on relationship. The last thing that you need is to end up with heartbreak when you realize his intentions just weren’t genuine.

9 Virgo In Love: He’s Completely Transparent

A Virgo who is ready to enter into a relationship is completely transparent with his emotions and who he really is. He’s not here to play games, but rather build something that can last into the future. He doesn’t care about what anyone else has to say, and is basically an open book.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Scorpio fall for you, cherish him. Not everyone has the opportunity to be in a relationship with someone who will never lie. You won’t ever have to worry about your lover keeping something from you as that just isn’t his style. He’d rather talk about any problems keeping him up, rather than keep his emotions to himself.

8 Gemini Desperate: His Intentions Are Difficult To Figure Out

You simply won’t be able to figure out what the Gemini truly desires. If you’re having trouble reading him, it’s most likely because he doesn’t even know what he wants.

Instead, he’s jumping into a relationship because it seems like the right thing to do. 

He couldn’t be even more off as that’s the last thing anyone should be doing. You might as well ask him straight up what his intentions for you are. This is so much better than wasting your time and energy trying to figure him out. If he’s giving you mixed signals, it’s better to just let him go. Maybe you can start things up when he figures out what he truly desires. Yet, if he’s not willing to tell you the truth, it’s best to just let him go.

7 Gemini In Love: He Never Gives Up

You won’t even have to think twice to figure out if your Gemini boo is in love or not. He will constantly be working on bettering your relationship and bringing you closer together. The last thing on his mind is trying to further his own agenda.

Instead, he’s putting in 100% effort to make things as strong as possible. If you’re lucky enough to find someone so dedicated, you better reciprocate the effort. Your relationship is sure to fall apart if your lover is putting in a ton of hard work while you aren’t what so ever. If you truly want your relationship to work with a Gemini, get ready to match your energy to truly make things amazing!

6 Taurus Desperate: He Gives Off A Weird Vibe

If your new lover is giving you weird vibes here and there, it’s best to trust your gut. You know exactly what’s going on and aren’t about to stick around with someone who makes you feel off.

That’s why instead we recommend that you run in the opposite direction, as his intuitions aren’t pure. 

A Taurus giving off weird vibes totally has his own personal agenda that he’s trying to forward. There is a huge chance that he is simply trying to use you, and isn’t genuinely interested in forming a long-lasting relationship. He simply might be willing to settle down for the short term until he’s ready to move onto something new. Don’t get tangled up in this mess!

5 Taurus In Love: He Isn’t Scared To Deal With Some Baggage

You know that a Taurus is in it for the long haul when he is genuinely willing to help you over come anything that might be holding you back. He genuinely cares for you and isn’t scared to put 100% of his energy into helping you move onto the next level.

If you feel like your lover truly cares for you, don’t be scared to open up. He isn’t about to run away once you tell him the truth about your past.Instead, he is so willing to help you tie up any loose ends and overcome anything that might still be holding you back. There is nothing that a Taurus can’t handle when he truly loves his girlfriend!

4 Capricorn Desperate: He Needs Attention

If you’re getting the vibe that your new found Capricorn is much more interested in shifting the light onto him, then you should really rethink your relationship. He might have been desperate to get some attention that he decided to jump into yet another relationship.

We all need a little love, and your Capricorn boo might be using you to get his. 

If you’re getting the vibe that this must be the case, then he’s surely desperate and looking for something new. You so do not deserve this and instead should ditch him ASAP. You’re not about to be giving someone all of your attention when they just don’t deserve it. Ditch him while you can and start looking for someone who doesn’t want all eyes on them!

3 Capricorn In Love: He’s Always Showing Off His Lover

When a Capricorn is in love, he isn’t scared to show it. That’s because he knows exactly who he is, and wants the world to know. There is no point in keeping his lover to himself when he couldn’t be more proud.

If you catch your man constantly introducing you to family and friends, then he is simply head over heels for you. He doesn’t care what the world might have to say about his relationship, as long as the two people involved are happy. We absolutely adore this trait of a Capricorn, as everyone deserves to be shown off to the world. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure you appreciate all that your lover might be doing to prove how much he adores you!

2 Aquarius Desperate: He Never Has A Personal Opinion

If an Aquarius is desperate and is simply sticking around for the ride, it’s well known. That’s because he simply never has a personal opinion and is much more interested in being in the relationship.

He isn’t scared to go with the flow if that means that he’s able to stay in a relationship. 

If you get the vibe that your Aquarius man is always agreeing with you, his heart isn’t in it. If he was actually interested in strengthening the relationship, he would have made that a priority. He wouldn’t simply agree with everything you say, and would rather fight you against things he doesn’t agree with. If he’s just in it for the ride, you’ll be sure to tell.

1 Aquarius In Love: He Loves Giving Surprises

When an Aquarius is really in it, he’ll make it known. You’ll totally know that he truly cares when he makes it a priority to shower you with a few surprises here and there. There truly isn’t anything as important as making it known that he cares for you.

That’s why you shouldn’t be caught unawares to find him surprising you with some of your favourite things. This is his way of making it known that he genuinely cares and is always here for you. Rather than giving you gifts on usual holidays, he’ll pick randoms day to showcase his love. If you’re lucky enough to experience the love of an Aquarius, make sure to hold onto them!

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