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Find out what the qualities of the perfect friend must be, studied for each zodiac sign.

Friendship is undoubtedly one of the most precious gifts that can be had in life. When it comes to the friendship between women then, it’s a bit like having an edge. The right friend can act as a confidant, be the shoulder who acts as a support, and represent the perfect person with whom to have fun and share the most precious moments of one’s life. While making friends is also quite simple, maintaining healthy and lasting relationships seems to be increasingly difficult. This depends on the many distractions and daily commitments but also and above all on the differences that if you initially tend not to notice over time can make a difference. Since each of us is predisposed to need particular qualities, especially if from a special friend and that these can be influenced by the stars, today after seeing how the zodiac signs act when they are envious and how are the women of the zodiac, we will find out what are the characteristics that make a person the perfect friend for the various zodiac signs.

Horoscope: The perfect friend for every zodiac sign

Aries – The optimistic friend
The right friend for those born under the sign of Aries must be as enthusiastic about life as they are if not even more. You must be a positive person, with a great desire to do things and always able to give new ideas to bring some fun. Not very clingy and generous, she must know how to stimulate the competitiveness inherent in the sign of Aries but without ever provoking it. Her presence must be perceived as a stimulus and never as a threat and to do so it is essential that at the base of her there are sincerity and loyalty, qualities much appreciated by the Aries woman.

Taurus – The friend… friendly
The Taurus woman needs a friend who reflects her being kind and caring. Someone who knows how to give and accept advice who has a good sense of reality and who is always ready to understand and offer support when needed. Loyalty is undoubtedly the most appreciated quality and with it also certain emotional stability that leads it to be a sort of reference point capable of giving certainties and never taking them away. In this way, the Aries woman will always feel serene and peaceful about having a person at her side whom she can trust.

Gemini – The sociable friend
The perfect friend for the Gemini woman knows how to grasp every starting point of conversation, showing herself acute and brilliant. Among other qualities, she must surely have that of being sociable and appreciating contact with others. A sulky or shy person would end up clipping the wings of the Gemini woman who loves meeting new people and throwing herself into different situations and able to give her the emotions she needs so much to feel happy. Emotions that tend to expect even from the right friend.

Cancer – The present friend
If there is one thing the Cancer woman needs is to be able to trust those around her, having the feeling of being indispensable in her way. The perfect friend must therefore be sweet and kind, always attentive, and tend to be very close. Even better if she doesn’t have too many friends to share with, thus being able to guarantee a certain presence to the Cancer woman who in return will offer affection and attention that she expects to see reciprocated.

Leo – The attentive friend
The Leo woman needs to always feel at the center of attention and this also applies to her friends. The right person for her is therefore one of her who can always make her feel good, who knows how to support and advise her and who at the same time fills her with heartfelt compliments. She must therefore feel a sincere affection mixed with admiration or her words will turn out to be false, significantly hurting the Leo woman who demands sincerity and frankness from her friends, even though she does not accept them if what she feels about her she does not like.

Virgo – The patient’s friend
The right friend for the Virgo woman must be calm and know how to be very patient. Among other things, she must also turn out to be positive to balance Virgo’s innate negativity. It is a relationship to be built day after day and for which the Virgo woman will immediately show herself demanding. The secret? Never challenge their patience and understand when it is best to end a conversation. In this way, the risk of quarrels that can ruin the relationship forever will be less.

Libra – The cheerful friend
The Libra woman needs to have someone close to her who knows how to give her joy and who has the same love for beautiful things as she does. Loving to talk and entertain needs a friend who shares her way of thinking and acting and who is ready to learn from her and at the same time to teach what she knows. It is a simple relationship, to be built day by day and in which to instill positive feelings, the same ones that the Libra woman looks for in every relationship and even more so in that of friendship.

Scorpio – The sincere friend
The perfect friend for the Scorpio woman must be a sincere person. Lies or subterfuges are not contemplated at all, much fewer lies that would never be forgiven. The Scorpio woman needs to be able to trust blindly and to know that on the other side it is the same. The right friend must therefore also be a good confidant, one of those who in turn tell the secrets demonstrating loyalty and complicity.

Sagittarius – The adventurous friend
The Sagittarius woman loves to live adventures and always feels part of something alive. The person suited to be her friend must therefore share this way of being and add joy and sincerity. In fact, to be the perfect friend she must show that she is loyal and that she cares about the friendship. Only in this way will the Sagittarius woman be able to consider her perfect for her, starting to open up and start a sincere and lasting relationship.

Capricorn – The serious friend
A friend who can satisfy the Capricorn woman must be serious first of all. Immediately after there are a series of requirements such as the sharing of thoughts and values, the desire to always get involved, and the ability to fight even to the limit to achieve a result. When the Capricorn woman meets such a person, as long as she knows how to be a little suffocating and at the same time present, she immediately feels better, aware that she can count on a new friendship, perfect for her chords and with little chance of disappointing her.

Aquarius – The interesting friend
The Aquarius woman loves to surround herself with people she considers to be at her height. To feel good about someone you, therefore, need a person who knows how to interest, intrigue, and entertain you. At the same time, the ideal friend must be unobtrusive and she must know how to respect her spaces that require a lot of freedom and moments of solitude. All this, combined with a brilliant mind and able to cope with people and situations, create the right friend for the Aquarius woman who, first of all, needs someone to act as a mirror and to make her star. well.

Pisces – The sensitive friend
The right friend for the Pisces woman must be sensitive and attentive. You must know how to listen, give the right advice and demonstrate in every possible way that you care. Sensitivity is essential to understand the Pisces woman who is always complex and divided between reason and the world of dreams. A reality that only alongside a sincere friend will she be able to live fully and, above all, without ever feeling out of place or in some way wrong.

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