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Find out how to get into the right rhythm after the Christmas holidays.

Christmas is now over and although there are some lucky ones who still have a few days off or who are about to leave for a short trip before returning to work, most people have already resumed their routine, returning to getting up early and dealing with the fast pace that after lunches and nights spent between gifts and games, are heavier than ever.
Fortunately, for each of us there is at least one little routine that can still make you feel the air of holidays or make you better endure the long hours at work. As always, what makes the difference from person to person is the influence of the stars that act on each of us in a different way. So, after seeing what is the best last minute way to spend the New Year, today we will try to see how to get back into the rhythm without feeling too down after the holidays are over . Useful tips from the stars that are valid both for after Christmas and for those returning after New Year’s Eve or the Epiphany. As always, since it is something that has to do with the way you feel, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant.

Here’s what to do in order not to accuse too much of the return to everyday life

Aries – One hour of shopping before returning home
Are you already missing the party air and you don’t know how to feel still on vacation? If the return to everyday life has put you in crisis, a perfect solution is to indulge in a mini shopping session. You could do it every other day or opt for a whole week in which to buy small items but able to pamper you and make you feel still in the middle of the holidays. An example? Start with a tour to do on the first day of work and continue by buying a manicure set, a new scarf, that perfume you like so much and a new lipstick. They are small objects that sooner or later would serve you anyway but that well packaged and bought calmly, still enjoying the air of holidays, will help you feel less sadness of returning to everyday life. And as a grand finale, plan something with friends for the next weekend and make yourself beautiful and dress up the day before. That way you will still be in the middle of the festivities and your hours at work will also weigh less on you.

Taurus – Treat yourself to a special treat every day
It is true, that after the party is a period to devote to diet and the disposal of extra pounds. After the exaggerations of the holidays, however, it is enough to return to a healthy diet to quickly lose the pounds gained. If in moderation, therefore, you could allow yourself a sweet a day, in order to make your working days a little sweeter. Choose a different place for your snacks and treat yourself to hot tea with a pastry, a cappuccino, a delicious hot chocolate, or a mini brioche with coffee. Knowing that you have this special date will make your day less tedious by making the hours go by faster. And to avoid feeling the pinch and risking weighing down your silhouette, just eliminate the glass of wine or halve the amount of bread at one meal.

Gemini – Invite friends for an aperitif
With the end of the holidays, the moments to spend with friends chatting about this and that suddenly fail. To ensure that the return to work is not a slow agony, try to organize mini aperitifs with your friends. You can invite two or three a day so you can treat yourself to a date every night. Knowing that you have someone to complain about coming back to work with and to joke with will make your work routine less boring and your days happier. And while you’re at it, why don’t you organize a party to greet the holidays with dignity? In this way you will have your mind busy managing the event and the detachment from the holidays will be less painful.

Cancer – Go out for romantic walks
If returning to everyday life is a burden on you, try to create special moments, perhaps to share with your sweetheart. For example, ask him to pick you up at work or be the one to pick him up. A walk together will be a nice way to end the day, becoming the special moment to wait for during working hours. If you are single you can do the same with a friend you care a lot about. Even buying a small gift every night for the furry friend of the house can be a special way to experience the day. Choosing a gift he likes and seeing him excited while playing with it will be a way to still feel the atmosphere of the holidays and to feel less accused of returning to the everyday routine.

Leone – Treat yourself to a SPA
Did the end of the holidays leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth? Solve everything by dedicating a few special moments to yourself. Immediately after the holidays, make an appointment with the beautician and hairdresser, in this way you will have two afternoons to dedicate only to you to feel more beautiful than ever. You could fix the two appointments on alternate days and end the week with a pleasant SPA in which to relax and be pampered, forgetting for a while the many work commitments and thinking of still being on vacation. What if all this is not enough? Giving yourself a nice dress will be a perfect way to make the end of the holidays less burdensome. Maybe a red one or one that still recalls the atmosphere just passed, making you feel more beautiful than ever and giving you that positive energy that is always needed at this time of year.

