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Find out how to improve your love story starting with yourself. Here is the opinion of the stars.

When you live a love story many things can create problems and just as many things that can lead to improvements in the relationship of two. To make things go better, it is essential to work on yourself first, trying to improve your way of acting to see the relationship change. Sometimes, a caress or a more accommodating attitude is enough to ensure that also on the other side there is more openness and desire to spend oneself for the good of the couple. Since the character defects that each of us has depended at least in part on the influence of the stars, after seeing how much they love the various zodiac signs and how fragile they are, we will find out what each of us can do to improve your relationship as a couple.

Horoscope: here’s how to improve the relationship by changing only one way of doing

Aries – Offering more presence
When you are with someone you tend to focus more on yourself than on the person around you and this often ends up creating tensions within the couple. If at first, the partner seems not to blame it, over time he ends up feeling frustrated and little considered. A good way to keep things from deteriorating is therefore to start looking after him by making him feel important and the center of attention. Just one evening dedicated to him and what he likes, a few sweeter glances than usual, and a little more listening, and his love will be renewed together with the desire to be together.

Taurus – Giving a pinch of spice to the relationship
Your love for stability and tranquility, in the long run, can lead you to experience the relationship as something consolidated. This can make the partner think that he is taken for granted, leading him to feel left behind and to accuse a certain sense of boredom. For a tired relationship to lift itself, the best thing you can do is to surprise your significant other by showing him that your relationship can still make him feel alive. Organize a romantic dinner for him to end between the sheets, plan a weekend in a place he likes, take him to see his favorite team. Every choice is more than valid, what matters is to surprise him.

Gemini – Being less fickle
Although the way you are is part of your charm, when you are with someone it is right to try to reduce certain aspects that can weigh in the long run. In your case, one of all, is your being fickle and going into crisis too easily. Sure, no one says you have to pretend to be what you are not but you could start by not letting the other person weigh your cyclical mood swings. How? Showing less nervousness and offering more sweetness when you know you are in those days when you are intractable. This way, he will feel more loved and you will have even more understanding. Convenient, isn’t it?

Cancer – Giving them some freedom
Often your ways can be a little overwhelming. This depends on your innate need for confirmation and the desire to control your every move. To be sure that you are loved, however, you must begin to let him free to act to understand if even so, he will always and in any case choose you. By doing this, you will also be able to make him feel freer, thus giving him a way to express himself more naturally and to show you his love for him in a different way. Knowing that he has your trust will make him feel more responsible by giving him a way to do something nice for you.

Leo – Putting Him in the Center of Attention Giving
your full attention to the one you love is the perfect way to make them feel important. Of course, it can be difficult for you but for this very reason, it is a gesture that those who know you will see as one of great love. This is something you should do now and then, dedicating a whole day of attention to your other half or inserting special moments and only for him every day. What matters is that he knows that he is important to you, that he feels loved, and that he so wants to reciprocate. This will make the relationship even more alive and solid, leading you to rediscover yourselves under various aspects.

Virgo – Paying a Few More Compliments
Often you’re being supercritical can deteriorate the relationship, leading to your other half feeling wrong or thinking you don’t like them enough. To prevent this from happening, it is therefore essential to show your affection, and what better way than to fill her with compliments and make her feel courted? It should be an exercise in style to be included in your days to put an end to too many criticisms to leave room for more relaxed moments in which the partner can feel loved as he deserves. True, it can be quite difficult for you, but you can always start small and take it easy. Already along the way, the changes will be such as to make you want to continue.

Libra – Becoming More Flexible
Although you are always an affable person, you often tend to be inelastic, especially when it comes to things that concern you or affect you personally. To bring improvements to your relationship as a couple, you must therefore learn to be softer and to meet the person you love. At first, it may be difficult but once you get used to it you will realize that sometimes, experimenting with something that you thought was out of your interests can still prove to be interesting and offer new food for thought. In all this, the relationship between the two will also benefit, by finding new communication channels capable of making it grow.

Scorpio – Opening up more
In relationships, as well as in life, you tend to always be a little reserved. This causes others to feel excluded or set aside, thus ending up with the distancing. If you want to make people understand what you feel, try to communicate it with gestures and words, showing yourself more open and willing to tell and talk about yourself. This typically creates empathy and leads others to feel more comfortable, especially if they are in a romantic relationship with you. True, relying on others is very scary but being able to do it, step by step gives great satisfaction and leads to a connection that would otherwise be impossible to experience.

Sagittarius – Being more understanding
In the couple you tend to be always too busy with yourself and your problems, taking into little consideration the needs of the partner who, feeling neglected, is forced to seek closeness and empathy elsewhere. True, you are often busy with your commitments, going out with friends or organizing some trip. However, this does not justify your withdrawing from the other’s need for reassurance. So, now and then, try to listen to him, to show yourself more understanding, to put yourself in his shoes, and to make him feel your emotional closeness. Many times the only thing your other half needs is just knowing that you are there, that you are still in love and that you are the same as always.

Capricorn – Making you less busy
Often you don’t realize it but your many commitments and the way you constantly make yourself overworked, end up stressing even those who live next to you. This happens because those who are with you must necessarily share your commitments and take charge of them, for example by agreeing to give up things or more simply having to get in line to be able to have your attention. If you want your relationship to proceed well and improve over time, it is essential to expand your free time and the one to devote to your sweetheart who will feel loved and understood in this way.

Aquarius – Becoming more communicative
Your silences, at times, can put those around you in crisis. For you who live there and love the tranquility of silence, it’s not about who knows what but who is different and would like more interaction with you, things get really hard to bear. Ok to love the privacy and the desire for personal spaces but it is right to give time and attention to the relationship as well, obtaining moments of pure sharing. Plus, a little more communication wouldn’t hurt. You are indeed a bit of a lone wolf but if you choose to share your life path with someone, then you must also take into account the need to communicate because this is the only way to make the story continue over time.

Pisces – By reducing your empathy towards others
That you are an empathic person, the person you love is known and probably knows as well. The problem is that your way of being is constantly changing and often leads you to take charge of the problems of others and then take them home with you. It is a load of emotions that those around you feel compelled to share with you and all to the detriment of the relationship. The problems of others should remain with them while you should spend your time with those you love without focusing on anything other than you. For the story to take off, therefore, it is essential to strengthen yourself from this point of view and learn to be a little selfish because your other half is also a person, and being the one you have chosen for life, it is right that it is also the first to devote oneself to with mind and heart.

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