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Horoscope For The Week Of May 8-14. Pisces Meet A Person They Fall In Love With At First Sight

Eclipse season is over, which means we can relax after an emotionally intense period.

Mercury is still retrograde, so you may face some unexpected changes in your plans, especially on May 9, when the Sun forms an aspect with Uranus.

The main astral aspect of this week is the entry of Venus into Cancer. The planet of love, beauty, and pleasure brings us in this sign many pleasant meetings with friends, rich meals with the family, as well as a large dose of nostalgia.

Discover the horoscope for the week of May 8-14 for your zodiac sign:


Ever since the end of March, you have faced some defects in your home, minor conflicts with family members, or technological problems. But Venus enters your sector of the home and helps you put everything in order, organize yourself better and enjoy harmony at home.


Venus, the planet that rules your sign, enters Cancer and your communication sector, which will bring more beauty and pleasure to your life. Use this opportunity to share your passions with your loved ones. You are a person who influences an artistic point of view, and others see themselves as an example.


Venus enters Cancer and your money sector, which brings good news for your financial situation. Since the end of March, you have had to deal with many unexpected expenses. Now is the time to organize your finances and get rid of some money worries. Use the surplus to organize outings with friends or family or for short trips that bring you joy.


For months you felt the need to have at least a small victory and you will finally have one this week after Venus enters your sign. You have been facing high stress for several months, but with Venus in your sign, you will be able to focus on your joys and needs. You feel better in your skin and you have the chance to focus on your well-being.


You will receive some unexpected responsibilities on May 9, when the sun forms an aspect with Uranus, the planet of sudden changes. Although you would normally use this moment to make a show of strength, it is better to stay behind the scenes during this period. Concentrate on the activities behind the curtain and give yourself time to rest.


As you get used to the new responsibilities in your life, you feel that it is difficult to find friends who have the same concerns. But everything changes after Venus enters your friendship sector and brings you numerous opportunities to meet new people in the coming weeks. They are not just ephemeral friends, but people with whom you will want to travel and from whom you have something to learn.


Venus, the planet that rules your sign, enters Cancer and your career sector. It allows you to eliminate some professional frustrations, which have appeared since the end of March. You struggled to assert yourself and gain the respect of important people, but this transit helps you make a good impression. It’s time to update your information on social networks, assert yourself, and come out in front.


The solar eclipse in your sign last week brought some major emotional releases for you. Now is the time to rest and relax. Some interesting opportunities arise after Venus enters your travel and education sector. But it is not the time to make major plans or take important decisions, because Mercury is still retrograde.


Last week’s eclipse gave you a feeling of exhaustion and made you feel like you were not in control. This is the reason why you start this week in a melancholic mood. Venus enters your sector of shared resources and you will finally receive the help you needed. The last few months have been filled with difficult conversations and stressful negotiations, but now you have the opportunity to reap the rewards.


Venus enters Cancer and your relationship sector, which brings harmony to your closest relationships. Whether you’re establishing a better routine with your life partner, signing a great deal with a client, or finally spending quality time with your best friend, you feel like you’re on the right track. It is a week that will bring you many beautiful moments and that you must take full advantage of.


You have been very busy since the end of March and even if you still have a lot to do, this week you are enjoying a period of rest. Venus enters your sector of the daily routine and urges you to enjoy more the small pleasures of life.


Even if last week’s eclipse brought you some revelations, don’t let yourself be consumed by regrets about what is lost. Venus enters Cancer and your sector of sentimental life, which brings you more chances in terms of love. In the following weeks, you will meet a very interesting person, with whom you can fall in love at first sight!

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