Virgo – Afternoons at the cinema
To feel like you’re still on vacation, it’s best to plan afternoons or evenings at the cinema. Choose movies you think you might like and invite people you feel like sharing them with. If the idea excites you, you could also create post-film sessions to chat about what you have seen with your friends, perhaps over a good coffee or why not, at a final dinner, just to extend the moment of relaxation. Even a group for comments via WhatsApp can be fun, entertaining you in the breaks or in the dead moments. Two meetings like this a week can make the difference, making you feel still immersed in the party air and giving you the illusion of being on vacation.

Libra – An afternoon tea with friends
If you already miss the Christmas atmosphere and with it the time spent chatting with relatives and friends, nothing prevents you from recreating the atmosphere, prolonging the festive air as much as possible. To start, you could invite a few friends to have tea at your home, enjoying a few slices of pandoro or some specially created sweets together. This way you can chat about what you have done, endless menus and relaxing moments. Alternatively, you could meet at the bar for an afternoon coffee or tea to enjoy between chats. Going to work knowing that you have a relaxing appointment in which to complain about colleagues who do not like and about tiring work can sometimes be a real godsend,

Scorpio – Planning a special weekend
If the end of the holidays has made you sad, the only thing you can do is to take action yourself, making sure to extend your vacation period. Try to organize a mini trip out of town for the first available weekend and choose a special person to accompany you. Planning everything, choosing where to eat and what to wear will allow you to distract yourself from returning to work, charging you with the adrenaline necessary to overcome the impact of returning unscathed. The excitement of a new experience to be lived will be a good way to make more and to see time pass faster, also thanks to the planning and organization of every detail, things that have always helped you feel already on vacation even before leaving. It does not matter if it will be a weekend away or a series of events to be experienced in the city. What matters is knowing that you have something special waiting for you and that alone will be enough to make you feel in awe, almost like a few days before Christmas.

Sagittarius – Planning an important trip
Let’s face it, the only thing that can really distract you from the sadness of returning is the idea of ​​a new journey. In this way you will be able to wander with your mind imagining the places where you will soon be here and all the things to do that the place where you will go has to offer. So why not take the opportunity to go all out to find a place that is doable and yet able to make you feel energized again? By doing so, finding your usual colleagues and having to get to work won’t be that hard. After all, planning a trip is already a bit like being on vacation, so why not start right away? First, you could pop into the bookstore and wander around the travel department. Who knows if the next destination is not already ready to call you.

Capricorn – Planning everything perfectly
Unlike all the other signs, for you to resume the classic routine is not a trauma but something that you have been waiting for a while. You almost like the idea of ​​getting back to work and having a fast pace and to be honest you have even missed it. For this reason, instead of finding ways to feel still on vacation, the advice of the stars for you is to plan everything to the best of your ability. In this way you will feel centered and aware of being able to give your work the best, thus obtaining the desired results. For the rest, a coffee every now and then or reading some site during the break is enough to give you the relaxation you need and after which resuming will be even more pleasant.

Aquarium – Indulge in Walks
Walking around the shops, savoring the cold and enjoying the lights still present is your personal way to get yourself back on track after the holidays are over. Knowing you’re going back to your usual routine, after all, doesn’t mind at all, making you feel comfortable. Parties, in fact, no matter how pleasant, after a while they end up getting tired, making you want that homely and reassuring normality that you so appreciate and never seem to get tired of. To get back into the rhythm, therefore, it takes very little. If you really want to dare, you can turn the walk into a morning run made before starting your activities, in order to recharge yourself better, feeling more energetic and in shape than ever.

Pisces – Finding something enjoyable to do every day
For you who love simple things and manage to get excited with little, finding the rhythm after the holidays can be difficult but not impossible. In fact, you just need to set pleasant goals to immediately feel more energized and ready to face the stress of work. A coffee with friends, a romantic walk, a movie at the cinema or the start of a new TV series to watch once at home, perhaps with your sweetheart and a hot cup of coffee, are all small tricks that can get you up with a smile. And since we are talking about waking up, even a delicious breakfast can make a difference, giving you that extra input to get out of bed despite the cold. In short, it will be enough for you to listen to yourself and pamper yourself a little to recover quickly and come back more charged than before.

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