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Horoscope For The Week Of November 20 – 26

A last important astral aspect of the Scorpio season takes place this week. The Sun and Mars form an aspect with Pluto that gives us the strength and determination to do that thing that we have been putting off.

On November 22, the sun enters Sagittarius, and Mars follows two days later, on November 24. Both the sun and Mars form a square with Saturn, the planet of discipline, and make our energy seem limited and focused on a single aspect.

Discover the horoscope for the week of November 20-26 for your zodiac sign:


Lately, you have analyzed who and what deserves your energy and time. But this week you feel that you have to be even more firm about your choices. The political, ethical, and existential debates became a little heated during this period. To know exactly your limits and to impose them firmly means at the same time to know when it is time to change the subject.


During this period, a lot of unresolved issues from the past reappear in your life. Regardless of whether you are alone or have a life partner, it is important to know who is with you and who is part of your team. Relationships of any type prove to be very valuable, especially when you feel overwhelmed.


The aspect between Mars and the sun, which took place last week, brought you a major reset of your daily routine and work schedule. You are delighted with the changes you have made and it seems to you that you can be much more productive. It is a period in which you will have many achievements.


Your desire to express yourself artistically or to find great love is highlighted even more this week. It is possible to experience a reversal of the situation when a person from the past reappears in your life. You are ready to focus on the romantic and creative plan.


You are in the process of healing in terms of home and family life. You are aware that the holidays are approaching and the stress will be even greater. However, you manage to face your responsibilities brilliantly and you even help others.


The plan you made recently, to better organize your schedule, requires some adaptations during this period, when you will have even more responsibilities at home. You don’t like to delegate and prefer to do everything yourself, but it is necessary to call on the help of your loved ones if you feel overwhelmed.


The commitment to earn more money and feel better about yourself requires some lifestyle changes. You are ready to wake up earlier, do exercises every day, and reduce sugar consumption, but the period in which you choose to do this is not exactly good. You receive invitations to parties, festive dinners, and events, and this complicates your mission.


It’s the last week of your season, and you feel like you’re a completely different person. You invite some friends to your home, in your new home, which gives you a feeling of pride and fulfillment. At the end of the week, your attention is focused on finances and how you can better organize your resources.


This week your season begins and thus ends a period in which you prefer to stay secluded and away from the eyes of the world. You are ready to shine after the sun enters your sign on November 22. You feel confident in your abilities again and you want more than ever to go out into the world and socialize.


For you, the week starts with some small misunderstandings related to meetings with colleagues, interviews for a new job, or meetings with old friends. But you discover that all evil is for good and what seemed like an obstacle becomes a major advantage for you. On November 22, the Sagittarius season begins and for you, it is the time of the year when you prefer to spend more time alone.


The aspect between Mars and the sun last week brought important changes to your career and your plans, but this week you focus more on community and friendships. Not only do you take on more responsibilities at work, but you also take on the role of organizer for meetings outside the schedule.


Your spirit of adventure is at its highest during this period, and at the beginning of the week, you make new vacation plans. Also, this week you are the host for some of your relatives and even if it is not easy at all, you manage to find the resources and time necessary to take care of everything that needs to be done.

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